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Welcome to Clothingmadeinusablog.

Where Can You Find Clothing Made in America Anymore?

This blogs’ purpose is to provide the reader with solid information to help them locate these rare precious gems (American made clothes), primarily in retail stores.  I have included my own personal musings and shopping misadventures as I try to secure myself an All-American wardrobe. Actually, I must confess All-American is not the actual purpose, but a non-slave-like manufacturing process is the real goal. With this in mind – the wardrobe will still be greater than 90% American. Which countries are acceptable you may ask. I would include the following countries: Canada; and the European Union Nations like Italy and Great Britain.

Not so long ago (which is a long time ago for you kids) in the 1960s, the United States manufactured 95% of what it used. Fast forward to today, the U.S. manufactures 5% of what it uses, and probably less than 2% of its clothing. And each month, there are fewer U.S. clothing manufacturers as even the most steadfast ones are closing down factories in the US and opening factories in Central America, Asia, Africa and Eastern Europe. The reasons for this will be detailed later in the introductory posts.

But what I can say now is that we no longer make things. We are a country of service people (people who serve). Our  current state of the Union reminds of the book, “The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Universe”. In the story, there is a world, not ours, that is going to die, and they decide to re-inhabit another planet. They build three great spaceships, and divide the population into three categories: 1) the really smart people, scientists & academics; 2) the hard laborers – the ones that build things, haul things, etc.; and 3) the middle men – management, the telephone sanitizers, etc.  In the story, they send off the first ship of middle men, but the other two ships stay, with no real intention of leaving, as there really was no crises in the first place. To me, we are the country of middle men, all service, we don’t make anything, dependent on others to deliver us the goods we need. It just doesn’t seem like a stable situation and maybe we need to reverse this trend.

May 2020


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