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Introducing the Red Wing Heritage Weekender

As far back as the 1950s, Red Wing Shoes has been making shoes for the weekend, when work boots were left by the door. We’ve called this “off the clock” footwear, Weekender. Thanks to A Continuous Lean for pointing out this article.

Source: Introducing the Red Wing Heritage Weekender

Work Hard, Play Hard: Introducing the Red Wing Heritage Weekender

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Red Wing Shoe Company has such a long history of building work boots that sometimes it’s easy to forget we’ve also made footwear for after the workday ends. As far back as the 1950s, we were making shoes for the weekend, when work boots were left by the door. We’ve called this “off the clock” footwear many things over the years—the Great Outdoors Boot, Dunoon, hikers, chukkas—and now there’s a new name. Introducing the new Weekender collection from Red Wing Heritage.


Built for spring mushroom foraging, a spirited round of mini golf or a night on the town, the Weekender lets you play as hard as you work. In other words, perfect for the weekends between now and when the snow flies. It is available in two styles: a familiar chukka boot with ankle height and three rows of lacing (Style no. 3320, 3321, and 3322), and a low-cut oxford (style no. 3301, 3302, 3303). Both are available in three colors—charcoal rough & tough, copper rough & tough and hawthorne muleskinner—and feature our textured polyurethane “Hill” sole for grip and a decidedly casual aesthetic. The oxford and chukka were designed from the ground up to be lightweight, cool for the warmer months ahead, and comfortable right out of the box, with or without socks.

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Just because the Weekenders are not work boots doesn’t mean they aren’t built to be rugged companions. They’re hand-made right next to all of our other Heritage boots at Plant 2 in Red Wing, Minnesota.  And the durable leather for their uppers is sourced from the S.B. Foot Tanning Company just down the road, where we’ve been getting our leather for over a century.

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To keep the Weekender lightweight and easier to break in, we use a technique called “stitch-down” construction. Also known as “stitch-out”, the outer perimeter of the leather upper is turned out and then cemented and stitched to the larger profile of the midsole before it’s trimmed. By eliminating the sturdy ribbed insole we use in our Goodyear welt boots, the chukka and oxford save weight and are more flexible right out of the box. Unfinished edges, suede lacing and contrast stitching lend a look that’s perfect for a boot called the Weekender. And like all our boots, when your Weekenders start looking tired, you can send them back to Red Wing and our repair department will get them looking new again.

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The Weekender is the latest in a long lineage of Red Wing footwear designed for after you punch out, and it comes just in time for summer weekends when you want a shoe that can stand up to your adventures while still keeping things dialed down. You might even be tempted to wear them to work on Monday morning.

RedWing-185Editor’s Note

Remember not all Red Wing shoes and boots are made in the USA. But, all made under the “Heritage label” should be made in the USA.



Red Wing Shoes | Review

Red Wing Shoes | Red Wing Work Boots.


I went to Red Wing Shoes on September 20, 2011 at 447 Blossom Hill Road, San Jose, CA. This was one of numerous outlets that dot the whole United States. In evaluating the store, I felt there was definitely good news and some bad news. The good news first: this chain has the highest percentage of American Made shoes that I have encountered.  I would estimate about 30% of the shoes/boots were made in the USA. The boots are attractive and very durable. Many boots are made for work, with steel reinforced toes. All boots are over $100. Since I don’t normally shop for boots, I had to shop a competitor, Work World – a store that specializes in clothes and shoes for the work place. Work World is located at the Almaden Shopping Center in San Jose. This store had numerous boots of several different manufacturers including Wolverine, Keen, Carolina, Cat, Georgia, Magnum, and Timberland. As I examined the prices and the boots, I noted that they all were over $100.  I would have to say that the prices and models of Red Wing and Work World were very similar. As I looked closer at Work World, there were no 100% American made boots. Even the Wolverine models, which does have known 100% American boots models, theirs were made in Communist China (I say Communist to clarify, so as not to confuse it with the People’s Republic of China – Taiwan) or in three different models, partially made in the Dominican Republic. All other models, all other brands, and all the clothing, were foreign – made. So, in comparison, Red Wings Stores offer a good value if your are looking for boots, or work boots (with an added plus that they are made in America)

As far as the bad news, I had already mentioned 30% made in America, meaning 70% is foreign made.  Red Wing also makes shoes, but all are foreign made. They make a small amount of boots and shoes for women, also, all foreign made. I did like the boots, many attractive, but none breath-taking, probably because I was not in the market for boots, as just last month, I had purchased a pair of  Wolverine 1000 mile boots made in Rockford, Michigan (bought at Unionmade in San Francisco).  It was twice the price of the Red Wing Boots, and it was definitely a splurge, but I just love them. Like the Red Wings, they should last for many years if not a lifetime.

One last note, Red Wing stores sell leather belts made in USA, about $25 each. Red Wing Stores definitely worth a look if you are looking for boots.

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