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Listing of Shoes Made in USA

Shoes have been made in the United States with great fervor for a couple of centuries until about the 1980’s with the start of outsourcing. This was followed by an avalanche of shoe manufacturers fleeing the United States in the 90’s and 2000’s until very few companies remained. And This is where we are today. There are a few diehards that have remained and some boot makers. Today, the choices of shoes are not as good as it should be. Choices are few. For instance, in athletic wear, there is only one maker in the USA – New Balance and that is it. For Dress shoes for men, there is Allen Edmonds, Alden, Walk Over and Neil M, are rarely Brooks Brothers. For women, the choices are even smaller. The best bets are going to Nordstrom’s web page and type in “shoes made in USA” and your choices will come up with Athena, Callisto, Dezario, Munro and Sbicca. But there is a new brand I had not seen before, Cordani. And Keen has brought back a limited amount of boot making, see their Keen Nopo Boot. As far as shopping for shoes, I do not like to buy at full retail price, so, always keep you eye out for sales. Allen Edmonds often has sales on selected models as does Nordstroms (maybe you will get lucky and find something at Nordstroms Rack). So, happy shoe shopping. I hope the future of shoes being made in the USA will be very bright.

Cordani Weasly Sandal

Cordani Weasly Sandal

Here is the list of U.S. made shoes:

Found in Brick and Mortar Stores

  1. Alden
  2. Allen Edmonds
  3. American Apparel
  4. Ana Tech
  5. Athena
  6. Bass (rare)
  7. Brooks Brothers
  8. Callisto
  9. Capps
  10. Carolina
  11. Chippewa Boots
  12. Clinic
  13. Cordani (some)
  14. Danner boots
  15. Dezario
  16. Double H Boots
  17. Eastland Boots
  18. En Shalla (
  19. Etik (
  20. Five Ten (Climbing shoes only)
  21. Foot Thrills
  22. Frye Boots (rare)
  23. Helm
  24. Hoy Shoe
  25. Icon
  26. Jack Rogers
  27. Jerom C. Rousseau (
  28. Justin Boots (also owns Chippewa, Tony Lama & Nocona Boots)
  29. Kanin
  30. KB Footwear (formerly Knapp Brothers)
  31. Keen Boots (rare)
  32. Kenneth Cole (rare)
  33. Kork Ease
  34. la botte gardiane (
  35. Lia Bijou
  36. LL Bean (small amount)
  37. Lucchese Boots
  38. Magdesians
  39. Munro
  40. Nanette Lapore
  41. Neil M
  42. New Balance (Not all U.S. Made – 70% US Made according to New Balance)
  43. Nocona Boots
  44. Oak Street Bootmakers
  45. ONEX
  46. Orvis
  47. Rag and Bone
  48. Ralph Lauren (rare)
  49. Red Wing Boots (small amount)
  50. Rocky shoes (rare)
  51. SAS shoes
  52. Sbicca
  53. Schnee’s Boots
  54. Thorogood Boots
  55. TNB shoes
  56. Tony Lama Boots
  57. Vintage
  58. Walk Over
  59. White’s Boots
  60. Woolrich (slippers)
  61. Wolverine Boots (small amount)

On line only

  1. Abilene Boots
  2. A.F. Boots
  3. Aurora
  4. Belleville Boots
  5. Capps Boots
  6. CYDWOG Shoes
  7. Duluth Trading Co.
  8. Evolvsports (climbing shoes)
  9. Famolare
  10. Footskin Shoes & Boots
  11. Gypsy Soules
  12. Johansen Shoes (Capps)
  13. Karo
  14. Klogs USA
  15. OG Industries
  16. Okabashi
  17. Palm Sandals
  18. Paul Bond Boots
  19. Quaddy Trail
  20. Rocky Boots
  21. Russell Moccasins
  22. Sage
  23. Soft Star Shoes
  24. Sofft (rare) womens’ shoes
  25. Telic Sandals (formerly Terox)
  26. Tic Tac Toe
  27. Trask (boots only)
  28. Vivanz
  29. Wassakeag Moccasins
  30. West Coast Shoe Company
  31. Wilson Boots
  32. Yuketen Shoes

Golf shoes

  1. Allen Edmonds

Also see USA Lovelist of shoes from February 2013. Updated March 21, 2014

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