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Beefcake Swimwear

Spring is here! Spring means it is time to buy your swimsuits for the upcoming season. And now fresh from its successful Kickstarter funding project, Beefcake Swimwear has opened its merchandise to the general public. Several things are remarkable about Beefcake: 1) There are made in Portland Oregon; 2) They are androgynous – equally for women or men; 3) the company is run by women and 4) their designs run in a more retro fashion.

Beefcake Swimwear

Hello, Beefcake

We believe beefcakes are confident, strong, stylish folks who want swimwear that combines fashion and function. We believe beefcakes can be any gender, so why should their swimwear be binary? And we believe that swimwear should be high quality, available in a wide range of sizes, and made in the USA.

Welcome, beefcakes. We’re here for you.

Beefcake Swag

Beefcake Patch
Anchor-shaped pin
Heart-shaped pin
Editor’s Note
Thanks to Barbara for pointing out this company.

Made in the USA Swimwear 2013

It is now June 2013. Summer will soon be here and our thoughts will soon be entertaining the possibilities of warmer weather and ultimately going to the beach or laying out by the swimming pool. Now is the perfect time to shop for swimwear, because within a couple of weeks all the major department stores will be putting away all their swimwear. (That is the way of fashion, the stores always carry clothes for the next season – as soon as summer is actually here, all the summer clothes disappear.)

Happily, the United States still makes a decent amount of Made in USA swimwear. For example, L Space  made in the USA, makes very trendy swimsuits which can be found at numerous specialty stores but can also be found at these two department stores: Nordstroms and Nieman-Marcus. As far as the best selection of swimwear in department stores, I was actually surprised that Nieman-Marcus offered the greatest selection of great swimsuits, many made in the USA. The range of prices is also the most variable to inexpensive to very, very expensive. Nordstroms swimwear Made in USA, lists about 183 items. Macys swimsuits, made in the USA, lists about 53 items. Barneys has some Made in USA swimsuits, however, the website currently is unable to search for you: “swimwear made in the USA”.

L Space Santorini Sunrise

L Space Santorini Sunrise

Interesting Swimsuits Made in the USA

I have recently found an Internet site, called Popina swimwear. They have two store locations. And what makes their store interesting is that they offer some retro looking swimsuits. And don’t forget Fables by Barrie, on their website or through Modcloth.

Popina retro swimsuit

Popina retro swimsuit

Listing of Swimwear Made in USA

I have updated my swimwear list made in the USA from my 2012 post, here is the link for the listing. This list includes swimsuits brands in brick and mortar stores as well as swimsuits found on the Internet only (with links included.)


Swimwear made in the USA

How to Choose a bathing suit video. Link to a 3 min. 23 sec. video to help select the swimsuit that best fits your body.

Mainpoint: Finding swimwear made in the USA is easier than you think.

Swimwear or What Used to be called Bathing Suits (I mean did you really need to a suit to bathe?)

Well, it is almost Memorial Day and that means summer is soon approaching. And in the Northern hemisphere, summer is closely related to hot weather, the beach and swimsuits. So, go out and buy your swimsuit now, in the Spring, because that is the only time the new swimwear is available. Heaven forbid, you should wait until the weather actually gets warm before buying your swimsuit, or you will have to do some very hard hunting just to find a few, leftover  swimsuits within the discount rack, because all of their summer apparel space will have been replaced with Christmas stuff.

Made in USA Swimsuits

As some of you may know, the United States only manufactures about 2% of the clothes that we buy. So, some items of clothing are exceptionally difficult to find. Thankfully, swimsuits has not yet become one of those endangered species. Many of the department stores still carry swimwear made in the USA. And one of the ways to find these would be: going to a department store website like Nordstrom’s, and under search, type in “swimwear made in usa”. And a number of swimsuits should appear before you. This is true for Nieman Marcus, Barney’s, Macy’s, Bloomingdale’s. Sears – not so much. Sak’s – it still does not have a search term for “made in usa”. The others: Target, Kohl’s, WalMart, Ross – forget about it. (Updated January 7, 2016)

Listing of Swimsuit Brands found in Brick and Mortar Stores

  1. ABS
  2. American Apparel
  3. Anne Cole
  4. Athena
  5. Badgley Mischka
  6. Bar III
  7. Basta Surf
  8. Beach Bunny
  9. Beach Riot
  10. Becca
  11. Betsy Johnson
  12. Bikini Lab
  13. Cali Dreaming
  14. Cole of California (rare)
  15. Commando
  16. Cover
  17. Debra Marquit
  18. Eberje
  19. Eco Swim
  20. Ella Moss
  21. Fashion Star
  22. Guess? (uncommon)
  23. Hobie (rare)
  24. Hurley (rare)
  25. INC (rare)
  26. JAG
  27. Jessica Simpson (rare)
  28. Karla Colletto
  29. Kushcush Swim
  30. L Space
  31. La Blanca (some)
  32. Letarte
  33. Lisa Marie Fernandez
  34. Lucky (uncommon)
  35. Luxe
  36. Magicsuit
  37. Make and Model
  38. Mara Hoffman
  39. Marc by Marc Jacobs
  40. MICHAEL Michael Kors
  41. Miguelina
  42. Milly
  43. Miracle Suit
  44. Norma Kamali
  45. Oscar DeLa Renta
  46. Pret-a-Surf
  47. Rag and Bone
  48. Ralph Lauren Blue Label (uncommon)
  49. Robin Piccone
  50. Sauvage
  51. Shoshanna
  52. Sofia by ViX Swimwear
  53. Splendid
  54. St. John
  55. Sunsets
  56. Susana Monaco
  57. Tavik
  58. Tommy Hilfiger
  59. Trina Turk (uncommon)
  60. True Religion
  61. Undrest
  62. Vitamin A
  63. Zero and Maria Cornejo
  64. 24th & Ocean


  1. ambsn
  2. American Apparel
  3. Eco Swim
  4. Katin
  5. Parke & Ronen
  6. Paste
  7. Peter Millar (Canada)
  8. Rag and Bone
  9. Sauvage
  10. T. Christopher
  11. True Religion
  12. Warriors of Radness
  13. Zachary Prell

Swimsuits via Internet

  1. Aether
  2. Berrydog Bikinis
  3. Daisy’s Swimwear
  4. Dare Me Bikini
  5. Fables by Barrie
  6. Jitawear
  7. Making It Big swimsuits for plus sizes (not all US made)
  8. Pango Pango swimsuits for plus sizes
  9. Popina
  10. Sauvage – men and women swimsuits
  11. Slim Perfect, Inc. (at
  12. Sorella Swim swimsuits for plus sizes
  13. Sunset Strip (at
  14. Tara Grinna Swimwear
  15. Thousand Mile
  16. To Be In Style
  17. Trunkettes Used to be made in USA, now uncertain)
  18. Ujena
  19. Undrest
  20. Venus (only some are made in USA)

Men’s via Internet

  1. Aether
  2. Boardshortsworld
  3. Daisy’s Swimwear
  4. Go Software
  5. LA Sporting Club
  6. Lightning Bolt
  7. Nonetz
  8. Rufskin
  9. Thousand Mile

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