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Black Friday – Made in USA – Nordstroms

Made in USA | Nordstrom. Black Friday is almost here. If you are looking for products made in the USA and you want to go to a department store, then Nordstroms is your very best bet. (Nordstroms is still family owned, not owned by venture capitalists like Macys). The above link will get you to the Nordstroms website – and it is all set for Made in USA products. There are 121 pages of items, so you might have to narrow them down. For example, in the search grid, if you were looking for women’s coats, one would type in “women’s coats made in usa”. Alternately, one can click on the left side of that page to visit the category you want.

Black Friday

Don’t forget Saturday, November 29, 2014, which is Small Business Saturday. Your small independent clothing store will have, many times, a much higher percentage of clothing made in the USA. Here is a repeat of last year’s article: “What is Small Business Saturday, and why does it matter?”

As for Cyber Monday – where people shop on-line, don’t forget there are many “Made in USA” businesses on-line. For instance, if you are looking for clothing check out my link: “Listing of Brands of Clothing Made in the USA via Internet.” As far as shopping for other items – I might suggest: “Listing Made in USA Websites“.

When you buy outsourced products what you are saying in effect is I am firing American workers. Buy American and hire your neighbor. Happy Holidays.



Black Friday 2013 – Nordstrom’s link – made in usa

made in usa | Nordstrom. Black Friday for Nordstroms 2013. The link will take you to Nordstroms “Made in USA” clothing. There are over 9,352 items to choose from, with categories of apparel listed on the left hand margin (like Men’s boots).

Nordstroms has been selected the best department store that carries clothing “Made in USA” as decided by Clothingmadeinusablog. (Nordstroms carries 2.5% of their clothing made in the USA, while Macys has less than 1% made in the USA). Before purchasing always check the description to make sure it actually is “Made in the USA”. They are quite accurate but they occasionally make mistakes.

Don’t forget to click on coupons for additional savings. Remember Nordstroms will be closed on Thanksgiving.

Black Friday Nordstroms

Black Friday Nordstroms


Shopping on Black Friday? Shop online for American made clothing at Macys, Nordstrom’s and Sears

Shopping on Black Friday? Buy American, Give American! | Alliance for American Manufacturing. I am sharing this link. This website was produced by The Alliance for American Manufacturing. And this was brought to my attention through the Blog: simplyamericandotnet. Click on the department store and they will show you the American made products they have on sale. I have looked at the Nordstrom’s menswear section with their 831 items and I would say I could vouch for about 98% of them as being American made. The other 2% may be American made, but I have not personally verified them, but they probably are American made. This is a very valuable link. I don’t know how long it will be available. It would be nice if there could be something like this every month. This link lists the American made clothes in Sears, Macys and Nordstrom’s.

Addendum 12/7/2011: I had visited the Nordstrom’s website, and I found them to be very accurate regarding whether the clothing was made in the U.S.. But there was one item I was very skeptical of: Boxers made by Burberry. So, I ordered the ones that said they were made in the U.S., and when I received them, they were made in Thailand. I took them back in and got my money back.

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