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Hats Made in the USA

What is more American than the baseball cap? Maybe jeans, tennis shoes? No, it is the baseball cap which has been around since the mid 1880’s and a part of every young man’s repertoire since the 1980’s. The Baseball cap displayed here, I purchased at Fenway Park in Boston one week before the Boston Marathon.

Boston Red Sox Baseball Cap Made in the USA

Boston Red Sox Baseball
Cap Made in the USA

My heart goes out to all the lives lost or injured and to their loved ones due to the disaster that occurred on April 15, 2013 This hat has since become more special to me, and to me it calls out the new Boston motto of “B Strong.”

One thing that is a little different about this hat than most hats is – it is Made in the USA. You may or may not know this about baseball caps, but, the Major League Players have their hats fit by size (not a one size fits all velcro strap) and they are all “Made in the USA”, just like their uniforms. But try to find these “Made in the USA'” hats and uniforms in a regular souvenir shop for yourselves – Good Luck. (I would guess the amount of Made in USA baseball hats is about less than 0.1% of all baseball hats sold in the USA). Fortunately for me, I found a section within the large Fenway souvenir store that sells the genuine Major League Baseball articles. The company that makes the authentic baseball caps is New Era Caps, based in Buffalo, New York.

Other Hats

Since the 1960’s, American men and women just haven’t worn hats much. The citizens of the United States just don’t seem to care for that kind of flair, I suppose it is just too European, so the U.S. wears no headgear (except for the baseball caps). As fashion guru, Tim Gunn, in his book ‘Tim Gunn’s Fashion Bible: The Fascinating History of Everything in your Closet’ says: “We’re not anti-hat, We’re just against dressing up.”

But the United States still makes lots of hats. In fact, there are two great websites with great selections of “Made in USA” hats. One is the Village Hat Shop (this link goes to the Men’s Spring/Summer collection) which has numerous different styles of men’s and women’s hats as well as hats that are used for costumes or re-enactments. Another great site is Hats in the Belfrey. This website has numerous men’s and women’s brands and styles, too. Please note that not all the hats on these websites are “Made in the USA”, so check the label before you purchase.

Listing of Hat Brands Made in the USA (Brick and Mortar Stores)

  1. Albert Swanepoel
  2. Atruro Rios
  3. Bailey (of Holloywood)
  4. Barmah
  5. Belfrey
  6. Betmar
  7. Big Apple
  8. Biltmore
  9. Bollman
  10. Brixton
  11. Broner
  12. Cha Cha’s
  13. Christine A. Moore
  14. Crown Cap (Canada)
  15. David Morgan
  16. Dobbs
  17. Eric Javits
  18. Filson
  19. Golden Gate
  20. Goorin
  21. Head N Home
  22. Helen Kaminski
  23. Henschel
  24. Jaxon
  25. Jennifer Ouellette
  26. Kangol
  27. Kathy Jeanne
  28. Katin
  29. Kokin
  30. Lola
  31. Makins
  32. Mr. Green
  33. Mr. Kim
  34. New Era
  35. NYH
  36. P.C.
  37. Pantropic
  38. Polly Singer
  39. Poppy
  40. Qiviut by Oomingmak
  41. Resistol
  42. Rag and Bone
  43. Riverz
  44. Scala
  45. Shady Brady
  46. Stetson
  47. Stitch
  48. Sunbody
  49. Sur la tete
  50. Tilley’s (Canada)
  51. Tommy Bahama (rare)
  52. Volcom (rare)
  53. ZZ Ward

Listing of Hats Made in USA – Internet

There are many hat makers in the United States that sell primarily through the internet. See also my blog entry: Listing of Brands of Clothing Made in the USA via Internet.

  1. American Joe
  4. Bayside (
  8. Carhartt (
  9. Columbia (
  10. Gadsden and Culpepper
  14. Imogene and Willie
  18. Montauk Tackle
  21. North Store Trading Company
  23. Osmium
  25. Owner Operator (Hickorees)
  27. Shread Alert
  28. Stormy Kromer
  32. Wigwam (
  33. 1791 Supply


It is funny that the United States isn’t into hats. I mean there is so much you can do with hats, and only so many things you can do with your hair. Maybe the hats will make a comeback once more in the United States. And remember to Buy American.


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