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Oscar de la Renta, NY based fashion designer, dies at 82

Oscar De La Renta, NY based fashion designer dies at 82  link from the New York Times October 20, 2014 by Cathy Horyn and Enid Nemy

Oscar de la Renta

Oscar de la Renta 7/22/1932 – 10/20/2014


Oscar Aristedes de la Renta was born in Santo Domingo on July 22, 1932. He came to America in 1961 to try his hand at fashion in 1961. His peers in New York City included Bill Blass, Roy Halston and Geoffrey Beene – they defined “American style.” However, of these famous American brands, it is only Oscar de la Renta that still makes clothing made in the USA. In 1993, he became the first American to design an important couture collection in Paris since World War II.

Oscar de la Renta loved the glitz of Hollywood and he loved to be around powerful women. His name became linked to celebrity events like the Oscars. Amy Adams, Sarah Jessica Parker and Penélope Cruz were among the actresses who wore his dresses.

Amy Adams wearing an Oscar de la Renta dress at the 2013 premier of The Master

Amy Adams wearing an Oscar de la Renta dress at the 2013 premier of The Master

Recently his biggest coup was to make the ivory tulle gown that Amal Alamuddin wore to wed George Clooney in Venice.

Amal Alamuddin Wedding Dress

Amal Alamuddin Wedding Dress

Oscar de la Renta is also known as being the dress designer for the First Ladies, starting with Nancy Reagan. He had designed dresses for four of the First Ladies and had once chided First Lady, Michelle Obama, for not wearing a dress “Made in the USA”. Mrs. Obama, however, recently remedied this by wearing one of his designs earlier this month.

Michelle Obama in a Oscar de la Renta dress

Michelle Obama in an Oscar de la Renta dress

Full view of the same dress

Full view of the same dress

Oscar de la Renta had an extraordinarily long career in the fashion industry. Considering how fast fashion changes and how fast designers come and go, it is truly amazing that someone who was designing back in the 1960’s could still be relevant in 2014. He did have to re-invent himself (twice). Oscar de la Renta can be found at high end department stores like: Nieman Marcus, Nordstroms, Bergdorf-Goodman, and Saks Fifth Avenue. All of the following links demonstrate Oscar de la Renta dresses “made in the USA, of imported fabric”, except Saks which has many Made in Italy dresses as well. Be prepared to gasp, if you are not used to shopping for high end dresses. For more information about the man, Oscar de la Renta, please read the excellent article by the New York Times (it is the top link).

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