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Resistance Enterprises – Doing Good and Politically Active

Resistance Enterprises

Resistance Enterprises is an Internet only Apparel company making T-shirts made in the USA (made in Maine). What makes them different is that 5% of all their profits goes to supporting charities, promoting human rights and strengthening our democracy. What also makes them different is that they are active politically especially in resisting the scourge of the illegitimately-elected-President-who-shall-not-be-named.

Immigrant with a picture of Alexander Hamilton

We’re Way More Than Just An Apparel Company. Together, We’re Making Change.

Doing good is in our DNA – we believe there’s more to running a company than just the bottom line. Here at Resistance Enterprises, we’re trying to do three important things:

1. We amplify your voice with unique messages of dissent. We’re making the most bad-ass resistance shirts we can come up with, and sometimes they’ll make people uncomfortable. We’re living in uncomfortable times. Speak loudly and stand up for what you believe.

“Be American / Express how you feel / And take the credit.”

– My Shot, Hamilton Mixtape

In Mueller We Trust

2. We help you become an effective protestor-dissident-citizen. Our Weekly Resist email goes out to let you know what’s happening each week and where you can apply your force to the democratic system that requires our participation to work.

“When are folks like me and you gonna rise up?”

– My Shot, Hamilton Mixtape

Resist with picture of Smokey The Bear

3. We donate 5% of profits to causes that are making a difference in our world. We support charities that are savings lives, promoting human rights and strengthening our democracy. This year, we’re working with the Against Malaria Foundation to protect kids from getting malaria. We’re transparent with what we raise; you can track our fundraising progress here.

T-Rump to be eaten by T-Rex

Resist with picture of Suffragette Elizabeth Cady Stanton

Never My President


Editorial Comment

Bravo to Resistance Enterprises! I think “Impeach Trump” would be a good T-Shirt idea. Or, maybe, “Groper-In-Chief.” For those of you who are GOP voters, I will send you to a link that is Pro-GOP: The store.

November 2020


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