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Big Sale From Robeworks

Source: Bathrobes | Luxury Bathrobes | Cotton Terry Bathrobe from Robeworks

Robeworks is having a big sale on its most popular robes. Robeworks are all made in the USA. To see the sale click on the top link or here: Robeworks.

The All Season Luxury Bathrobe

Slip into something comfortable with the graceful proportions of this fine bathrobe. Highlighted with a classic color combination the rich burgundy microfiber outer shell with accents of plush black terrycloth will redefine your concept of indulgence – this is the perfect men’s robe or women’s bathrobe! Made in USA with imported material in sizes XS-5XL. (LJ100)

The Finest Hooded Bathrobe You’ll Ever Own

Our comfortable evergreen hooded bathrobes are favorites everywhere! These sleek, versatile robes are the ultimate in relaxation and are ideal as a mans robe or womans bathrobe, the natural warmth of evergreen microfiber enhanced by a lush black terry cloth lining. Made in USA with imported material. Regular Price: $180.00, Sale Price $109.00

Evergreen and Black Hooded Robe

Personalized & Monogrammed Bathrobes

Whether you are celebrating an anniversary, birthday or other special occasion, a personalized robe is the perfect statement or gift. With over 20 years of experience, Robeworks has set the standard for luxury monogrammed bathrobes. Our state-of-the-art, in-house embroidery equipment and expertise allows us to monitor the creation process carefully from start to finish, ensuring superior quality and craftsmanship. Without a doubt, Robework’s personalized bathrobes offer unparalleled excellence, comfort and style.

Please allow four business days for processing your personalized bathrobe. We also offer professional logo robe options for your business, hotel or spa. Ask about our customizable wholesale bathrobes.

Editor’s Note:

These are great high-quality, great feeling robes. I know because I have had one for the past two years. These bathrobes should last you for many years. And with this great sale, it makes me think about getting another robe.


Bathrobes Made in USA

Wintertime is a great time to find clothing that keeps you warm and snuggly. And one of those items that fits this description are luxury bathrobes. For the past couple of years I have been trying to find all types of garments made in the USA. But the one item that had continuously eluded me was bathrobes made in the USA. And to my surprise I found two different companies (on the same day) that make bathrobes made in the USA, Tourance and Giraffe at Home. I found these both at a nice little shop in the Sonoma (CA) town square called Sonoma Home.

Tourance for Grown Ups | Product Categories |

Tourance is one of the few companies in the United States that makes bathrobes. They are very luxurious, soft and heavenly. Tourance also makes pillows, throws, scarves, vests and some children’s apparel.

Tourance Lux Caressa Robe in Cream

Tourance Lux Caressa Robe in Cream


 Tourance is all about the soft, the sumptuous, the luscious and the lavish.

Tourance promises to bring the softest blankets on Earth to your little ones as well as your whole family and friends. With a heavenly texture that falls somewhere between flower petals, fine down, luscious faux fur, are irresistibly luxurious and yet so stylish and easy to wash you can can take an outing to the park or stroll down the hill.

We carefully choose our fabric that is not only sumptuously soft on your hand but its stylish designs will make our blankets and throws a focal point of your living room and a compliment to your well dressed bed or a special gift to friends and family that they won’t stop talking about.

Our products come in variety of textures like our signature Rosebud, Channel and Ziza. We also bring you elegant designs like Fleur de Lys, Paisley. We also feature premium faux fur and faux pelt textures like Chinchilla, Rabbit.

And yet, don’t forget our glamour accessories for yourself such as scarves and robes which are great for traveling or relaxing at home.

All of our products are made in the US as our commitment to excellent quality. We are also striving to provide outstanding service to make sure you are completely happy with our products

Giraffe at Home

Giraffe at Home makes bathrobes, blankets and throws. They can be found at Nordstroms and sometimes Bloomingdales as well as some small shops like Sonoma Home or onlinke like at ( also has a special Made in USA section for throw blankets or blankets made for hanging on walls.)

Giraffe at Home Stretch Chenille Robe

Giraffe at Home Stretch Chenille Robe

Other Makers Of Bathrobes Made in USA Worth Checking Out

Telegraph Hill makes robes made in San Francisco. Telegraph Hill has a nice assortment of fine looking robes and kimono type robes.

Taupe Seersucker Double Robe by Telegraph Hill

Taupe Seersucker Double Robe by Telegraph Hill is an online site that specializes in robes all made in the USA. makes different types of robes: luxurious, hooded, shawl, spa wraps, and even a bridal collection with monograms. Made for both men and women.

LJ500 Luxury Hooded Bathrobe by Robeworks

LJ500 Luxury Hooded Bathrobe by Robeworks makes many robes, pajamas and sleepwear for women – all made in the USA. offers robes in eight different types for women, all made in the USA. makes pajamas, robes for both men and women, all made in USA.

Elizabeth Cotton is a New York City company that makes pajamas and robes at makes luxurious robes and pajamas in San Francisco.


Other Makersof Bathrobes Made in USA offers a fleece robe, made in the USA of course. makes whimsical bathrobes all made in the USA.

Bedhead makes pajamas and occasionally a robe or two, they can be found at offers a Kimono type bathrobe.

Acme Linens makes a luxurious bathrobes for hotels, made in the USA.

Pendleton Woolen Mills makes a classic men’s woolen bathrobe made in USA.

I had found a bathrobe made in the USA with the brand name, Wrap Up, however, I had not been able to find anybody who carries this or where to purchase them. (I found it at The Aria Hotel in Las Vegas).



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