The Quarter Century Jacket | A 25 Year Guarantee — Kickstarter

The Quarter Century Jacket – Kickstarter

With a nod to old fashioned American apparel manufacturing (and Filson too), this new Kickstarter project (a crowdsourcing funding project) plans to make jackets made in the USA, made to last 25 years and made out of duck canvas. Click on the above link to see their video and don’t forget to pledge your support. The have already surpassed their goal but you can still order yourself a jacket if you pledge before November 14, 2015.

About this project

This jacket is …

1) Made from premium fabric. We use the highest quality 12oz duck canvas. It’s designed to have an amazing soft feel but withstand the toughest wear.

2) Backed by a 25 year guarantee. We’re so confident that your Quarter Century Jacket will be the most durable jacket you’ve ever had that we are backing them up with a 25 year guarantee.

3) Made in America. The best quality comes when you make things in your own backyard. We work with production facilities that pay proper attention to fabric, people and processes right here in America.

4) Sold wholesale. By offering our jackets directly via Kickstarter we are able to cut out the retail channel and offer you a jacket that would usually retail for $300 at only $159.

Our journey started almost two years ago when we took a radically new approach to making clothes. It’s the passion for quality clothes that led us on a mission to design The Quarter Century Pants. Now, we are at it again and are doing something similarly radical for outerwear: a jacket so well made it’s guaranteed to last 25 years.

How does the jacket last so long?

The Quarter Century Jacket is made from premium US made 12oz duck canvas. Duck canvas differs from plain canvas in that the threads in the former are stronger and more tightly woven. The jacket is then constructed right here in America and finished with military grade hardware. The result: the best fitting, most durable jacket on the planet.

Inspired by the classic 20th century deck jacket, we set out to design a timeless and stylish everyday jacket. The Quarter Century jacket redefines style by presenting itself in a simple and modern construction:

Our Quarter Century Jacket includes the following features:

  • Sophisticated design (modern classic)
  • Heavy duty duck canvas fabric (12oz)
  • Double reinforced elbow patch
  • Utility hook
  • Military grade copper buttons
  • Double tacked on all stress points
  • Integrated headphone jack
  • Insulated arm opening
  • Two large inner chest pockets
  • Security pocket (fits iPad mini)

We are launching our Quarter Century Jacket in five colors: stone, amber, olive, slate and black. Let us know if you are looking for additional colors. We’d love to hear from you!

Every jacket comes in size S-XXL for both men & women in our signature Quarter Century fabric and fit. We will confirm your preferences at the completion of the Kickstarter. You can review our fit guide here.

We are offering The Quarter Century Jacket at wholesale. No retail markups. No distribution markups. By selling to you directly we can maintain the highest quality and construction while offering a fair price point.

For our early supporters, we are offering a Kickstarter wholesale price at $159 including the Quarter Century Jacket and free shipping (US). Shipping to Canada is $12 and to the rest of the world $20 for a single jacket. Click on the reward to see all details.

The Quarter Century Jacket is 100% made in America. We use the highest quality fabrics and very best construction.

Our premium duck canvas is made by Mount Vernon Mills in South Carolina and the quilted inner lining, metal hardware and construction is done right here in Los Angeles, CA.

We’ve made these jackets to last a lifetime and are guaranteeing they are of the highest quality possible, but if anything happens to them we’ll repair them free of charge. Send them back to us and we’ll fix them!

Risks and challenges

Producing anything at high-volume poses a number of problems. With that said we’re not starting from square one. In March of 2015, we went on Kickstarter and raised over $250,000 for our Quarter Century Pants. We believe in transparency and communication, so our backers will be the first to know about any unplanned hurdles or delays.


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