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American Made Movie on The Ed Show

The Ed Show: Chronicling the decline of American manufacturing. With an introduction by Ed Schultz on the Ed show the above link should a brief excerpt from the American Made Movie with brief interviews with the maker of the movie, Vincent Vittorio, plusĀ  Scott Paul, President for the Alliance of American Manufacturing. American Made Movie is a documentary about the decline of American manufacturing. The original clip is for 5 minutes and 50 seconds. We hope this movie will increase the movement to Buy American and increase American manufacturing.


‘American Made Movie’ touts USA brand appeal

‘American Made Movie’ touts USA brand appeal. After waiting forever for a movie to come out about the problems regarding three decades of outsourcing (sending jobs to other countries) and to combat this trend, there are two movies about the Made in America movement being released. The just released movie by Josh Miller, “Made in the USA: The 30 Day Journey” had its initial premiere on July 4th. This documentary follows Mr. Miller across the United States using only things Made in the USA. If he didn’t have something made in the U.S. he went without, like without a mattress. Now there is a second movie coming out at the end of August. This is called “American Made Movie”. This movie was written by Vincent Vittoria and Nathaniel Thomas McGill. USA TODAY describes the documentary as: “It’s a by-now-familiar film about the decline of American manufacturing and its impact on communities – but with a twist.” [It is far from a by-now-familiar problem, there are so many Americans that have no idea that there is a problem. Editor’s note.]

“Instead of relying on trade barriers to protect manufacturing jobs, the film argues that Americans can tap into the same pride and craftsmanship farmers have used to fuel the movement toward locally grown food. Just as people will pay an extra $1 a pound for organic strawberries, Vittorio and McGill say the path to healthier U.S. manufacturing runs through persuading people to buy a $35 U.S. made slow cooker even when a $25 import is available.”

Editor’s Note

The last sentence is the tricky part isn’t it. The new message is “Pay for quality and you won’t be sorry”. We shall see if we can overcome “Cheapest is always Best” mindset.

Regarding the no trade barriers, I guess that is okay. However, the United States remains at a great disadvantage when it comes to import taxes. An American product always gets assessed an import fee (making it more expensive) when it is shipped to China or Bangladesh, etc. But the same product coming from China, Bangladesh, etc. is not assessed an import fee when they are brought into the United States, as part of the World Trade Organization agreement. That definitely needs to be remedied. Plus, the U.S. needs to drop that special tax break that helps companies move their jobs out of the country. (The U.S. government “pays” for the company’s moving expenses and the setting up of their new factories).

Great News

Now there are two movies out about the importance of Buying American.

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