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Nordstrom’s, Nieman Marcus, etc – Links to Made in USA Clothing

Mainpoint: clothingmadeinusablog lists the best links to department stores with made in USA clothing

In my previous blog entry “Clothing Made in USA – Best Tips to Buying “, I gave you information leading to the highest probability of finding clothes made in the USA. Just a short recap: the local independent clothier is your best bet in general, then department stores, then malls and chain stores. Within the chains, the flagship store always has a better selection, then the very least selection are the outlets and discount stores.

The Department Stores

Department Stores are easy venues for shopping as they are larger and bring many different brands all into one confined space. Also, by buying in bulk, they are sometimes able to bring the prices down a little, and more likely to have sales than an independent clothier. I will list from highest to lowest the amount of American made clothes as of this posting date March 23, 2012. (I have also provided the links – in order to refine your search – within the search box, type in: men’s or women’s, then the kind of clothing such as tops, dresses, pants, shirts, shoes, and then put in made in USA, example: mens pants made in USA.)

Nordstroms  5,680 related search items. Nordstrom’s have 116 stores and 95 of their discount store: Nordstrom’s Racks. The flagship store is located in Seattle, Washington. Established 1901. Owned by the Nordstrom family.

Nieman Marcus 4,736 related items. Established in 1907, it has 41 locations, and 33 “clearance centers”  named Last Call. Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, also owns Bergdorf Goodman. Nieman Marcus is owned by Texas Pacific group and Warburg Pincus.

Bergdorf- Goodman 1,736 related items. Established 1899. Headquarters New york City, 2 locations, owned by Nieman Marcus.

Bloomingdales 1,617 clothing related items. Established 1860, 41 locations, 4 outlet centers, headquarters New York City. Owned by Macy’s.

Barney’s 1,078 related items. Established in 1923. Over 40 locations, Headquarters in New York City. Owned by Dubai based company, Istithmar PJSC.

Macy’s 896 clothing related items. Established in 1858, it has 805 locations. Headquarters – New York City, also owns Bloomingdale’s. Owned by Federated Department Stores.

Von Maur 856 related items. This department store chain has 27 locations mainly in the midwest. Its headquarters are located in Davenport, Iowa. Established 1872, owned by the Von Maur family.

Sak’s Fifth Avenue Men’s Store – No “Made in USA” search terms, in this link I placed some American designers, please be advised that certain manufacturers are not always American made such as Rag and Bone, Rogue and Joe’s. Established in 1867, was bought out by Gimbels, eventually spun off and bought by Proffitt’s which changed its name to Saks, Inc. Headquarters – New York City. 46 Locations and 61 discount centers: Off 5th Avenue.


Lord and Taylor had 43 made in USA items, established 1826, for a short time owned by Macy’s, now owned by NDRC Equity Partners since 2006.  Sears had some Land’s End Shirts; For Dillard’s and J.C. Penney there is no search term for made in USA or made in America.  Dillard’s had some Hart-Schauffner- Marx items and some T-shirts, but overall not much. Do not even bother with Kohl’s.

“As a fashion designer, I was always aware that I was not an artist, because I was creating something that was to be sold, marketed, used and ultimately discarded.” -Tom Ford

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