Scrubs and Lab Coats Made in the USA

Trying to find scrubs and lab coats made in the USA? Good Luck! Scrubs and lab coats have long been a staple of doctors, dentists, nurses, medical and dental assistants, and laboratory technicians. For many years, these garments have been made in the United States, but over the last 30 years it has slowly diminished. Whereas, the amount of clothing made in the USA for the general public is about 2% of what we wear, with scrubs and lab coats it is less than 1%. Traditional American companies like Dickies, Carhatt, Landau, Cherokee have 100% outsourced all their scrubs. U.S. made scrubs and lab coats are out there, but you probably need help. That is why this blog entry was created. Updated January 14, 2014.

Scrubs Made in USA in Brick and Mortar Stores

It is very difficult to find scrubs made in the USA in brick and mortar stores. And for lab coats it is even worse. Probably the best available scrubs made in America found in brick and mortar stores is Mad About Scrubs by TD scrubs.  TD Scrubs has been in business for 19 years, for 16 years under the name Mad About Scrubs by McSibs. The scrubs are 100% manufactured in the Dallas/Fort Worth Area, Texas.

Mad About Scrubs

There are very few brands of scrubs made in the USA found at brick and mortar stores. I have listed a few: Peaches (although US made are relatively rare with Peaches), Knot Us and Liana (rare). But it is possible that they are now longer making them in the USA. Good luck finding them. They are rare, becoming more rare as well. Scrub/Ink based in New York has lost its major distributor, so it is no longer listed. Updated March 20,2013.

Listing of Scrubs Made in the USA in Brick and Mortar Stores

  1. Knot Us
  2. Liana
  3. Mad About Scrubs by TD Scrubs
  4. Peaches (rare)

Scrubs Made in the USA via Internet

There are many more companies that may scrubs made in the USA via the Internet than can be found in brick and mortar stores. Here is a listing:

  1. Banana Scrubs
  2. Comfort Scrubs
  3. Dakota Textiles
  4. Duck Scrubs
  5. Green Scrubs (through scrubs.com)
  6. Hice Scrubs
  7. Mantrameds – made out of recycled material
  8. On Call by aetnashirt.com (wholesale only) 
  9. Performance Scrubs
  10. Sassy Scrubs (going out of business per e-Mail 4/11/13)
  11. Scrub Med
  12. Scrubs Made Special (fashionstitch.com)
  13. Skyline Scrubs
  14. T.S. Uniforms (tsuniforms.com)

Lab Coats Made in the USA via Internet

  1. Angeli by correctproducts.com (unable to verify)
  2. Cole Parmer
  3. Crooked Brook (Women only)
  4. Dakota Textiles
  5. Doc’s Duds
  6. Just Lab Coats (rare)
  7. On Call by aetnashirt.com (wholesale only)
  8. Procreations (maternitylabcoats.com)
  9. Sassy Scrubs (going out of business 4/11/13)
  10. Scrub Med
  11. Sunstarr Apparel
  12. T.S. Uniforms (tsuniforms.com) (coats made in Canada)

Scrub Caps

  1. Blue Sky Scrubs
  2. Green Scrubs
  3. Madcapz
  4. Nurse Noggins
  5. WorldWide Scrubs

Remember, just because it is listed here doesn’t necessarily mean it is made in the USA. Some manufacturers outsource some of their products. So, check before you buy. And double check the label once you receive it.

“Fashion is not Art. Never.” -Jean Paul Gaultier

2 Responses to “Scrubs and Lab Coats Made in the USA”

  1. 1 informed consumer
    September 7, 2012 at 6:01 pm

    Update to this Blog. Dove Professional Apparel does NOT manufacture in the USA. Their material comes from overseas and they send it to Mexico for production. They do however have a small facility in San Diego where they ship from. Their website is very misleading and for lack of better words, their pulling the wool over the consumers eyes. If you are looking to support true USA manufactures, i would suggest to ask questions in regards to, where the material really comes from, where it is assembled and further more, to see the label of the garment.

    (this is not a slam on the blogger, just an update for the consumer)

  2. September 8, 2012 at 1:14 am

    Thanks so much. I did find the Dove Scrubs in a store, but they could have been a couple years old. And it is quite true that you can never be quite certain on internet sites whether they are truly manufactured in the USA. I think that goes true for Blue Sky Scrubs who have been mentioned on other websites as being in America, but when I visit Blue Sky Scrubs’ website, the only definite made in America items are the scrub caps. I have written to Dove of California, if they are not made in the U.S., they will be removed from my list. Thank you so much. I always want to be as accurate and current as possible. – Jack A

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