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Farewell to the Made In USA Guy

Josh Miller, creator of the movie: “Made in the USA: The 30 Day Journey” and owner of the Facebook page called Made in USA Guy is hanging up his shingle. Josh, like several others before him, have ended their public pursuit of convincing Americans that the nation would be better if we just started buying American products, keeping Americans employed and avoiding foreign products produced in a shroud of secrecy in making their “safe” products. I, myself, have had difficulty soldiering on at times especially after I wrote my blog entry about the future of America if we didn’t change our direction: “How Did We Get To Here: Years 2014 – 2034. This was so depressing and it is truly happening.


What impressed me about Josh Miller’s final entry was his frustration with the politics and the apparent lack of an ever expanding movement. Here is his comment:

It has been a fun adventure the past few years, but with a baby on the way and the crew moving on to other projects it’s about time for me to try some other things as well. The overall reach of this page has dwindled the past couple years and I have multiple new projects I’m developing. I have several regrets during my first project:
1. I wasn’t able to get on ABC World News Tonight with David Muir which seems really odd to me. Maybe David Muir and his producers don’t like competition?
2. I didn’t hammer the cowards in Washington DC more who take a healthy paycheck out of our tax dollars and do so little to ensure we have a prosperous future by bailing out failures of business and vote themselves pay raises in a down economy. Also, I wish I would’ve revealed the truth about the apparel industry, companies like Nike, etc. and how they use modern-day slavery to make ungodly profits while the folks making them live in extreme poverty and risk their lives in horrid working conditions everyday. Same goes for our obsession with making things in China as they undercut us whenever possible and steal intellectual properties every step of the way. But one thing is true about China, they put their country first no matter how screwed up things might be.

3. I wish I wouldn’t had fell for John Ratzenberger’s American Made producers bullshit saying they were thinking about making me a co-host, but needed my help and my fanbase to get out the word. Needless to say that didn’t pan out plus I gave a contribution to revive the show. Live and learn. Hell I offered to pay my way to LA and meet with him for a dinner and he still wouldn’t meet with me because I wasn’t “high profile” enough.

4. The truth is the movement is a mess full of union sections, right to work folks, green energy folks, fossil fuel folks, liberal, conservative, and so on. It’s so fragmented it has little chance of being cohesive. I remember when I was filming on the road and connected with a Congressional Republican who recently became a US Senator. Her communication director said she wouldn’t speak to me because ‪#‎MadeinAmerica‬ was a Barack Obama thing. I’m literally exhausted from crap like this, how hard can it be to promote and want prosperity for one’s country? Apparently, making a sex-driven bullshit reality show is the easier way to go. They have millions of fans, we have about 23k. Makes you scratch your head…

Finally, being my last post on this page I want to thank those folks who have been loyal the whole way through. My baby girl is on my mind and I’m going to dedicate my time to her and the couple projects I committed to this year.

It’s very sad even writing these words, but this is a business just like anything else and my personal money has kept it floating along for quite some time. With my baby girl on the way that just can’t continue to happen.

My final suggestion is to migrate over to Mike Rowe and support his foundation. I just hope he is one of the few celebrities that aren’t full of shit.


Josh Miller
The Made in USA Guy

Editor’s Comment

Make sure you check out Josh Miller’s final Facebook entry and read all the comments from well wishers and others who believe in the Made in the USA movement. Josh, I did like your movie and I loved your passion. The ‘Made in The USA’ movement SHOULD go beyond all politics, but I am afraid it doesn’t. As Josh so rightly pointed out, the current President, Barack Obama, made a pledge to bring back more manufacturing to the USA and to build more infrastructure, however, as if you didn’t already know it, the Republican Party wants anything to do with the President to die, even if it is in the nation’s best interest – like bringing back manufacturing and increasing infrastructure projects.  And, if you didn’t know this as well, it is the Republican Party that has fueled the outsourcing (sending American jobs overseas) crisis and have no interest in killing the Golden Goose that pays our CEO’s so well. So, any politicians with influence from big multi-national corporations are not interested in stopping outsourcing – that means all Republicans and one third of Senate Democrats. And it means that the multi-national corporations are not going to give the Made in America movement any media time. The only way to keep track of “real news” about the USA is paradoxically only from BBC World News – then you will hear about things like the Trans-Pacific Partnership Treaty – another disastrous Free Trade agreement for the USA. We just have to remember – politicians don’t do anything on their own. They only move when their is a movement making them move. So, we will continue to deliver our message: “Buy American – Keep yourself and your neighbor employed.” Eventually, common sense will prevail (we can only hope).


‘American Made Movie’ touts USA brand appeal

‘American Made Movie’ touts USA brand appeal. After waiting forever for a movie to come out about the problems regarding three decades of outsourcing (sending jobs to other countries) and to combat this trend, there are two movies about the Made in America movement being released. The just released movie by Josh Miller, “Made in the USA: The 30 Day Journey” had its initial premiere on July 4th. This documentary follows Mr. Miller across the United States using only things Made in the USA. If he didn’t have something made in the U.S. he went without, like without a mattress. Now there is a second movie coming out at the end of August. This is called “American Made Movie”. This movie was written by Vincent Vittoria and Nathaniel Thomas McGill. USA TODAY describes the documentary as: “It’s a by-now-familiar film about the decline of American manufacturing and its impact on communities – but with a twist.” [It is far from a by-now-familiar problem, there are so many Americans that have no idea that there is a problem. Editor’s note.]

“Instead of relying on trade barriers to protect manufacturing jobs, the film argues that Americans can tap into the same pride and craftsmanship farmers have used to fuel the movement toward locally grown food. Just as people will pay an extra $1 a pound for organic strawberries, Vittorio and McGill say the path to healthier U.S. manufacturing runs through persuading people to buy a $35 U.S. made slow cooker even when a $25 import is available.”

Editor’s Note

The last sentence is the tricky part isn’t it. The new message is “Pay for quality and you won’t be sorry”. We shall see if we can overcome “Cheapest is always Best” mindset.

Regarding the no trade barriers, I guess that is okay. However, the United States remains at a great disadvantage when it comes to import taxes. An American product always gets assessed an import fee (making it more expensive) when it is shipped to China or Bangladesh, etc. But the same product coming from China, Bangladesh, etc. is not assessed an import fee when they are brought into the United States, as part of the World Trade Organization agreement. That definitely needs to be remedied. Plus, the U.S. needs to drop that special tax break that helps companies move their jobs out of the country. (The U.S. government “pays” for the company’s moving expenses and the setting up of their new factories).

Great News

Now there are two movies out about the importance of Buying American.


MAde in The USA: Journey Behind the Label – Topline

This video segment named Made in the USA: Journey Behind the Label was aired on ABC’s show ” Topline” regarding Josh Miller and his new Movie “Made in the USA: The 30 Day Journey”. This Topline segment was aired this past weekend. The segment runs 4 minutes and 36 seconds. It is a brief panel discussion hosted by Rick Klein and Olivier Knox with guests Josh Miller and Ron Newcombe.

On one of the questions asked by Olivier Knox was: “If a working class person walked into a big box store and sees two roughly equivalent product, an $8 product, made in the US, and a $3 product, made in China – How do you get that person to pick the roughly equivalent product made in the USA?” Josh’s answer was to decrease the price of the American product. My answer would be to challenge that the “roughly equivalent” portion. Products may, sometimes, seem roughly equivalent, but the cheaper Chinese product is almost always of much lower quality. One needs to take a longer look. If you want a disposable product, pick the Chinese product. If you want a product to last for years, pick the Made in USA product. Over the long run, it will save you money (and it will be safer), whether it is hardware, appliances, pet food, or clothing.

made in usa 30 day journey

Josh Miller’s movie was inspired when a manufacturing company was closed down in his small hometown in West Virgina, which triggered the near collapse of the local economy and wondered if this was happening all across the USA. Yes, it was.  The movie’s premise was that Mr. Miller would travel over thirty days, across the United States, using nothing but Made in USA products. If he did not have the product, he went without the product, and he put it all down on film.

The film has its official opening premiere on July 4th, 2013 in Ripling, West Virginia. The film can be purchased on-line already at his website. The Made in America movement hopes this film heightens interest in the movement.

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