Workwear – Steam Horse Dry Goods Co.

Workwear – Steam Horse Dry Goods Co. There is a continued and increasing interest in retro fashion styles.  We love the classic looks but the one problem with the “new” retro styles is that they are usually poor imitations. The “new” retro garments are usually cheaply made, which is in distinct contrast to the very well-made actual retro garments. These “new” retro garments are usually made in China, Vietnam, Bangladesh or India with their poor quality fabrics, poor cut and inexpensive sewing (indicative of the fast fashion that is inherent in these countries).  In contrast, there are some U.S. made companies that have brought back some retro appearing garments like Rag & Bone, Freemans Sporting Club, Filson, etc. These “Made in USA” products are, definitely, of better quality, and sometimes things like their suits are made on exactly the same sewing machines used back in the mid 1900s, but the garments are usually not of the same quality textiles, because they are harder to obtain and many times no longer made.

Steam Horse John Henry Wool Sweater

Steam Horse
John Henry Wool Sweater

But all that has changed, there is a company that is genuinely retro. Steam Horse is a company that has taken its inspiration from some of the old railroad work garments. These garments were sewn to survive more than a hard day’s work. They were engineered to be lived in. Some of the materials are made of heavy wool or heavy grade cotton. Steam Horse also produces a hard-to-find water-repellant Cannonball duck canvas. Now, when you wear duck canvas, then you know you are wearing what our forefathers used to wear. The same goes for those heavy wool sweaters and coats. As far as retro styles, Steam Horse is the nirvana for the person that loves the older styles coupled with its superior quality fabrics and sewing. This is what “retro” should be. And they are all Made in the USA.

Steam Horse Railroad Gauge Gusset Work Jacket

Steam Horse
Railroad Gauge
Gusset Work Jacket

Steam Horse also has a logo on all of its clothing. It is a red-orange spike which is related to the railroad industry.

Steam Horse Sawmill Paul Wool Sweater

Steam Horse
Sawmill Paul Wool Sweater

Update: I have just learned that Steam Horse went out of business on June 25, 2015. They made some great and durable clothing.



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