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Jack and Mary Designs

Jack and Mary Designs. This is a great time to buy new mittens.  I have discovered a new company that makes mittens from recycled sweaters. The company is called Jack and Mary Designs. Owner, Marilyn Robertson, a former interior designer, first started making accessories from recycled sweaters in 2004. But, when she started making mittens from left over sweater sleeves, the product just took off. Since 2009, Ms. Robertson has been making mittens, from recycled wool or cashmere sweaters. Obviously the mittens will be one of a kind. They are all hand made in Maine. At times, Jack and Mary Designs have offered scarfs, hats, headbands and finger-less mittens.

Made from recycled sweaters

Made from recycled sweaters

Jack and Mary Designs are sold online, but also can be found at over 75 retailers. I love the idea of making clothing out of recycled materials. It is the exact opposite of the hypervoluminous “Fast Fashion” or disposable wear, made in Asia, that continues to fill up our landfills. For a great article on “Fast Fashion” by Kristin Glenn, click on the link.

Jack and Mary Designs

Jack and Mary Designs


Schott Rediscovers Its Roots | A Continuous Lean.

Schott Rediscovers Its Roots | A Continuous Lean.. This is a re-post of an article by A Continuous Lean. It is about Schott, jacket maker in the United States since 1913, has just opened up a small retail shop on Elizabeth Street in New York City. Elizabeth Street now has several nice little shopping venues for clothing.

Schott NYC store

Schott NYC store


An Interesting Post and Videos from American Lean

Mainpoint: A number of American manufacturing companies are highlighted with videos from an entry from the blog American Lean.

I have posted from American Lean blog once before  (last year), it was the American List. The American Lean blog itself is very eclectic, much of the time on the subject of clothing, usually more upper scale, and sometimes about the history of clothing. But there are many different tangential subjects as well. But, the one I found most interesting was F*** Yeah Made in USA. It is a series of short videos (usually a couple minutes) about companies that continue to manufacture in the U.S.A. In fact, there are a total of 48 videos.  Here is the list of companies that are highlighted in order:

Bollman Hat Company – Adamstown, PA

The Good Flock – Oregon

Pendleton – Oregon

Frank Clegg Leatherworks – Fall River, MA

Club Monaco – U.S.A.

Imogene & Willie – TN

KA – Bar Knives – PA

Joseph Abboud – New Bedford, MA

Schoolhouse Electric – Portland, OR

General Knot & Co. – New York

Oak Street Bootmakers – Maine

Oldflowers – Utah

MAKR – Florida

Pointer Brand – Tennessee

Martin Greenfield Clothiers – N.Y.

Randolph Engineering – MA

Defy Bags – Illinois

Club Monaco & ACL – Maryland, NY & PA

Scout Books – Oregon

Mannington Flooring- New Jersey

Imogene & Willie (Part II) – TN

Tellason – California

Grain Surfboards – Maine

Faribault Woolen Mills – Minnesota

Soulcraft – CA

Allen Edmonds – Wisconsin

Imogene & Willie – TN

Wilson Footballs – Ohio

Billykirk – PA

The Brooklyn Circus – NY

Cunningham Classics – New Jersey

Raleigh Denim – North Carolina

Stronghold – California

Garland Shirt Company – North Carolina

Roy’s Jeans – California

L.L. Bean Boots – Maine

New Balance – Maine

Optimo Hats – IL

Qoddy shoes – Maine

Red Wing Shoes – MN

Duluth Pack – MN

Danner Boots – OR

Alden Shoes – Massachusetts

Pendleton – OR

Oxxford Clothing – Illinois

Wolverine 100o Mile Boots – Wisconsin

Horween – IL

Danner – Oregon


Apparel Made in San Francisco – SF

SFMade Mainpoint: SF is a website created to help customers find businesses that still manufacture products in the San Francisco area.

I found this fantastic link, that lists and describes many small businesses that manufacture and sell merchandise in the USA, mainly, made in San Francisco Bay area. The link above will send you to the apparel section. In the apparel section, there is a listing of 72 different apparel stores. Some of these stores/businesses I have listed in my previous blog entries, such as: Poppy Von Frohlich; Marine Layer; Clary Sage Organics; Blue Canoe; Tellason and Taylor Stitch. The SF Made website has a brief description of each of the businesses as well as a link to their websites.

In addition to apparel, there are many other categories listed such as: Furniture, Home and Garden, Auto & Bike, Pet Products, Body Products, Children & Maternity, Hospitality & Entertainment.

About SF Made

SF Made is a non profit corporation, established in 2010. It is headquartered in San Francisco and it focuses on building San Francisco’s economic base by developing its local manufacturing sector. View the link to find “about us” at Now, this should be the wave of the future, a way to help people buy locally. Great job, SF Made!

sf made


L.A. shop sells exclusively “Made in the U.S.A.” items – American Love Affair

L.A. shop sells exclusively “Made in the U.S.A.” items. | Alliance for American Manufacturing. From ABC -7 News, this news story which first aired on February 1, 2013, features a shop that sells exclusively “Made in the USA” items. The company is called American Love Affair – it has been selling clothing and accessories “Made in the USA” on-line, but just recently opened up a brick and mortar store in Los Angeles, CA. The address is 901 S. Broadway, Los Angeles, CA 90015. American Love Affair also has a blog, as well as a Facebook page.

The above video link is through the Alliance of American Manufacturing and lasts 2:02.


Loop de Luxe – boutique for U.S. made goods

Loop de Luxe – boutique. Loop de Luxe is an online boutique of USA-made luxury goods and clothing, featuring several different American designers. Loop de Luxe is based in New York City and Los Angeles. They scour the entire United States looking for exceptional designers and hidden neighborhood boutiques. Their goal is to share them with people who value hard-to-find, original couture, made in the U.S.A.

Current designers include: Brooklyn-based Fleabags; celebrity favorite clothier, Wren; 2009 CDFA Emerging Talent winner: Subversive Jersey; handcrafted jewelry by Gabriela Artigas; handmade leather bags by Heyoka Leather; classic 14K gold jewelry from Kathleen Whitaker; and organic beauty products from Denver-based Fig & Yarrow.

From Loop de LuxeSilk Lauma Top by Kristinit

From Loop de Luxe
Silk Lauma Top by Kristinit

Loop de Luxe has started to receive attention from some prominent people in the fashion and entertainment field like Sarah Heyward, writer for the HBO series “Girls”; Alisha Ray, sales manager for Levi’s; and in a “Style We Love” featuring Leslie Price - founder and editor of Racked.

Loop de Luxe is launching a Holiday Sales Event starting December 7th. There is a 40% sales offer for December 7.


Clothing Made in USA – The new start up companies – Kickstarter – Swole Society Apparel

There has been a growing grass roots movement in the Buy American movement over the past couple of years. Now, there is a new instrument to aid start-up companies (mostly American and making things in America) to get them up and going. It is called Kickstarter. Kickstarter is a funding platform for creative projects. These projects include films, games, music, art, technology and clothing. How Kickstarter works is that by using its website, it brings together many potential small donor sponsors (as opposed to a single large donor sponsor) to see if they would like to fund a project. Kickstarter has been around since 2009 and has funded more than 30,000 creative projects.

Of the present clothing projects on Kickstarter, one is called Swole Society Apparel. Swole Society Apparel makes dress shirts for the athletic male.

Swole Society Apparel

Swole Society Apparel

There are several other clothing companies searching for sponsors: Ball and Buck; Heart Attack Clothing; Fortune 421 Swimwear and Clothing; Iva Jean Bike Fashion; N.E. Surf Beanies; Pistol Lake Shirts; Flint and Tinder Underwear; Ministry of Supply; Bizcaz Socks; Amazing Capes; Pants by Bluff Works; A Gentleman’s Surf Collection by Wellen. To find other companies, go to the Kickstarter website and other search, type in “fashion” or “clothing”. Before you sponsor them, make sure that they will be making the items in the USA. Be a venture capitalist.

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