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Not that kind of American Field! | simplyamericandotnet

Source: Not that kind of American Field! | simplyamericandotnet

Here is a repost from one of my favorite bloggers. Make sure you check out the pop up markets across the U.S. over the next two months called American Field. Welcome back John.

Not that kind of American Field!

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FieldsI haven’t posted in quite a while, but it wasn’t laziness on my part I assure you.  Rather, I have been working like a strap on my new website Homerica.  Homerica is your one stop for everything you need for your American home; it will truly be an American home since every product featured on Homerica is made by members of our extended American family.  I have also been blogging on Homerica’s blog, Stories of Home, so I urge you to start following that blog as well as this one!I recently became aware of an interesting bunch that is promoting American brands at four pop up markets over the next few months.  American Field is holding events in Boston (September 12-13th), Washington D.C. (October 17-18th), Atlanta (October 31-November 1st) and Brooklyn (November 21-22nd).  If you are an American maker, you can become an American Field vendor; the pricing for the events is very reasonable.  $750 for a basic booth, $1,500 for a premium double booth.  If you are an American crafted product aficionado, you can show up to (1) buy great American products, (2) visit with other American kindred souls, (3) talk to a slew of great American makers and (4) eat and drink with said American kindred souls and American makers.  And the price of admission is …….nada.  Just show up and engage in the four activities set forth above.American Field was started by Mark Bollman, the owner of Ball and Buck.  Ball and Buck is based in Boston and makes lots of clothing for American fellas.  American Field plays a critical role, in my opinion, in allowing ordinary Americans to meet American makers and allowing American makers a inexpensive outlet for selling their wares and connecting with American consumers.  Last year, 7500 people attended American Field’s two pop up markets.  This year more than 120 American brands have joined American Field and the numbers are on the rise.  God only knows how many people will attend this year’s four American Field markets, but given the fact that American Field has been getting a lot of press recently, the numbers will probably be huge.

So I urge you to attend one of American Field’s four pop up markets this year, meet the makers, eat a lot and support the members of our extended American family by purchasing the products they craft.


Homerica – American made Building Supplies and Appliances

American Made Home Supplies and Companies| Homerica.

There is a brand new website called Homerica which features “Made in America” building supplies, furniture and appliances for the American home. This should be your first stop when remodeling or furnishing your home, apartment or rental.

Made in USA Appliances

There are plenty of products still made in the USA, which are almost always higher in quality and reliability. But the problem is that you have to go through so many different websites to find what you are looking for. For the person who wants to furnish their house with “Made in USA” furnishings, this is THE  ultimate website . For Appliances, Homerica lists washers, dryers, dishwashers, refrigerators, garbage disposals, air conditioners and vacuum cleaners. As for myself and appliances, just last month, I purchased the GE Washer: GFWR4800FWW, purchased from the Home Depot. (they were having a great sale and it just so happened my 7 year old, foreign made Maytag had bitten the dust).

GE Washer

GE Washer GFWR4800FWW

Made in USA Furniture

If you want to decorate each room, Homerica has listings for the bedroom, the dining room and the living room. The listings from the furniture category are all 100% American made. There are more companies (not listed in this website) that make furniture “made in the USA”, but some are not 100% American made. Companies like Ethan Allen or Flexsteel make some pieces in the US, but they also sell products made from other countries which makes the decisions and setting up of pages more difficult and, therefore, are not included.

Vermont Furniture

Vermont Wood Studios

Now that you have put your furniture in each room, it is time to add the extra touches, see Furnishings: Linens, Drapes, Rugs, Carpets, Clocks, etc.

Made in USA Building Supplies

If you are one of those building a new home or re-modeling, Homerica has a great list of Made in USA building supplies exterior and interior: cabinets, ceilings, flooring, moulding, tiling, insulating, stairs, and lighting.

About The Owner of Homerica

From the website, John Briggs is the CEO of Homerica. John had been the blogger for which highlighted various products “Made in America” Here is the information from the Homerica website:

John Briggs

John Briggs

John Briggs, Owner and CEO

My name is John Briggs. Four years ago I started blogging and speaking about how Americans like you and I could create jobs for members of our extended American family just by purchasing the products they manufacture. It soon became clear that building, remodeling and furnishing an American home with American products could have a big impact on job creation in American. It was that realization that led to the creation of Homerica. Homerica offers one stop shopping for building materials, appliances, furniture, furnishings made by Americans for your home. So have a look around Homerica, find what you need for your home, then contact the American firms making exactly what you need.

Good luck on you new venture, John.

On a related story, about a house made entirely out of Made in USA supplies, check out the link: “ABC World News: Home Made in America Can It Work.”

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