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Wolverine Boots – Review

Wolverine Work Boots and Shoes – Official Wolverine Online Store.

Wolverine Boots and Shoes are one of the few shoe manufacturers that still makes boots made in the USA. They make over several hundred types of shoes, boots, both work and casual, as well as outdoor wear. However, there are only seven models of boots produced by Wolverine that are made in America. The outdoor wear and shoes are all made elsewhere.

The majority of the boots made in America are from their 1,000 Mile Original Line. These are fantastic looking, durable, and very rugged, but also expensive. In this line are the Stockton, the Rockford, the Addison, the Bradford (it’s a shoe) and the 1,000 Mile Original models. The 1,000 Mile Original is available in both men’s and ladies. If you click on the above link, this will take you to the Wolverine home page, hover over ‘Collections’, click ‘Wolverine 1000 mile’ to get to the new page; then hover over 1000 mile and click the style you want, and if you want to find a retailer near to you, click ‘Find a Retailer’ this will take you to the next page, then put in your city or zip, click ‘GO’ and the nearest retailer will come up.

For the other two models made in the USA: Plainsman and Northman, they are both new. The description of them does not mention that they are made in the USA but Wolverine spokesperson, Zach Weyerman, e-mailed me and said they were. These two model boots are more work type boots. On the above link click to get to the Wolverine home page, then hover over ‘Collections’, and then click  ‘New’ and then scroll down so you can view them.

I actually purchased the 1,000 Mile Original model in black. I had to travel up to San Francisco to find them in a shop called Unionmade. They are one pair of great looking boots. But the price is not for the faint hearted. I have always tried not to buy at full retail price, but I didn’t this time. I will just have to wear them till the soles wear out, in about 1,000 miles or so, and then take them to the local shoemaker to have them repaired, if he is still in business at that time. For the more budget-minded shopper, occasionally a few pair of Wolverine Boots will come in at a DSW (Discount Shoe Warehouse), so if they have your style and your size, buy them immediately. (Tips for the locals – the DSW on Stevens Creek Blvd in San Jose has the best selection in the South Bay). Final point: Wolverine boots – great reputation and durability, plus great looking 1000 Mile Collection of boots.

“There’s man all over for you, blaming on his boots the fault of his feet.” -Samuel Beckett

May 2020


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