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Death By China – the Documentary Film by Director Peter Navarro

Death By China – the Documentary Film by Director Peter Navarro. This is a 2012 documentary by Peter Navarro, winning all sort of awards in 2013.

We all know little bits of this and that-like the loss of American manufacturing, the pollution from China, the horrible working conditions in China. But this documentary puts all of these bits into one big horrific picture about how the United States has enabled China to become the world’s number one manufacturing power in the world and soon to surpass the United States as the world’s largest economy within four to five years. Powerful.

Death By China movie

Death By China movie

This joins the other movies, “American Made Movie“, and “Made in the USA: the 30 Day Journey”  that encourage the Buy American movement. Maybe soon, the Buy American movement will be reaching critical mass – which means that politicians will actually get on board with Buying American and stop the constant outsourcing of American jobs.


MSNBC: “Death by China”

MSNBC: “Death by China” | Alliance for American Manufacturing.This is a great video shown on Morning Joe, on MSNBC on August 24, 2012. The video last 7 minutes and 5 seconds. It features director, Peter Navarro of the feature: “Death by China”. It is jammed full of relevant information regarding the United States and China trade deficit, China’s currency manipulation, and what we can do about it. If there is one video that neatly summarizes the U.S. economy problems this is the one to watch.
(Editorial comment) I like to repeat the following fact: we are in one of the largest economic boom in history with the current smart phone phenomenon. However, because the United States does not manufacture a single smart phone, the U.S. has been totally shut out from this boom. It didn’t used to be this way – we created and prospered with home computers and internet programs over the past 30 years, but no longer. The smart phone was developed in the U.S., but then the companies got greedy and had them all the made in China – great benefit for them, no benefit for the U.S. The moral of the story – a country needs manufacturing to have a strong economy, plus imports need to exceed exports. Haven’t we learned anything in 30 years?

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