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The First 100 Days of the Trump Administration and the Made in USA movement

The First 100 Days

With regards about the Trump administration in Bringing Jobs Back to America, I have evaluated all of its policies and activities. The report card on Trump’s first 100 days is : “D-“. The only reason is that it is not an “F” is that Trump had named the author and moviemaker of “Death by China”, UC Irvine professor, Peter Navarro, to his administration in December as the head of the newly formed National Trade Council. However, Mr. Navarro has been muted, criticized by GOP Free market critics like the China-owned Forbes Magazine. Mr. Navarro appears to be neglected just like the American workers. Compare this to the Obama administration’s first 100 days, They got a “B-“. Their contributions: Bailing out General Motors and h the major automakers, saving hundreds of thousands of jobs.  And, then, there was the Economic stimulus which stopped the Great Recession in its tracks. This has been followed by solid economic growth ever since.

The Promises

Remember the promises: “Day One, China will be named a currency manipulator”. Nope that didn’t happen, instead Trump: China Not a currency Manipulator BBC April 12, 2017.

“Day number one, we will withdraw from NAFTA”. Nope. Trump Tells Foreign Leaders That NAFTA Can Stay For Now – NY Times April 26, 2017.

“There will be jobs, jobs, jobs”. Hardly the GDP for the first quarter of 2017 was 0.7%. There once was talk about an infrastructure bill, which would create jobs. Nope, not a sniff of an infrastructure bill. Instead, there were: Executive orders to ban Muslims; Failed attempt to restrict Federal money to sanctuary cities; Failed Legislative attempts to kick 24 million people off health insurance and make people with pre-existing conditions pay more; and a poorly structured one page outline tax reform plan which demonstrates that Trump will bring back trickle-down economics by giving giant tax breaks to the 1% and to the Corporations. Still, Trump and his family continue to have their clothing made by slave labor in China and Mexico.  They are not bringing those jobs back to the USA. Further, the resort Mar-a-Lago, the government boondoggle which pays Trump $3 million every weekend, employs foreign workers here on H1-2B visas (what no American workers?).

One more breaking  story that nobody has reported: The GDP for the first quarter of 2017 grew at a measly 0.7%, much less than the 4% that Trump promised: See the link: The Economy is Barely Growing: Here are Three Theories Why – Vox, April 28,2017. Maybe this is the start of the next economic recession that Republican leadership always brings with it.

The Future

Well, maybe the GOP cover up over the Russian influence will finally blow over and impeachment proceedings can commence and Vice President Pence’s cover-up over disgraced General Flynn will come to light and he will have to resign as well. Then, the GOP hypocrites can all be voted out of office. That is when the real made in USA movement can re-start. How can a political party dedicated to globalization and off-shoring suddenly be the party on Bring Back American jobs back?  (The GOP has always been dedicated to bringing down the wages of workers, which is why they have always tried to defeat unions and communistic or socialistic policies.) Trump and the GOP were never serious about bringing jobs back to America in the first place. You were a fool to believe it the the first place.


Below is an article by Daniel Marans which goes into more depth with the above issues. This was published the day before Trump tweeted that he was staying with NAFTA. Click on the link for the story. I am unable to copy it onto my webpage.

Source: Jobs Still Going To Mexico As Trump’s 100th Day Approaches | The Huffington Post



Death By China – the Documentary Film by Director Peter Navarro

Death By China – the Documentary Film by Director Peter Navarro. This is a 2012 documentary by Peter Navarro, winning all sort of awards in 2013.

We all know little bits of this and that-like the loss of American manufacturing, the pollution from China, the horrible working conditions in China. But this documentary puts all of these bits into one big horrific picture about how the United States has enabled China to become the world’s number one manufacturing power in the world and soon to surpass the United States as the world’s largest economy within four to five years. Powerful.

Death By China movie

Death By China movie

This joins the other movies, “American Made Movie“, and “Made in the USA: the 30 Day Journey”  that encourage the Buy American movement. Maybe soon, the Buy American movement will be reaching critical mass – which means that politicians will actually get on board with Buying American and stop the constant outsourcing of American jobs.


The Price of ‘Made in China’ –

The Price of ‘Made in China’ – This is a very thoughtful and well-written editorial in the New York Times on August 4th, 2013 by Dr. Peter Navarro, Professor of economics and Public Policy at U.C. Irvine. It is about the price of Chinese items and the price that the United States actually pays for buying Chinese government subsidized products.

Op-Ed Contributor

The Price of ‘Made in China’

HERE is a symbol of China’s assault on the American economy: the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge, which connects Brooklyn and Staten Island. This landmark, which opened in 1964, is North America’s longest suspension bridge. It’s also in urgent need of renovation. Unfortunately, $34 million in steel production and fabrication work has been outsourced to China.

How did this happen? The Metropolitan Transportation Authority says a Chinese fabricator was picked because the two American companies approached for the project lacked the manufacturing space, special equipment and financial capacity to do the job. But the United Steelworkers claims it quickly found two other American bridge fabricators, within 100 miles of New York City, that could do the job.

The real problem with this deal is that it doesn’t take into account all of the additional costs that buying “Made in China” brings to the American table. In fact, this failure to consider all costs is the same problem we as consumers face every time we choose a Chinese-made product on price alone — a price that is invariably cheaper.

Consider the safety issue: a scary one, indeed, because China has a very well-deserved reputation for producing inferior and often dangerous products. Such products are as diverse as lead-filled toys, sulfurous drywall, pet food spiked with melamine and heparin tainted with oversulfated chondroitin sulfate.

In the specific case of bridges, six have collapsed across China since July 2011. The official Xinhua news agency has acknowledged that shoddy construction and inferior building materials were contributing factors. There is also a cautionary tale much closer to home.

When California bought Chinese steel to renovate and expand the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge, for a project that began in 2002, problems like faulty welds by a Chinese steel fabricator delayed the project for months and led to huge cost overruns. Those delays eroded much of the savings California was banking on when it opted for the “cheap” Chinese steel.

There is a second reason not to buy “Made in China” products: jobs. The abiding fact is that steel production is heavily subsidized by the Chinese government. These subsidies range from the massive benefits of a manipulated and undervalued currency to the underwriting of the costs of energy, land, loans and water.

Because of China’s subsidies — most of which are arguably illegal under international trade agreements — its producers are able to dump steel products into America at or below the actual cost of production. This problem is particularly acute now as China is saddled with massive overcapacity in its steel industry.

Of course, every job China gains by dumping steel into American markets is an American job lost. Each steelworker’s job in America generates additional jobs in the economy, along with increased tax revenues. With over 20 million Americans now unable to find decent work, we could certainly use those jobs as we repair the Verrazano Bridge.

The M.T.A. has ignored not only the social costs but also the broader impact on the environment and human rights. Chinese steel plants emit significantly more pollution and greenhouse gases per ton of steel produced than plants in the United States. This not only contributes to global warming but also has a direct negative impact on American soil, since an increasing amount of China’s pollution is crossing the Pacific Ocean on the jet stream.

Finally, when American companies and government agencies opt for Chinese over American steel, they are tacitly supporting an authoritarian regime that prohibits independent labor unions from organizing — one of many grim ironies in today’s People’s Republic. As a result, American workers are forced to compete against Chinese workers who regularly work 12-hour days, six or seven days a week, without adequate safety gear. Both Chinese and American steelworkers wind up as victims.

The bottom line here is this: Buying “Made in China” — whether steel for our bridges or dolls for our children — entails large costs that most consumers and, sadly, even our leaders don’t consider when making purchases. This is hurting our country — and killing our economy.

Peter Navarro, a professor of economics and public policy in the business school at the University of California, Irvine, directed the documentary film “Death by China.”


MSNBC: “Death by China”

MSNBC: “Death by China” | Alliance for American Manufacturing.This is a great video shown on Morning Joe, on MSNBC on August 24, 2012. The video last 7 minutes and 5 seconds. It features director, Peter Navarro of the feature: “Death by China”. It is jammed full of relevant information regarding the United States and China trade deficit, China’s currency manipulation, and what we can do about it. If there is one video that neatly summarizes the U.S. economy problems this is the one to watch.
(Editorial comment) I like to repeat the following fact: we are in one of the largest economic boom in history with the current smart phone phenomenon. However, because the United States does not manufacture a single smart phone, the U.S. has been totally shut out from this boom. It didn’t used to be this way – we created and prospered with home computers and internet programs over the past 30 years, but no longer. The smart phone was developed in the U.S., but then the companies got greedy and had them all the made in China – great benefit for them, no benefit for the U.S. The moral of the story – a country needs manufacturing to have a strong economy, plus imports need to exceed exports. Haven’t we learned anything in 30 years?

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