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The Window

The Window by Barneys.

This is quite late – way too late for Valentine’s Day. But anyway, here we have it Lingerie made in the USA.

Leave it to Barneys to find an upscale lingerie manufacturer who makes their apparel in the USA. Two brands in this article are from the USA: Raven and Sparrow and Land of Women. (Kiki De Montparnasse has been at Barneys previously, also made in the USA). Two other brands make their apparel in the U.K. (Gilda and Pearl) and Belgium (Carine Gilson).

Notes of Confidence From The Women Behind Your Favorite Lingerie Brands

We tapped eight female designers to share the inspiration behind their beautiful lingerie and loungewear collections, in conjunction with our exciting new spring deliveries. Here, they define what the brands mean to them and included encouraging words of body confidence and the importance of self-love.

RAVEN & SPARROW BY STEPHANIE SEYMOUR Kathleen Silk Georgette Robe / RAVEN & SPARROW BY STEPHANIE SEYMOUR Kendra Stretch-Silk Charmeuse Romper
Designer Stephanie Seymour


Raven & Sparrow is a brand made specifically for women. Our goal in creating this collection is to bring back that beautiful ritual of dressing for bed and make it a routine of truly caring for yourself. We wanted to take vintage glamour and construction and make it modern and wearable. I feel most confident when I am comfortable in my own skin—feeling strong, rested, and prepared to tackle the day. If you take care of yourself, it makes it easier to take care of everyone and everything else on your plate.” -Stephanie Seymour


CARINE GILSON Flower-Print Silk Long Kimono Robe
Designer Carine Gilson


“Lingerie is not a question of seduction—it’s meant for the wearer herself and her own delight. Of course, I hope that she’ll feel irresistible and empowered by my creations. The real trademark of my label is the mastery of the lace overlay on silk. Each season, designing and watching different fabrics come together for a collection makes me feel alive and confident.” Carine Gilson

FLEUR DU MAL Velvet Bodysuit
Jennifer Zuccarini of Fleur du Mal


“I hope that a woman feels powerful, chic, and smoking hot in Fleur du Mal. The line is feminine and slightly subversive. We explore the notion of desire and artful provocation while maintaining style and wearability. I feel most confident when I’m taking care of myself: sleeping well, exercising, finding time to be creative, and being around the people I love.” -Jennifer Zuccarini

LAND OF WOMEN Silk Charmeuse Long Slip
Land of Women Founders, Sarah Belz and Mckenzie Raley


“Our primary focus is comfort. We hope that when a woman wears our pieces, she not only feels comfortable but also confident and very much herself. We embrace a woman’s natural shape without trying to create any illusions. Land of Women is a brand built for and by women with a focus on minimal, wearable lingerie. I feel the most confident when I can go about my day freely—comfortable in an outfit without restrictions.” -Mckenzie Raley

ERES Pop Up Triangle Soft Bra / ERES Low-Rise Bikini Briefs
Marie Paul Minchelli of ERES


“In ERES, I hope a woman will feel different, as we pay so much attention to the fit, form, and function. The brand is quiet luxury and lingerie is important for a woman to feel empowered. Confidence is an attitude more than a feeling—personally, my little helpers my are heels, perfume, and my lingerie. Plus, a great work out always helps.” Marie Paule Minchelli

GILDA & PEARL Diana Feather-Trimmed Chiffon Babydoll Chemise
Designer of Gilda & Pearl, Diane Houston

Gilda & Pearl garments are unique and beautiful by virtue of their individual creation processes. Every style is designed and made in the UK, with the ideas of beauty, character, and craft sewn into each piece. I hope the wearer feels like she can enjoy her down time fashionably, because slipping on silk loungewear indoors is satisfying to the soul. Confidence and boldness can come from living your true purpose. It’s also accepting that individuality is actually one of your greatest assets.” -Diane Houston


SKIN Stretch-Cotton Batiste Off-The-Shoulder Blouse / SKIN Cotton Shorts
Susan Beischel of Skin

“Relaxed, comfortable, chic, and sensual is how a woman should feel in Skin. My collection is made of soft natural materials and organic cottons, all sculpted into sophisticated, versatile silhouettes. The pieces offer a freedom of movement, relaxed sophistication, and layers of possibilities. Personally, I feel my most confident when I am dressed comfortably and when my mind is calm and clear.” –Susan Beischel 



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