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WOOLRICH® The Original Outdoor Clothing Company

Woolrich The Original Outdoor Clothing Company

As long as we are talking about cold weather clothing (see Duck Boots by LL Bean), there is another Eastern company that has been in business since 1830. The company’s  name is Woolrich. The founder, John Rich, came from England and opened up a woolen mill in Woolrich, Pennsylvania.  Woolrich has a very rich and steep tradition. Woolrich has supplied blankets for the Civil War, World War I and World War II. They are the first clothing company to make clothing for the outdoors. They designed and produced the clothing for Admiral Byrd exploration team in 1939.

One of the earliest patterns from Woolrich is the Buffalo check plaid pattern. They still make this Men’s Buffalo Shirt.

Mens Buffalo Wool Shirt

Mens Buffalo Wool Shirt

Woolrich makes clothing for women as well. The cape has a three piece hood.

Women's Mill Wool Hooded Cape

Women’s Mill Wool Hooded Cape

Designed to keep people warm- made in its own Pennsylvania mill. Material is a blend of wool and nylon with an adjustable belt.

Women's Eco-rich wool blanket coat

Women’s Eco-rich wool blanket coat

To keep very warm, check out the parka. Insulation is 80% duck down and 20% feathers.

Artic Parka John Rich & Bros.

Artic Parka John Rich & Bros.

These used to be the warmest pants you can buy. They are made of thick, heavy duty wool

Heavy duty, yet fashionable – the cardigan sweater.

Women's Harvest Cardigan Sweater

Women’s Harvest Cardigan Sweater

The traditional – The varsity jacket.

Men's Varsity Jacket

Men’s Varsity Jacket

To keep warm, it is important to layer – the dependable Henley, made of 100% cotton.

Men's Henley Shirt

Men’s Henley Shirt

This is a traditional sports jacket – a wool jacket. Warm and fashionable.

Woolrich also has a nice selection of footwear.Waterproof leather and wool upper.

Women's Fully wooly lace Boot

Women’s Fully wooly lace Boot

This men’s boot is made with Horween leather – it is “Spectacular.”

Men's Spectacular Boot

Men’s Spectacular Boot

This is a great looking women’s boot.

Women's Santa Fe Boot

Women’s Santa Fe Boot

Here is fashionable wool jacket.

Women's Alaskan Wool Jacket

Women’s Alaskan Wool Jacket


Then there is some simple footwear as well.

Women's Strand Sneaker

Women’s Strand Sneaker

Don’t forget that Woolrich makes a vast array of blankets and socks. Not everything made by Woolrich is made in the USA, so, check the labels.

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