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The First 100 Days of the Trump Administration and the Made in USA movement

The First 100 Days

With regards about the Trump administration in Bringing Jobs Back to America, I have evaluated all of its policies and activities. The report card on Trump’s first 100 days is : “D-“. The only reason is that it is not an “F” is that Trump had named the author and moviemaker of “Death by China”, UC Irvine professor, Peter Navarro, to his administration in December as the head of the newly formed National Trade Council. However, Mr. Navarro has been muted, criticized by GOP Free market critics like the China-owned Forbes Magazine. Mr. Navarro appears to be neglected just like the American workers. Compare this to the Obama administration’s first 100 days, They got a “B-“. Their contributions: Bailing out General Motors and h the major automakers, saving hundreds of thousands of jobs.  And, then, there was the Economic stimulus which stopped the Great Recession in its tracks. This has been followed by solid economic growth ever since.

The Promises

Remember the promises: “Day One, China will be named a currency manipulator”. Nope that didn’t happen, instead Trump: China Not a currency Manipulator BBC April 12, 2017.

“Day number one, we will withdraw from NAFTA”. Nope. Trump Tells Foreign Leaders That NAFTA Can Stay For Now – NY Times April 26, 2017.

“There will be jobs, jobs, jobs”. Hardly the GDP for the first quarter of 2017 was 0.7%. There once was talk about an infrastructure bill, which would create jobs. Nope, not a sniff of an infrastructure bill. Instead, there were: Executive orders to ban Muslims; Failed attempt to restrict Federal money to sanctuary cities; Failed Legislative attempts to kick 24 million people off health insurance and make people with pre-existing conditions pay more; and a poorly structured one page outline tax reform plan which demonstrates that Trump will bring back trickle-down economics by giving giant tax breaks to the 1% and to the Corporations. Still, Trump and his family continue to have their clothing made by slave labor in China and Mexico.  They are not bringing those jobs back to the USA. Further, the resort Mar-a-Lago, the government boondoggle which pays Trump $3 million every weekend, employs foreign workers here on H1-2B visas (what no American workers?).

One more breaking  story that nobody has reported: The GDP for the first quarter of 2017 grew at a measly 0.7%, much less than the 4% that Trump promised: See the link: The Economy is Barely Growing: Here are Three Theories Why – Vox, April 28,2017. Maybe this is the start of the next economic recession that Republican leadership always brings with it.

The Future

Well, maybe the GOP cover up over the Russian influence will finally blow over and impeachment proceedings can commence and Vice President Pence’s cover-up over disgraced General Flynn will come to light and he will have to resign as well. Then, the GOP hypocrites can all be voted out of office. That is when the real made in USA movement can re-start. How can a political party dedicated to globalization and off-shoring suddenly be the party on Bring Back American jobs back?  (The GOP has always been dedicated to bringing down the wages of workers, which is why they have always tried to defeat unions and communistic or socialistic policies.) Trump and the GOP were never serious about bringing jobs back to America in the first place. You were a fool to believe it the the first place.


Below is an article by Daniel Marans which goes into more depth with the above issues. This was published the day before Trump tweeted that he was staying with NAFTA. Click on the link for the story. I am unable to copy it onto my webpage.

Source: Jobs Still Going To Mexico As Trump’s 100th Day Approaches | The Huffington Post



Farewell to the Made In USA Guy

Josh Miller, creator of the movie: “Made in the USA: The 30 Day Journey” and owner of the Facebook page called Made in USA Guy is hanging up his shingle. Josh, like several others before him, have ended their public pursuit of convincing Americans that the nation would be better if we just started buying American products, keeping Americans employed and avoiding foreign products produced in a shroud of secrecy in making their “safe” products. I, myself, have had difficulty soldiering on at times especially after I wrote my blog entry about the future of America if we didn’t change our direction: “How Did We Get To Here: Years 2014 – 2034. This was so depressing and it is truly happening.


What impressed me about Josh Miller’s final entry was his frustration with the politics and the apparent lack of an ever expanding movement. Here is his comment:

It has been a fun adventure the past few years, but with a baby on the way and the crew moving on to other projects it’s about time for me to try some other things as well. The overall reach of this page has dwindled the past couple years and I have multiple new projects I’m developing. I have several regrets during my first project:
1. I wasn’t able to get on ABC World News Tonight with David Muir which seems really odd to me. Maybe David Muir and his producers don’t like competition?
2. I didn’t hammer the cowards in Washington DC more who take a healthy paycheck out of our tax dollars and do so little to ensure we have a prosperous future by bailing out failures of business and vote themselves pay raises in a down economy. Also, I wish I would’ve revealed the truth about the apparel industry, companies like Nike, etc. and how they use modern-day slavery to make ungodly profits while the folks making them live in extreme poverty and risk their lives in horrid working conditions everyday. Same goes for our obsession with making things in China as they undercut us whenever possible and steal intellectual properties every step of the way. But one thing is true about China, they put their country first no matter how screwed up things might be.

3. I wish I wouldn’t had fell for John Ratzenberger’s American Made producers bullshit saying they were thinking about making me a co-host, but needed my help and my fanbase to get out the word. Needless to say that didn’t pan out plus I gave a contribution to revive the show. Live and learn. Hell I offered to pay my way to LA and meet with him for a dinner and he still wouldn’t meet with me because I wasn’t “high profile” enough.

4. The truth is the movement is a mess full of union sections, right to work folks, green energy folks, fossil fuel folks, liberal, conservative, and so on. It’s so fragmented it has little chance of being cohesive. I remember when I was filming on the road and connected with a Congressional Republican who recently became a US Senator. Her communication director said she wouldn’t speak to me because ‪#‎MadeinAmerica‬ was a Barack Obama thing. I’m literally exhausted from crap like this, how hard can it be to promote and want prosperity for one’s country? Apparently, making a sex-driven bullshit reality show is the easier way to go. They have millions of fans, we have about 23k. Makes you scratch your head…

Finally, being my last post on this page I want to thank those folks who have been loyal the whole way through. My baby girl is on my mind and I’m going to dedicate my time to her and the couple projects I committed to this year.

It’s very sad even writing these words, but this is a business just like anything else and my personal money has kept it floating along for quite some time. With my baby girl on the way that just can’t continue to happen.

My final suggestion is to migrate over to Mike Rowe and support his foundation. I just hope he is one of the few celebrities that aren’t full of shit.


Josh Miller
The Made in USA Guy

Editor’s Comment

Make sure you check out Josh Miller’s final Facebook entry and read all the comments from well wishers and others who believe in the Made in the USA movement. Josh, I did like your movie and I loved your passion. The ‘Made in The USA’ movement SHOULD go beyond all politics, but I am afraid it doesn’t. As Josh so rightly pointed out, the current President, Barack Obama, made a pledge to bring back more manufacturing to the USA and to build more infrastructure, however, as if you didn’t already know it, the Republican Party wants anything to do with the President to die, even if it is in the nation’s best interest – like bringing back manufacturing and increasing infrastructure projects.  And, if you didn’t know this as well, it is the Republican Party that has fueled the outsourcing (sending American jobs overseas) crisis and have no interest in killing the Golden Goose that pays our CEO’s so well. So, any politicians with influence from big multi-national corporations are not interested in stopping outsourcing – that means all Republicans and one third of Senate Democrats. And it means that the multi-national corporations are not going to give the Made in America movement any media time. The only way to keep track of “real news” about the USA is paradoxically only from BBC World News – then you will hear about things like the Trans-Pacific Partnership Treaty – another disastrous Free Trade agreement for the USA. We just have to remember – politicians don’t do anything on their own. They only move when their is a movement making them move. So, we will continue to deliver our message: “Buy American – Keep yourself and your neighbor employed.” Eventually, common sense will prevail (we can only hope).


John Ratzenberger’s American Made – FundAnything

John Ratzenberger’s American Made – FundAnything. “American Made” is a fantastic new crowd-sourcing project. This project would produce a television show that highlights “Made in America” items. For us bloggers who write about Made in America items – this is the mother ship come home.

The plan is to raise $500,000 over 45 days. The show will be hosted by Jon Ratzenberger, best known as Cliff, the mailman on the TV show Cheers. For those of you who didn’t know, a similar show called “Made in America” first premiered on the Travel Channel back in 2003 with John Ratzenberger hosting. It went for 5 seasons and 90 episodes, ending in 2008. However, many of those companies may no longer make things in the USA anymore due to outsourcing and people back then were a little apathetic about U.S. made products. However, it is a new era. I believe the United States population has turned a corner, and since the Great Recession, people have come to the realization that “Made in America” means better quality, increased manufacturing jobs, and a better economy for the entire United States population. For every new manufacturing job another 2.5 up to 5 other jobs are created, depending on your reference.

John Ratzenberger's  American Made

John Ratzenberger’s
American Made

Don’t forget about the other bloggers who write about Made in America products, let them know what is going on. See my link of Best Made in USA Websites, and my More Best of Made in USA Websites. As of December 8, 2013, American Made – Fund Anything has over $100,000 pledged.


Just in Time for the 4th of July

In preparation for the 4th of July, many people purchase accessories, clothing and knick knacks with the Stars and Stripes. But, what upsets many people, who are part of the “Made in the USA” movement, is that many of these products are made elsewhere. It gets to me at times when a T shirt says “USA” and it has the American flag emblazoned on it and it is actually made in China or Vietnam. One of the things that got to the American subconscious last year was when Ralph Lauren made Olympic uniforms for the U.S. athletes, manufactured in China. There was a minor outrage.

So, fans of Ralph Lauren will enjoy this. Below is a Stars and Stripes bikini, that is imported. Don’t get me wrong Ralph Lauren does make some swimwear made in the USA, but apparently not this one.

Ralph Lauren bikini - imported

Ralph Lauren bikini – imported


Facebook – Clothingmadeinusablog – Join the Discussion

I just wanted to invite anyone interested in the “Made in the USA” movement by joining the discussion going on Facebook. Join my FB page: clothingmadeinusablog or any of the Facebook pages of other like-minded bloggers like: Made in the USA: The 30 Day Journey; BringBack American Jobs and Buy Products Made in the USA; The American Guide to Life; Made in USA Challenge; Alliance For American Manufacturing; Maker’s Row; Made Movement; Made in USA; Things Made in America; American Love Affair, and American Made Matters. So add your comments and join this constantly growing group.

Join the Made in USA movement.

Join the Made in USA movement.

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