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Are Amazon and Forever 21 Competing to Buy American Apparel? – Racked

Source: Are Amazon and Forever 21 Competing to Buy American Apparel? – Racked

Are Amazon and Forever 21 Competing to Buy American Apparel?

The bankrupt basics brand reportedly has a number of suitors.


Ugly Christmas Sweaters Part II

This is my second blog entry on the subject of Ugly Christmas Sweaters. The first edition called “In Search of the Perfect Ugly Christmas Sweater was in 2013, Back then, “Ugly Christmas Sweaters” were just becoming popular. It was fun to find sweaters that had been made earnestly, but, which, also, happened to be ugly. Ah, those were the days. You would go into a Sears or Penney’s and you could spend hours looking through all of their Christmas-wear and sweaters. And suddenly, when you had given up all hope, there in the corner, just looking so plainly pitiful was that perfect-terribly-ugly Christmas sweater. The actual hunt for the sweaters was the most enjoyable part. The trip to the stores were like a treasure hunt, but also, it was like your own little inside joke.

Today, things are different. Ugly Christmas Sweater parties are everywhere. They even have special work days to wear your Ugly Christmas Sweaters. And it is so easy to find these horrible-looking sweaters, one can easily go to a store’s website, and under “Search” type in “Ugly Christmas Sweaters” and Voila!, a clear and pungent display of mismatched colored Ugly Sweaters will come up to astound your eyes and dizzy your senses. Ugly Christmas sweaters have now become so popular that within the stores of Macys, there are actual signs advertising “Ugly Sweaters”. However, it is not entirely clear whether these sweaters are now made ugly on purpose or they label them “Ugly”once they receive the shipment.

ugly-christExamples of Bad Christmas Wear

It is one thing to get noticed by wearing a gaudy Christmas sweater, but just imagine the looks you will receive and the comments that you will hear when you wear this Christmas suit.

Ugly Christmas Suit -MACYS

Ugly Christmas Suit -MACYS

We have all seen the ugly sweaters proudly displaying ugly reindeer and snowman, but how about if we mix in the unseemly mix of commercialism and money with the unthinkable concept of putting the picture of the holy and saintly Nicholas on the bill? Now that is in bad taste. (But probably not done on purpose as far as going for bad taste.)

Santa Bills Turtleneck - Macys

Santa Bills Turtleneck – Macys

This is an example of the more recent classic concept of the ugly sweater: A snowman with its parts in unusual places and a pun of near swearing.

Oh Snow - JC Penney

Oh Snow – JC Penney

Another recent popular concept of the ugly sweaters: One takes a loud colorful sweater and then adds a modern animated character on the front of the sweater. It could be Spiderman, Dead Pool, Darth Vader, Yoda, and, in this case, a minion.

It Could Be Worse

It Could Be Worse

Another classic ugly sweater, instead of a snowman, it is a gingerbread man cookie. This is very much like a scene from Shrek.

Gingerbread Oh Snap

Gingerbread Oh Snap

This is another popular genre of the Ugly Christmas shirt: it is called the pun. Like Meowy Christmas, this one is a variation of the Spanish saying of Merry Christmas: Feliz Navidad.

Fleece Navidad

Fleece Navidad

This example is more like the classic, older Ugly Christmas Sweater. Some designer thought that a certain design would be cute, but, instead, it is hideous and laughable like this hybrid Santa-Reindeer-Man.

Reindeer Sweater

Reindeer Sweater

A more recent version of the Ugly Sweater are the drawn on additives: buttons, belts, collars and the accessories: in this case a bottle of beer.

St. Nicks Chill Ale

St. Nicks Chill Ale

So, don’t be unstylish, find your perfect ugly Christmas sweater today. Sorry, almost all are made in China.


In Search of the Perfect Ugly Christmas Sweater

Every good party should have a theme, correct? So, for the New Years Eve Party I was thinking, hmmm, how about a Great Gatsby Party? People dressed up to the nines in their roaring twenties attire – an era when the rich were super rich and the poor were super poor…. much like today. But I thought not, I mean Gatsby should be a summer outing with lots of people, which is not compatible with the small soiree that was originally planned.

So, a new idea was needed, and then, suddenly, in a flash of genius, my wife, not me, suggested an ugly Christmas sweater party. It is funny that the ugly Christmas sweater has morphed from the terrible faux pas of fashion to a trendy fashion hit, but with a tongue in cheek attitude, in certain segments in the USA. You remember those horrendous Christmas sweaters, back then, everybody was flooded with homemade holiday sweaters, which were lovingly made by your relatives – your grandmother, aunt, mother, or sister. They were either knitted or crocheted or for the less talented, your dear relative bought a plain white, bright red or pine green sweater and then placed appliques of reindeer, snowmen, or Santa Claus on them. My favorite was a Christmas tree with real bells sewn on them, that jingled as you walked.. That was back when,  a time when men were men and women would sew and cook. Today, men are service people and the women have gotten jobs and have their own credit card and have found that it is far easier to swipe a Mastercard than to cook or sew. I don’t mean that there is nobody  who stays at home and still cooks and sews like in the 1950s. I have heard that these may actually exist in the rural beltway – I know, because I have seen them on the TV show “Wife Swap”.

So, now that the Grandma-made homemade Christmas sweaters are much more rare to come by, it means one has to go out an obtain one, this translates to shopping. For me, it usually doesn’t take too much persuasion to go shopping, and then when you make it sort of a treasure hunt, then I am there. Now, in finding the perfect ugly Christmas sweater, this takes forethought and planning, you just don’t go here and there nilly willy, and hope to find these hidden gems (well, you could, but only if you have no time limitations).  So, by knowing that, traditionally, the worst of all sweaters are homemade, we decided to go to the The  Christmas Craft Faire at the San Jose Convention Center, where to qualify to set up a booth, everything had to be handmade. And there were several booths that made Christmas sweaters. Some were truly awful but none so ugly that they had to come home with us.

The next day we went shopping on Cyber Monday. Here is a tip for you shoppers for next year. Cyber Monday is a great time to go shopping because all of the hard-core shoppers are suffering from “Black Weekend Shopping Fatigue” after shopping Black Friday, Black Saturday, and Black Sunday, and if they were extra enthusiastic, they also shopped on Thanksgiving,  from now on known as Black Thursday. The Shoppers Fatigue consists of incredibly sore shopping muscles and an overwhelming mind numbness from the over-stimulation of sales, lines of people and 72 hours of non-stop “This Christmas”, “Jingle Bell Rock” and “Santa Baby” type music. So, Cyber Monday is pretty quiet and it is a great time to shop during this hectic time of year.

The first stop (and we hoped the last) was Target – cheap and tacky – maybe the right fit for an ugly Christmas sweater. There were some fine contenders like one that said “Meowy Christmas” – however, this was sold out, and “Happy Elfin Holiday”.

Meowy Christmas

Meowy Christmas

Happy Elfin Holiday

Happy Elfin Holiday

But this Target location had no sweaters for women, but many Christmas T-shirts. The Next stop – WalMart – going for more cheap and more tacky. WalMart had no sweaters but many Christmas T-shirts: one T-shirt had a picture of a Santa Suit on the front which says “Does this shirt make me look fat?” Alas, no  luck, on to the mall.

Inside the Oakridge Mall in San Jose, CA, it really didn’t look much like Christmas at all – just regular clothing and merchandise on display. I think, we  started our quest for Christmas clothing way too late. It is like shopping for bathing suits, you need to start in March and for Winter coats in August. In fact, some of the Christmas apparel was already on the clearance rack at Macy’s. While at Macy’s, we did find a nice ugly Christmas sweater for my wife with a very lame looking reindeer. As we brought up the sweater to the checkstand, the cashier said that there is a bar that gives away free libations for ugly Christmas sweaters, as she said this she suddenly stopped and looked up, hoping that she was not being insensitive about our special little Christmas purchase. But we let her off the hook and tried to find the name of the bar. She thought it was located in Los Gatos or in San Francisco. There is a Pub Crawl in San Francisco where you wear your ugly Christmas sweaters and go to 12 different pubs. The event is called CrawlSF Holiday Pub Crawl. Some other major cities have these as well.

Found at Sears

Found at Sears

Humping reindeer (Sears)

Humping reindeer (Sears)

Ugly sweater (Sears)

Ugly sweater (Sears)

Ugly reindeer (sears)

Ugly reindeer (sears)

Another winner from Sears

Another winner from Sears

From Sears

From Target

Illuminated sweater from

Illuminated sweater from

The search continued for a man’s ugly Christmas sweater. Next on the list was Sears. Now, this seemed to be a match made in heaven. In fact, in the Sears catalog was a great number of perfectly dreadful Christmas sweaters. However, they were not in this store ( I have posted some pictures of the sweaters from the Sears catalog). Next was Kohls. There were no Christmas sweaters, but some Christmas T-shirts, exactly like at WalMart, strike three. So, after all this, I went back to Target and got this so-so sweater. Our final choices are pictured below. Sorry, none of these hideous creations were made in the USA, except at the Craft Faire. The best choices are at Sears, but is pretty good as well. Have yourself a very Happy Elfin Holiday and don’t drink too much Egg nog.

Green sweater from Target; Macys sweater on right

Green sweater from Target; Macys sweater on right


Made in the USA Swimwear 2013

It is now June 2013. Summer will soon be here and our thoughts will soon be entertaining the possibilities of warmer weather and ultimately going to the beach or laying out by the swimming pool. Now is the perfect time to shop for swimwear, because within a couple of weeks all the major department stores will be putting away all their swimwear. (That is the way of fashion, the stores always carry clothes for the next season – as soon as summer is actually here, all the summer clothes disappear.)

Happily, the United States still makes a decent amount of Made in USA swimwear. For example, L Space  made in the USA, makes very trendy swimsuits which can be found at numerous specialty stores but can also be found at these two department stores: Nordstroms and Nieman-Marcus. As far as the best selection of swimwear in department stores, I was actually surprised that Nieman-Marcus offered the greatest selection of great swimsuits, many made in the USA. The range of prices is also the most variable to inexpensive to very, very expensive. Nordstroms swimwear Made in USA, lists about 183 items. Macys swimsuits, made in the USA, lists about 53 items. Barneys has some Made in USA swimsuits, however, the website currently is unable to search for you: “swimwear made in the USA”.

L Space Santorini Sunrise

L Space Santorini Sunrise

Interesting Swimsuits Made in the USA

I have recently found an Internet site, called Popina swimwear. They have two store locations. And what makes their store interesting is that they offer some retro looking swimsuits. And don’t forget Fables by Barrie, on their website or through Modcloth.

Popina retro swimsuit

Popina retro swimsuit

Listing of Swimwear Made in USA

I have updated my swimwear list made in the USA from my 2012 post, here is the link for the listing. This list includes swimsuits brands in brick and mortar stores as well as swimsuits found on the Internet only (with links included.)


Rating the Stores For Made in USA Clothing

Mainpoint: Clothingmadeinusablog rates all the stores regarding their inventory for sale of Made in USA clothing.

The United States makes 2% of its own clothing, most of the clothing in the  U.S. comes from East Asia or Central America as imports, which contributes greatly to our trade deficit. Because the U.S. makes so little clothing now, it is expected that most stores do not carry much clothing, but that doesn’t mean they don’t carry any at all. I will list by alphabetical order the more commonly found stores and will rate them by the amount of Made in USA clothing. Since 2% is the current amount of clothing made in the USA, this will be the “even” point. This means if a store’s inventory is 2% Made in the USA then they will be labeled “E”. “+” means greater than 2%; “-” means less than 2%. (I have just Added a bold ZERO for stores I have visited a couple of times that had do American made clothes.) Updated January 17, 2013.


+10 100% American

+2  = 5.1% to 99% American Made

+1  = 2.1% to 5% American Made

E    = 2% American Made

-1   = 1.0 to 1.9% American Made

-2   = Zero to 0.9% American Made

Names of Stores                       Rating

Abercrombie & Fitch                       -2 ZERO

Addidas                                          -2  ZERO

Aeropostale                                   -2 ZERO

Aerosoles                                       -2

Akira                                               -2


Alden Shoes                                  +10

Aldo Shoes                                     -2 ZERO

Allen Edmonds                              +2

American Apparel                        +10

American Eagle                             -2 (The name is clearly a contradiction) ZERO


Ann Taylor                                      -2

Anthropologie                               -1

(A/X) Armani Exchange                 -2 ZERO

Ashworth                                       -2 ZERO

Banana Republic                           -2 ZERO


Barney’s                                          -1

Basic                                               +2

Bass                                                -2

BCBG Maxazria                               -2 ZERO

Bebe                                               -2  ZERO


Benetton                                        -2  ZERO

Betsy Johnson                               +2

Bloomingdales                               -1

Blues Jean Bar                               +2

Brooks Brothers                            -1     (Outlets -2)


Burberry                                         -2  ZERO

Burlington                                      -2

Cabi                                                -2  ZERO

Cache                                              E

Calvin Klein                                     -2  ZERO

Casual Male XL                              -2


Champion                                       -2

Charlotte Russe                            +2

Chico’s                                            -2

Christopher & Banks                     -2

Clarks                                             -2  ZERO


Club Monaco                                  -2  (recently went from zero to -2)

Coldwater Creek                            -1

Cole Haan                                       -2  ZERO

Columbia Sportswear                     -2  ZERO

Converse                                        -2  ZERO


Cotton On                                        -2  ZERO

Crazy Shirts                                     -2  ZERO

Demasque                                       +2

Diesel                                               -2  ZERO

Dillard                                              -1


DKNY                                                -2

Dockers                                            -2

Dress Barn                                       -2

Ecco                                                 -2  ZERO

Ecko United                                     -2  ZERO


Eddie Bauer                                    -2  ZERO

Eileen Fisher                                  -2

Elie Tahari                                       -2  ZERO

Ermenegildo Zegna                        -2  ZERO

Express                                          -2  ZERO


FILA                                                 -2  ZERO

Florsheim                                        -2  ZERO

Foot Locker                                    -2

Forever 21                                      +1

Fox                                                  -2  ZERO


Frederick’s of Hollywood                 -2  ZERO

Free People                                       E

Freemans Sporting Club                +10

Gant                                                 -2  ZERO

GAP                                                  -2  ZERO


Guess                                               -2  ZERO

H & M                                               -2  ZERO

Hanes                                              -2


Hilo Hatties                                    +1

Hollister                                          -2  ZERO

Hot Topic                                        -2  ZERO

Hugo Boss                                       -2

Hurley                                              -2


J.C. Penney                                    -2

J. Crew                                            -2

J. Jill                                                 -2

James Perse                                   +2

Jockey                                              -2


Johnston & Murphy                         -2  ZERO

Jones NY                                         -2  ZERO

Jos. A Bank                                     -2

Juicy Couture                                 +1

Justice                                             -2


Karen Millen                                     -2  ZERO

Kate Spade                                      -2

Kenneth Cole                                   -2

KMart                                               -2

Kohls                                                -2


Lacoste                                            -2

Lane Bryant                                     -2

Last Call                                           -1

Leggs, Hanes, Bali                           -2

Levis                                                 -2      (except Flagship store in San Francisco +2)

Lids                                                  -2  ZERO


Limited                                              -2  ZERO

LL Bean                                             -2

Loft                                                   -2

Lucky Brand                                     -1

Lucy                                                  -2


Lulemon Athletic                               -2

Macys                                                -1

Maidenform                                       -2  ZERO

Marshalls                                           -2

Max Mara                                           -2  ZERO


Men’s Wearhouse                             -2

Merrell                                               -2  ZERO

Michael Kors                                     -2  ZERO

Michael Stars                                   +2

Nautica                                             -2  ZERO


New Balance                                    +2 (For shoes only)

New York & Co.                                -2  ZERO

Nieman Marcus                                -1

Nike                                                 -2

Nine West                                        -2  ZERO


Nordstroms                                       -1

Nordstroms Rack                              -1

North Face                                        -2  ZERO

Off Fifth Avenue                                -1

Old Navy                                           -2  ZERO


Oneil                                                 -2

Original Penguin                               -2  ZERO

Orvis                                                 -1

Pac Sun                                             -2  ZERO

Payless                                             -2  ZERO


Pink                                                  -2  ZERO

Polo                                                  -2  ZERO

Puma                                                -2  ZERO

Rag & Bone                                      +2

Ralph Lauren                                    -2     (Flagship stores -1.5)


Red Wing Shoes                              +1

Reebok                                            -2  ZERO

REI                                                   -2

Rip Curl                                            -2  ZERO

Rockport                                         -2


Ross                                                -2

Rugby                                              -2  ZERO

Saks Fifth Avenue                          -1

SAS Factory                                    +10

Sears                                               -2


Seven For All Mankind                    +2 (But getting less all the time)

Shoe Palace                                     -2

Skechers                                          -2  ZERO

SOMA                                               -2  ZERO

Sperry Top Sider                              -2  ZERO


Splendid & Ella Moss                       +2

Sports Authority                             -2

St. Croix                                          +2

St. John                                             E

Steve Madden                                 -2  ZERO


Stride Rite                                        -2  ZERO

Stuart Weitzman                             -2  ZERO

Superdry                                          -2  ZERO

T.J. Maxx                                          -2

Talbots                                             -2  ZERO


Target                                              -2

Ted Baker                                        -2  ZERO

Timberland                                     -2  ZERO

Tommy Bahama                             -2

Tommy Hilfiger                               -2  ZERO


Tory Burch                                      -1

True Religion                                  +2

Under Armour                                -2

Uniglo                                             -2

Urban Outfitter                               -2


U.S. Polo Assoc.                             -2 (Name is clearly a contradiction) ZERO

Vans                                                 -2  ZERO

Van Heusen                                     -2  ZERO

Victoria’s Secret                             -2  ZERO

Vince                                                -2


Vince Camuto                                  -2  ZERO

Volcom                                             -2  ZERO

Walking Company (The)                 -2  ZERO

WalMart                                            -2

White House Black Market               -2  ZERO


Wilsons Leather                              -2

Wohlford                                          -2  ZERO

Zara                                                 -2  ZERO

Zumiez                                             -2  ZERO

Department Stores

For the department stores, I am using a 10 point scale ( 0 – 10) as to the availability and selection for US made clothing. Going from best selection to the least (obviously there is not very much American clothing to chose from that is why the numbers are so low):

Nordstroms 3

Nieman Marcus 2

Barneys 2

Sak’s Fifth Avenue 1

Bloomingdales 1

Macys 1

Dillards 1

Walmart 1

Target 1

Sears 1

J.C. Penney 1

Kohls 0.5

“When I was younger, shopping helped me discover many new places and new things.” – Miuccia Prada


Best Stores To Find Clothing Made in the USA

Clothingmadeinusablog lists their favorite places to find made in USA clothing.

We all know that finding clothing made in the United States can be very difficult. That is because only 2% of our clothes are manufactured in the U.S. in 2013. Therefore, it takes a plan in order to find these precious gems. Some tips can be gleened from my blog entry ‘Best Tips to Buying.’ One of the basic tips is that small independent stores are good bets because they do not have to buy in gigantic volumes and because of their independent nature, they are more likely than the chain store outlets to carry U.S made clothing. So visit your nearby independent clothing store and check the label.

Department Stores

Even the best department stores will carry only about 2% of American made clothing, mostly because they deal with great volumes of clothing. The worst of the department stores like Kohl’s will carry less than 0.001% American made. Overall from the best to worst goes like this: Nordstroms> Nordstroms Rack> Nieman Marcus> Barneys> Saks fifth Avenue> Bloomingdales> Macys> Dillards> Target> WalMart> Sears> JC Pennys> Kohls.

How Best To Use This Information

For this listing to have the most relevance for yourself, let me first describe, what I, personally, am looking for. First, the clothing must be made in the USA. Second, I prefer a well-constructed quality garment. Third, the item can be found at a brick and mortar store. Regarding the particular stores, I am listing stores that on an ordinary day should have certain amount of made in USA clothing. In this blog entry I tend to list more of the larger stores so that people across the United States can also utilize this list. Please be aware that many small independent stores may actually carry more made in USA clothing than many of the chains. Also, note, I live in Northern California, so not all chains extend across the United States, plus I live in a metropolitan area, so my number of choices may be much more abundant than if you live in a rural area or small town. My listing will be divided up by clothing garments. Based on the above, you can see whether my information is relevant to you.

Mens Clothing: Casual Pants

Some of the most common casual pants made in the USA are: Adriano Goldschmied (A/G), Citizens of Humanity, J. Brand, Paige, Postage At Nordstroms. Nieman Marcus: J.Brand, Rag & Bone (also found at Rag & Bone stores in New York City). Barney’s: Band of Outsiders and Thom Browne. If you are looking for less expensive casual pants, I would suggest American Apparel.

Dress Pants

Brands of dress pants (this is a very difficult item to find): Joseph Abboud, Riveira, Nuvo at Nordstrom’s Rack (if one is lucky).  There are fine dress pants available at Alan Edmonds as well as Bills Khakis. If one is lucky, one may find brand name of Fitzgerald or Madison, made in the USA, at Brooks Brothers. Hickey Freeman is a good choice for fine dress pants. Thom Browne can be found at Barneys. Nordstroms is now carrying Alex Maine pants and Hugo Boss pants (rarely) made in the US.


Thank goodness, many brands of jeans are still made in the USA, but Wrangler and Lee no longer make any in the U.S. Levi’s still makes a limited amount in the US, they can be found in their flagship store (1155 Battery) in San Francisco. The United States makes great jeans, and especially the high quality selvedge jeans, see my link: selvedge jeans Made in the USA. Since there are so many brands of jeans to be found, my preference is going to Nordstroms Rack, they carry brands such as 7 For All Mankind, Paige Premium, A/G, Joe’s, and True Religion. One can also visit some outlet stores of True Religion and 7 For All Mankind. Blues Jean Bar also carries their own brands.

Dress Shirts

Dress Shirts brands made in the US are few, but there is  one new maker of American dress shirts. Best known for its great dress shoes, Allen Edmonds now makes dress shirts found in its stores or on-line. Other brands like Gitman Brothers can be found at small stores like Bill’s Khaki’s or Barney’s. Thom Browne, winner of my Best Dress Shirt in the United States, can be found at Barneys. Brooks Brothers carries Black Fleece but very few under its Brooks Brothers label. Robert Talbott shirts made in the USA (small amount of them are made in the US) can be found in Robert Talbott stores and outlets. If you happen to be in New York City, try and find Oxxford, makers of fine clothing since the 1916.

Casual Shirts

Casual shirts run the gamut of semi-dressy to T-shirt like design. For collared, long sleeved, buttoned up shirts, I like Freemans Sporting Club and Bill’s Khakis. For polo shirts, I prefer James Perse. Agave is another great brand of casual shirts. For T-shirts, there is a multitude to chose of brands to choose from. For T-shirts, I prefer to go to the Nordstroms Rack or Off 5th Avenue.


Men’s underwear has a very small number of brands available. I prefer to go to American Apparel for this. Sometimes, I get lucky and find some REI underwear made in the US at REI. But my favorite is bgreen found at Eco Goods in Santa Cruz, CA. Otherwise, going on the internet and go to Flint and Tinder or Ramblers Way.


There are numerous brands of socks made in the United States. Just about all stores may have a few brands, even Walmart and Target, maybe not Kohl’s. For a listing of the various brands of socks, follow this link: socks.


For athletic shoes, running, cross training, and tennis shoes, there is only one American brand that makes these shoes in the United States, it is New Balance. For dress shoes, there are a few choices, but my favorite is Allen Edmonds, there are more and more A.E. stores going across the United States all the time. Dress Boots – there are a few big names still around: Red Wing, Frye’s, and my favorite Wolverine, the 1000 mile design. Red Wings Boots can be found at their stores. Frye’s and Wolverine boots can be found at various different department stores and independent stores across the United States. For a list of shoes made in the U.S. follow this link: shoes.

Sports Jackets

Sports jackets are one of the articles of clothing that the United States are still one of the best at manufacturing. Many times companies have sent their manufacturing to China, just to bring it back because of poor manufacturing. The major makers of sports jackets can be found at Nordstroms, Nordstroms Rack, lesser amounts at Macy’s, Bloomingdales and Dillards. The brands include: Hart-Schauffner-Marx, Hickey Freeman, Joseph Abboud. Brooks Brothers also carries a couple of lines of brands.

Women’s Clothing

Tops & Blouses

There are many U.S. made brands in many department stores. Many brands can be found in independent stores. In some department stores, some of the US made clothing is grouped into one area. Best bets: independent stores. For department stores: Nordstroms, Nordstroms Rack, Bloomingdale, Macy’s. Much less is found in Walmart, Target, Sears, J.C. Penneys (nearly zero). The worst is Kohls. NiemanMarcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Barneys may have a better selection of the more expensive and higher quality tops and dresses. The very, very discount stores Marshalls, Ross, T.J. Maxx and Burlington Coat Factory are overall poor choices to find U.S. made clothes. If I had to chose a best store to find clothing made in the US for women, I would chose Micheal Stars.


There is an even greater selection of jeans for women than there is for men. For this reason, I would suggest one of the Department Discount stores like Nordstroms Rack. The brands most often seen are Hudson, Paige, Not Your Daughters Jeans, Joe’s, 7 For All Mankind, and True Religion. Outlet stores of the makers of jeans like 7 For All Mankind and True Religion are also good choices to find U.S. made jeans, but not Lucky Jeans nor Levi’s (unless you go to the flagship store). Don’t forget to try the smaller independent stores as well which carry many other brands.


Underwear made in the USA for women, like underwear for men, are in very short supply. The list is limited. Hanky Panky can be found at Nordstroms. American Apparel is always a good source of just about all types of clothing and they are always made in the United States. For other brands of underwear, please follow the link: underwear made in the USA.


There are multiple makers of socks made in the US. Most stores will carry some US made socks. see my blog entry on socks for the almost 100 brands of socks made in the USA.


New Balance is the only US made brand that makes athletic shoes, but, fortunately, they make many different models. For dress shoes, the selection is actually pretty sparse. Hands down the best choice is Nordstroms with its brands of: Athena, Callisto, Dezario, Icon, Jack Rogers, Munro, and Onex. For a full list of US made shoes, follow this link: Shoes Made in the U.S.

Buying Clothing via the Internet

There are hundreds of companies that sell only through the internet. I have a blog entry with many links to find those garments Made in the USA at Listing of Brands of Clothing Made in the USA via Internet. Some of my favorites are Flint and Tinder and American Giant. Updated December 10, 2013

“Whoever said money can’t buy happiness simply didn’t know where to go shopping.” – Bo Derek


Nordstrom’s, Nieman Marcus, etc – Links to Made in USA Clothing

Mainpoint: clothingmadeinusablog lists the best links to department stores with made in USA clothing

In my previous blog entry “Clothing Made in USA – Best Tips to Buying “, I gave you information leading to the highest probability of finding clothes made in the USA. Just a short recap: the local independent clothier is your best bet in general, then department stores, then malls and chain stores. Within the chains, the flagship store always has a better selection, then the very least selection are the outlets and discount stores.

The Department Stores

Department Stores are easy venues for shopping as they are larger and bring many different brands all into one confined space. Also, by buying in bulk, they are sometimes able to bring the prices down a little, and more likely to have sales than an independent clothier. I will list from highest to lowest the amount of American made clothes as of this posting date March 23, 2012. (I have also provided the links – in order to refine your search – within the search box, type in: men’s or women’s, then the kind of clothing such as tops, dresses, pants, shirts, shoes, and then put in made in USA, example: mens pants made in USA.)

Nordstroms  5,680 related search items. Nordstrom’s have 116 stores and 95 of their discount store: Nordstrom’s Racks. The flagship store is located in Seattle, Washington. Established 1901. Owned by the Nordstrom family.

Nieman Marcus 4,736 related items. Established in 1907, it has 41 locations, and 33 “clearance centers”  named Last Call. Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, also owns Bergdorf Goodman. Nieman Marcus is owned by Texas Pacific group and Warburg Pincus.

Bergdorf- Goodman 1,736 related items. Established 1899. Headquarters New york City, 2 locations, owned by Nieman Marcus.

Bloomingdales 1,617 clothing related items. Established 1860, 41 locations, 4 outlet centers, headquarters New York City. Owned by Macy’s.

Barney’s 1,078 related items. Established in 1923. Over 40 locations, Headquarters in New York City. Owned by Dubai based company, Istithmar PJSC.

Macy’s 896 clothing related items. Established in 1858, it has 805 locations. Headquarters – New York City, also owns Bloomingdale’s. Owned by Federated Department Stores.

Von Maur 856 related items. This department store chain has 27 locations mainly in the midwest. Its headquarters are located in Davenport, Iowa. Established 1872, owned by the Von Maur family.

Sak’s Fifth Avenue Men’s Store – No “Made in USA” search terms, in this link I placed some American designers, please be advised that certain manufacturers are not always American made such as Rag and Bone, Rogue and Joe’s. Established in 1867, was bought out by Gimbels, eventually spun off and bought by Proffitt’s which changed its name to Saks, Inc. Headquarters – New York City. 46 Locations and 61 discount centers: Off 5th Avenue.


Lord and Taylor had 43 made in USA items, established 1826, for a short time owned by Macy’s, now owned by NDRC Equity Partners since 2006.  Sears had some Land’s End Shirts; For Dillard’s and J.C. Penney there is no search term for made in USA or made in America.  Dillard’s had some Hart-Schauffner- Marx items and some T-shirts, but overall not much. Do not even bother with Kohl’s.

“As a fashion designer, I was always aware that I was not an artist, because I was creating something that was to be sold, marketed, used and ultimately discarded.” -Tom Ford

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