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J. Crew – Made in USA

J. Crew like many stores is trying to increase its presence of US made products, due to public pressure. When I had surveyed their stores for U.S. made goods two years ago, the only “Made in USA” items were a pair of New Balance shoes and a belt. Well, since that time, J. Crew has contracted several American manufacturers that previously had been internet only and have added them into their stores and catalogs/websites. These companies include Hill-Side, Ebbets Field, Billykirk and Quoddy shoes.

Ebbets Field Flannels

Ebbets Field Flannels

The brand that makes J. Crew seem serious about “Made in USA” clothing is Wallace and Barnes. Wallace and Barnes is made exclusively made for J. Crew. In 2011, the head of J. Crew, Frank Muytgens started Wallace and Barnes as an upper end clothing line based on vintage clothing styles as described in this GQ article on November 10, 2011. Wallace and Barnes makes selvedge jeans. Be aware that not all Wallace and Barnes clothing and bags are made in the USA. J. Crew still has a much smaller allotment of US made clothing than some stores (and more than other mega chains like the GAP), but it is still an encouraging sign that they keep increasing the amount of “Made in USA” clothing.

Wallace and Barnes selvedge jeans

Wallace and Barnes
selvedge jeans


Holiday shoppers have more ‘Made in USA’ options

Holiday shoppers have more ‘Made in USA’ options. There is a slow but growing trend of people searching out Made in USA items, either because they perceive that Made in the USA is of better quality or they believe it is better for our own economy. Because of this trend, some stores have sections of Made in USA items, and it is at both low end and high end stores such as WalMart and Nordstroms. Also, there are a few stores that now have things specially made in the United States just so they can display them in their stores like Club Monaco and J. Crew. For the entire article please click on the top link. Link found through American Made Guide to Life. Thanks Amy.

Made in USA

Made in USA


J.Crew – Made in USA

J.Crew – Search. Following the lead of other companies (like Orvis) that have inserted a special “Made in the USA” section, J. Crew has added a Made in USA section. The current catalog lists only 39 items, which is 30 more than when I visited their stores last year. The have added Danner boots and premium jeans made by Wallace and Barnes. In other news, Lucky Jeans will be starting to manufacture some of their jeans back in the USA.

Advancement of the Made in USA Movement

I love seeing the small inroads here and there. I am finding more US Flag labels on products to indicate that they are Made in the U.S. I am hearing more people ask where their products are made. I see more products that, although, not legally necessary to say where they are made (like health and beauty aids) are saying that they are “Made in the USA”. And this year, two movies have been released about Made in the USA: Josh Miller’s Made in the USA: The 30 Day Journey and American Made Movie.

Keep up the good work, check the label and buy American. A quote from ABC News, if every American spent $1 a day on an American product, it would create one million new American jobs.


Prabal Gurung Target Collection: Fashion Line Brings Styles to Target | Video – ABC News

Jennifer Lawrence at the Critics Choice Awards

Jennifer Lawrence at the Critics Choice Awards

Prabal Gurung Target Collection: Fashion Line Brings Styles to Target | Video – ABC News. Prabal Gurung is the hottest American Fashion designer today. He designed Jennifer Lawrence’s dresses at the The Critic’s Choice Awards and at “The Hunger Games” Premier. His dresses are made in the USA.


He has also designed dresses for First Lady, Michelle Obama.

Michelle Obama in a Prabal Gurung dress

Michelle Obama in a Prabal Gurung dress

Now, Prabal Gurung has partnered with Target and J. Crew to bring his designs to a different audience. Known for his extravagant and cutting-edge designs (as well as very expensive), Mr. Gurung has brought his artistic touch to the average person at a much more affordable price. His designs sold out in Target in just two days. Please note: the Target clothing and shoes are all imported (not made in the USA), too bad.

Prabal Gurung and Zoe Saldana

Prabal Gurung and Zoe Saldana

Excerpts from Time Magazine interview (Sept 17, 2012)

You have one of the most highly anticipated shows at New York Fashion Week. Why should the rest of the country care? It’s a billion-dollar industry that affects the country economically, socially and culturally. I make 98% of my collection in New York City and am generating jobs, so fashion isn’t just frivolous for me. I understand levity about it. I also understand the depth of it.

What makes one of your $3,000 gowns worth it? It starts with the fabric, which comes from Paris or Italy and is produced from an old loom-so it’s protecting that heritage. It’s also my months of research and production work by seamstresses trained for more than 40 years. You’re saving American couture.

Is it true that you decided to move to the U.S. (from his native Nepal) because you watched an Oprah special about living your dreams? Are you still a big fan of hers? Yes, She’s very aware of the platform that she has. A lot of celebrities just earn. Nobody says you have to give back. You do it out of choice, and that decision makes her who she is.

Your designs are being sold in J. Crew, and you’ll be in Target soon. Do such diffusion lines cheapen your brand? If you choose the right partners, it’s perfectly fine because you’re reaching out to a different audience. For every girl who sends me a letter or tweet saying she loves my designs but can’t afford them, these collaborations are a way of sharing my love of design.

What do you think about Ralph Lauren’s outsourcing the production of the U.S. Olympic uniforms to China? There must be a reason they did it, and I can’t speak on their behalf. I just hope the reason was good enough at the end of the day.

Fashion’s been criticized for the lack of diversity in models. As an Asian designer, do you feel a duty to change that? I don’t, but I am certainly aware of the lack of diversity. Fashion reflects society, though, and as Asian countries get more powerful economically, you’ll see more Asian models. I have a 6-year-old niece who doesn’t look like the majority of girls on the covers of magazines. I hope that by the time she’s 16, the world will have changed.

Fashion is cyclic by nature, but what’s one trend you never want to see come back? It saddens me to see the reality-television shows that are getting so much fanfare that are a celebration of stupidity and the degradation of women. And those women are consistently wearing too short, too tight dresses. I hope the trend of aging gracefully returns.

Link to Prabal Gurung’s designs at Bergdorf-Goodman New York City Fashion Show February 20,2013 – a fast take of photos on the catwalk.

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