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Billy Reid Goes the Extra Mile to Make Menswear in America

Billy Reid Goes the Extra Mile to Make Menswear in America

from The Manual – Fashion and Style section, Beau Hayhoe

Billy Reid

It’s an approach that brands have shied away from in recent years for a variety of reasons. “It’s not always easy … it is a little bit of a puzzle,” Reid says. But that made-in-America approach, which includes fall-ready pieces like the standout denim shirt, has benefits for the consumer, both in matters of style and substance.

“I guess it started in the beginning [of the brand] – I was making many things in the Garment District in New York,” Reid said by phone from his brand’s Florence, Alabama, headquarters recently.

Reid has carried over many of those same close-knit garment-district relationships into the present day, partnering with smaller, family-owned businesses to produce gear that every guy can appreciate, including the American Woolen Company. The company develops all the textiles for Reid’s handsome suits that are so stylish and easy to wear that any guy can dress each individual suit piece up or down. It’s true American versatility at its finest.

Other unique American companies like GIL Sewing, a minority, women-owned business of out Chicago produces the brand’s rugged workwear shirting, while NYC’s Studio One Leather Design makes pieces like the edgy, seriously cool Blake Leather Jacket.

Other surefire staple pieces, such as the brand’s excellent garment-dyed slim jeans – which we’d pair with a white Oxford shirt and a navy blazer – are timeless, investment-worthy additions to any wardrobe, complete with the added care of being made in the U.S.

So, why do things the hard way?

“That’s really more of a personal thing,” Reid said. “The longer you work with someone, the better it gets.”

That continual advancement is evident both in terms of construction — the Denim Shirt, for instance, is exceptionally well-made – as well as the variety of styles Reid offers. The crisp, cleanly designed Msl 1-Pocket Shirt is but one example of a piece that can be worn with anything, consistently — all the better given that you’re spending some hard-earned cash on it.

Does Reid have a favorite from his American-made offerings, though?

“They’re sort of like all your children,” he joked. “We’re making beautiful textiles with these people.”

The brand, Reid says, is all about “true American luxury” – that’s a stance we can get behind, and that approach isn’t changing any time soon. “We kind of live it every day – it’s hard to get away from it.”

You can check out all of Billy Reid’s Made in America gear from shoes to candles to socks to suits at the designer’s official website.

Thanks to the Alliance of American Manufacturing for highlighting this article.


Listing of American clothing manufacturers – Retail

Listing of American Clothing Manufacturers – Retail

This is a re-post of my most popular blog entry. Many weeks/months have gone into investigating and maintaining this list. Because brands come and go, there will be some names that are no longer available, just like there will be new names that appear out of nowhere.

Below is a list of clothing made in the USA found in retail stores. I have been searching for the last seven years for clothing and accessories made in the USA.  I know this list is woefully incomplete but it is probably the most comprehensive list compared to any of the other lists.. This list has gotten exponentially larger than when I first started this project in 2011.

For  more complete tips on finding American made clothing see my blog entry: Clothing Made in USA – Best Tips to Buying.

For those seeking clothing made in the USA, certain types of clothing are the easiest to find, they would be:  T-shirts especially for young adults; Sports jackets; Hawaiian shirts and socks. Best bets for stores that carry American made clothing are some higher end department stores like Nordstrom’s or their discount store: Nordstrom’s Rack. Other places: visit your neighborhood stores, many local shops have a better selection of American-made clothes than your chain stores, examples: Marine Layer (San Francisco, CA),  Carried Away Boutique (Pacific Grove, CA), Blooming  (which is 100% American – Mendocino, CA).

USA Made Clothing Through the Internet

For finding clothes made in the USA only via the internet,  there are a great number of companies that sell only through the Internet. Many of these companies can become popular and eventually will show up in brick ad mortar stores, check out my link : Listing of Brands of Clothing Made in the USA via Internet. I am not the only “Made in USA” website, in fact, there are over 100 of them, I have organized them by alphabetical order and have said a sentence about each one on my link: Best Made in USA Websites. Once again, the list of American Clothing Manufacturers (brands) – Retail is far from complete, I will update them periodically. (Last update: May 4,2018)

Listing of American Clothing Manufacturers – Retail

Dress Shirts (Oxford Shirts)

  1. Alexander Olch
  2. Band Of Outsiders
  3. Bills Khakis
  4. Billy Reid (few)
  5. Brooks Brothers Few)
  6. Club Monaco (few)
  7. David Hart
  8. Ernest Alexander
  9. Frank & Eileen
  10. Freemans Sporting Club
  11. Gitman Brothers
  12. Gitman Brothers Vintage
  13. Hamilton
  14. Haspel
  15. Hickey Freeman
  16. Ike Behar
  17. J. Press
  18. Jack Spade USA (rare)
  19. James Perse
  20. John Varvatos Star (rare)
  21. Ledbury
  22. Lipson
  23. Mason’s
  24. Mizzen & Main
  25. New England Shirt Co.
  26. Ovadia & Sons
  27. Oxxford
  28. Patrick Ervell
  29. Rag & Bone
  30. Raleigh Workshop
  31. Richard Chai
  32. Robert Talbott (few)
  33. RVYC
  34. Taylor Stitch
  35. Todd Snyder (few)
  36. Thom Browne

Casual Shirts (Men)

  1. Abbot & Main
  2. Affliction
  3. Agave (polo)
  4. Archival
  5. AuSable
  6. Ball And Buck
  7. Band of Outsiders
  8. Bee Line
  9. Bills Khakis (casual and polo and sweatshirts)
  10. Billy Reid
  11. Blues Jean Bar
  12. Civillianaire
  13. Click
  14. Clover Canyon
  15. Club Monaco
  16. Cohesive and Co. (Casual and polo)
  17. Crosswinds (polo)
  18. Day After (sweatshirt)
  19. Division
  20. Drifter
  21. Duck Head
  22. Envae (sweatshirt)
  23. Ever
  24. Fall River
  25. Fear of God LA
  26. Freemans Sporting Club
  27. Gitman Brothers
  28. Gray (by Saks 5th Ave) (polo)
  29. Helmut Lang
  30. Ike Behar
  31. J. Lawrence Khakis
  32. James Perse (casual & polo)
  33. Johnson Woolen Mills
  34. Kokatat
  35. Lanai
  36. Live Nation
  37. LL Bean
  38. Local Green (sweatshirt)
  39. Marine Layer (casual & polo)
  40. Miller’s Oath
  41. Mister California
  42. Mister Turk by Trina Turk
  43. Montana Woolen Shop
  44. Oak Street Bootmakers
  45. Ovadia & Sons
  46. Orvis (Sweater) (uncommon)
  47. Patrick Ervell
  48. Pendleton (Portland Collection)
  49. Public School
  50. Psycho Bunny
  51. Rag & Bone
  52. Ralph Lauren (uncommon)
  53. Reef
  54. Roarke
  55. Rogan
  56. RVYC
  57. St. Croix
  58. Seaplane
  59. Seven For Mankind
  60. Seth Wellington
  61. Shiva
  62. Siki IM
  63. S.K.U.
  64. Soul Flower
  65. Spendid
  66. Steven Alan (Casual and polo)
  67. Stronghold
  68. Suburban Riot
  69. Taylor Stitch
  70. Tellason
  71. The West Is Dead
  72. Thieves
  73. Thom Browne
  74. Threads for Thought (Casual and polo)
  75. Tipsy (Polo)
  76. Todd Snyder
  77. Triple Aught Design
  78. True Religion Casual and Polo)
  79. Umbro
  80. Urban Renewal (tank)
  81. Van Glory (polo)
  82. Velvet
  83. Woolrich (uncommon)
  84. WQ Premium
  85. 194T
  86. 548


  1. A Touch of Class
  2. Abi Ferrin
  3. Adam
  4. Adele Dallas Orr
  5. Aiko
  6. A.L.C.
  7. Alex & Ana
  8. Alex Evenings
  9. Alexia Admor
  10. Alexis
  11. Alfred Dunner (rare)
  12. All Hours
  13. Allen Allen
  14. Allen Schwartz
  15. Alya
  16. A Made
  17. Amanda
  18. Amanda Uprichard
  19. Ambiance (Ambiante?)
  20. Ambition
  21. American Age
  22. American Colors
  23. American Rag (occasionally)
  24. Amma
  25. Amour Vert
  26. Andria Lieu
  27. Anna Be
  28. Anna Elyse
  29. Annalilli
  30. Annianna
  31. Aqua
  32. Ariel Rose
  33. ASTR
  34. Audrey
  35. Avalin
  36. Aventura (organic)
  37. Aviator
  38. B44
  39. B. Envied
  40. Baba
  41. Baby Phat
  42. Bailey 44
  43. Band of Outsiders
  44. Bar III
  45. Barbara Lesser
  46. Basic Threads
  47. Basil
  48. BCX
  49. Becca
  50. Bella
  51. Bella D
  52. Bellatrix
  53. Bella Luxx
  54. Beluva
  55. Bernie of New York
  56. Betsy & Adam
  57. Betsy Johnson
  58. bgreen
  59. Big Bang
  60. Big Star
  61. Billy Reid
  62. Biondo
  63. Black Crane
  64. Black Halo
  65. Blake
  66. Blanque
  67. Bleu
  68. Bleulab
  69. Bling Bling
  70. Bliss
  71. Blue from Sak’s
  72. Blue Canoe
  73. Blue Life
  74. Blue Rain
  75. Blush
  76. Bobeau
  77. Bobo House
  78. Brittany Black
  79. Brody & Cole
  80. Buchanan & Zavala
  81. Butter
  82. C & C
  83. Cach Cach
  84. Cache
  85. Cactus (Top)
  86. Cal Style
  87. California Bloom
  88. Cantoo
  89. Capricho
  90. Caribe
  91. Carl Opis
  92. Carol & Chris
  93. Carolina Dresses
  94. Carolina Herrera
  95. Caroline Rose
  96. Casa Lee
  97. Casual Couture
  98. Casual Industries
  99. Celine
  100. CENY
  101. Cha Cha
  102. Chalet
  103. Charlotte Russe
  104. Chaser
  105. Chelsea Sky
  106. Chenault
  107. Cheryl Creations
  108. Chico’s (rare)
  109. Chris & Carol
  110. Christopher & Banks
  111. Christy Fisher
  112. Ciel
  113. Cielo
  114. Citi Life
  115. Citron
  116. Civil Society
  117. Claeson
  118. Clara Sun Woo
  119. Classics
  120. Clear Water Cotton
  121. Click
  122. Clover Canyon
  123. CMC
  124. Coco Love
  125. Collective Concepts
  126. Color Swatch
  127. Come N See
  128. Comfy
  129. Connections
  130. Connie Robertson
  131. Cotton Citizen
  132. Cotton Soft
  133. Country Suburbans
  134. Cover Charge
  135. Coveted Clothing
  136. Cozy
  137. Creatures of the Wind
  138. Crimson Ivy
  139. Crosby
  140. Crown Jewel
  141. Cubism
  142. Curator
  143. Curious Gypsy
  144. Curvesque
  145. Cut Loose
  146. Cut 25
  147. CY
  148. C.Z. Falconer
  149. Dantelle
  150. Daryl K
  151. David Cline
  152. David Meister
  153. Davida
  154. DDI
  155. DeBra (Carelf)
  156. Derek Lam
  157. Designs Today
  158. Dharma Trading Company
  159. Diane Von Furstenberg (rare)
  160. DNA Couture
  161. Dolan
  162. Dolce Carola
  163. Donna Karan (rare)
  164. dRA Clothing
  165. Dream R
  166. Dress Barn (rare)
  167. Drew
  168. Duck and Weave
  169. Dulce Carola
  170. Dusen Dussen
  171. Earth Creations
  172. Ecoskin
  173. Edista
  174. Edith Miller
  175. Eight Sixty
  176. Eileen Fisher
  177. Eileen West
  178. Elan
  179. Elaua Kautau
  180. Elements
  181. Elizabeth & James
  182. Ella Moss
  183. Ellen Parker
  184. Elliot Lauren
  185. Ellumi Nation
  186. Eloise
  187. Emerald
  188. Emily Blu
  189. Entro
  190. ENTI
  191. Enza Costa
  192. Equestrian Decisions
  193. Everly
  194. Evo Varro
  195. Fantastic Fawn
  196. Fantazia
  197. Fany D
  198. Fashion Magazine
  199. Fashionomics
  200. Fenini
  201. Fiancee
  202. Fifteen Twenty
  203. Finley
  204. Fio Fio
  205. Fiore
  206. Fire
  207. Fits Co.
  208. Final Touch
  209. Finesse
  210. Fiore
  211. Firuze
  212. Flax
  213. Flores & Flores
  214. Focus
  215. Folter
  216. Forever 21
  217. Frame Denim
  218. Frank and Eileen
  219. French Bazaar
  220. Free People
  221. Free Press
  222. Freeloader
  223. Freenote Cloth
  224. Freeth
  225. Fresh Laundry
  226. Fresh Produce
  227. Fresh Rose
  228. Garbe
  229. GCO Clothing
  230. Gender Bias
  231. Generation Love
  232. Gingerella
  233. Glima
  234. Glory
  235. GO Couture
  236. Goo Yoo
  237. Good Life
  238. Gr. Dano
  239. Graham & Spencer
  240. Green Dragon
  241. Groceries
  242. Guilia
  243. Gulliver’s Compass
  244. Gypsy
  245. Halston Heritage (uncommon)
  246. Happening in the Present
  247. Hard Tail
  248. Harlow Zee
  249. Haute
  250. Haute Hippie
  251. Heather
  252. Heidi Merrick
  253. Helmut Lang (occasionally)
  254. Hermosa
  255. Hero Crane
  256. h.i.p.
  257. Hippie Chique
  258. Honest
  259. Honey Punch
  260. Hot Luxx
  261. Hunter Bell
  262. I Heart Hannah
  263. I Heart Pinc
  264. Ibby Libby
  265. I.C. by Connie K
  266. Imagenation
  267. Impulse
  268. In
  269. In Joy Clothing
  270. INC
  271. Iner
  272. Ingrid and Isabel
  273. Inoah
  274. Inside Out
  275. Isaac Mizrahi
  276. J.C. Fits Inc.
  277. J. Leyendecker
  278. J. Mendel
  279. Jacqueline on Kauai
  280. Jams World
  281. James & Joy
  282. James Perse
  283. Janice
  284. Janska
  285. January
  286. Japanese Weekend (Maternity)
  287. Jason Wu
  288. Jenny Voo
  289. Jewels
  290. Jill Alexander
  291. John Eshaya
  292. Joo Bee USA
  293. Joseph Ribkoff (Canada)
  294. Jostar
  295. Joy
  296. Joyce
  297. Jude
  298. JudyP
  299. Jule Selin
  300. Julie’s Closet
  301. Julli
  302. Juliene
  303. Jump
  304. June and Hudson
  305. K. Murray
  306. Kalyx
  307. Kanvas
  308. Karen Kane
  309. Karen Klein
  310. Karina
  311. Kate Collection
  312. Katina Marie
  313. Kaufman Franco
  314. Kelly & Chy
  315. Kelly Wearster
  316. Keren Hart
  317. Khangura
  318. Klavelli
  319. Klaxons
  320. Knit Riot
  321. Komarov
  322. Korovilis
  323. Krisa
  324. Kut from the Kloth
  325. Kyele
  326. La Causa
  327. LA Couture
  328. La Scala
  329. La Vita
  330. Laila Jade (Jayee)
  331. Lamade
  332. Language
  333. Lani
  334. Lanston
  335. Last Tango
  336. Lauren Moshi
  337. Lee Andersen
  338. Lela Rose
  339. Left Coast
  340. Leith
  341. Lemon Fizz
  342. Leota
  343. Libertalia
  344. Liberty Love
  345. Lilly of California
  346. Lilly White
  347. Lily
  348. Liquid
  349. Liuu
  350. Livuk
  351. Local
  352. Lola Grace
  353. Lolly
  354. Loom State
  355. Love Fire
  356. Love Marks
  357. Love on a Hanger
  358. Love T
  359. Loveappela
  360. Lucy Love
  361. Lucky Day
  362. Lumiere
  363. Luna Luz
  364. Lush
  365. LVR
  366. L8ter
  367. Lysse
  368. LYT
  369. Madison
  370. Madison and Berkeley
  371. Maggie Boutique (by Suzie Chin)
  372. Mai Tai
  373. Manito
  374. Many Belles
  375. Maralyee Ferree
  376. Marc Jacobs (rare)
  377. Maria/Blanca Nero
  378. Marine Layer
  379. Mark & James
  380. Marquis
  381. Matana
  382. Match Point
  383. Maternal America (Maternity)
  384. Matty M
  385. Max & K
  386. Max & Mia
  387. Melissa Masse
  388. Mesmerize
  389. Miami
  390. Michael Farrell
  391. Michael Lauren
  392. Michael Stars
  393. Michelle
  394. Mighty Fry
  395. Mignone
  396. Milky Way
  397. Mill Valley Clothing
  398. Milly
  399. Mimi Chica
  400. Mind Code
  401. Mine
  402. Miraclebody by Miracle Suit
  403. Miraclicity?
  404. Misope
  405. Miss Match
  406. Miss Me
  407. Mod Cloth
  408. Modilusive
  409. Monif  C
  410. Monique Lhuillier
  411. Mono B.
  412. Monrow
  413. Monteau
  414. Moon and Sky
  415. Moonlight(ing)
  416. Morgan & Co.
  417. Mosaic
  418. Mulata
  419. Mumu
  420. Murmur
  421. Muse
  422. Must Have
  423. Myne
  424. My Petite Pois
  425. Mystic
  426. Nadia Tarr
  427. Naeen Khan
  428. Nally & Millie
  429. Natali
  430. Natto
  431. Necessary Objects
  432. Necessities
  433. Needle & Threads
  434. Nellie Fantasia
  435. Niche Clothing
  436. Nick
  437. Nicole Miller (rare)
  438. Nieman Marcus (rare)
  439. Nikki
  440. Nina Tui
  441. Nishikiki
  442. Nobilia
  443. Noblu
  444. Noble USA
  445. Not Your Daughter’s Jeans
  446. Oatt USA
  447. Obakki
  448. OC
  449. Ogle
  450. O(h)’LaLa
  451. Oleg Cassini (rare)
  452. Olian (Maternity)
  453. Olivia Moon
  454. One Fashion
  455. Only Hearts
  456. Onyx
  457. Oober Swank
  458. Oopsie Doopsie
  459. Oscar De la Renta
  460. Painted Threads
  461. Papaya
  462. Paper Crown
  463. Paperkine?
  464. Patterson J. Kincaid
  465. Paulin K.C.
  466. Payne
  467. Peach, Love, Cream
  468. Pendleton (Portland Collection)
  469. People Like Frank
  470. Peppermint
  471. Petit Pois
  472. Pink Basis
  473. Pink Lotus
  474. Pink Wheel
  475. Play Haus
  476. Pleione
  477. People Like Frank
  478. Poetry
  479. Polka Dot
  480. POP
  481. Potter’s Pot
  482. PPLA Clothing Co.
  483. Prabal Gurung
  484. Prairie Cotton
  485. Prairie Underground
  486. Prana
  487. Pretty Woman
  488. Proenza Schouler
  489. Project
  490. Project Social T
  491. Promesis vs Promessa
  492. Pure Alychee?
  493. Purple Rain
  494. R & M
  495. R & R Surplus
  496. R. Marles
  497. Rachel Palky
  498. Radenroro
  499. Rag & Bone
  500. Ramy Brook
  501. Red Haute
  502. Reina
  503. Renee or reneec
  504. Revenge Is
  505. Rhonda Starr
  506. Riller
  507. RMD
  508. Robert Rodriguez
  509. Roby Becca
  510. Rochelle
  511. Romeo & Juliet (Couture)
  512. Rosebud
  513. Rosio
  514. Roxette
  515. Ruby Rox
  516. Russ Berens
  517. S & S Clothing
  518. S-Twelve
  519. Sabora
  520. Sage
  521. Saint George
  522. St. Grace
  523. St. John
  524. Salaam
  525. Sally Esposito
  526. Saving the Earth
  527. Savvie (Canada)
  528. Sauvage
  529. Scarlet Libellula
  530. Scavenger Couture
  531. Scrapbook
  532. Scent
  533. Sea Breeze
  534. Search For Sanity
  535. Seaton
  536. Shag
  537. Shannon Marie
  538. Sharon Max
  539. Shelly
  540. Sheryl Nash
  541. Shirt
  542. Shortcake
  543. Signorello
  544. Simpli the Best
  545. Skim Milk
  546. Skinny Tees
  547. Sky
  548. Snoskins
  549. Socialite
  550. Soft
  551. Soft Joie
  552. Sole Diane Srudio
  553. Solemio
  554. Solow
  555. Soprano
  556. Soul, Mind, Breath, Life
  557. Soul Flower
  558. Speechless
  559. Spirithouse
  560. Splendid
  561. ssSISss
  562. Staples
  563. Stateside
  564. Stella Crew (Cruz?)
  565. Stem
  566. Steven Alan
  567. Stewart & Brown
  568. Stop Staring
  569. Storybook
  570. Studio Gem Q.
  571. Style & Co. (rare)
  572. Style Up
  573. Suburban Riot
  574. Sucre Soir
  575. Sun Kim
  576. Supermaggie
  577. Susana Monaco
  578. Suttons
  579. Sweet Claire
  580. Sweet Rain
  581. Sweet Romeo
  582. Sylvia Mado or Sylvie & Mado
  583. T. Babiton
  584. T. Bags
  585. T. Party
  586. Tadashi
  587. Tanya Taylor
  588. Tart (Maternity)
  589. Tea N. Rose
  590. Ten Forty
  591. Terry
  592. Testament
  593. Textile
  594. Texture
  595. Thankoon
  596. The Classics
  597. The Row
  598. The Studio
  599. Them Beware
  600. Theory (rare)
  601. Theyskens Theory
  602. Three Dots
  603. Tiana B.
  604. Tianello
  605. Tini Lili
  606. Tipsy
  607. Tommy Bahama (rare)
  608. Top 10
  609. Toska
  610. Tovia
  611. Tradlands
  612. Tres Bien
  613. Trina Turk (uncommon)
  614. Triumph
  615. Trixxi
  616. Troo
  617. Trumph
  618. Tucker
  619. Ty Che (Tui The?)
  620. T2 Love
  621. Unger
  622. Uno, Deaux, Trois
  623. Urban X
  624. URU
  625. Va Va Voom
  626. Valetta
  627. Vanilla Sugar
  628. Veejaiz
  629. Velvet
  630. Velvet Stone
  631. Velvet Touch
  632. Ventti
  633. Veronica M.
  634. Veronicacom
  635. Vicki Vill
  636. Vine Street
  637. Vintage Savannah
  638. Vivace
  639. Vivienne G
  640. Voll
  641. Voom
  642. VPL
  643. WallpapHer
  644. Way In
  645. WAYF
  646. We the Free
  647. West Kei
  648. Weston Wear
  649. Wet Seal (rare)
  650. Whetherly
  651. Whit
  652. Wild Fox
  653. Willow & Clay
  654. Wrath Arcane
  655. Xscape
  656. XCVI
  657. Yigal Azrouel
  658. Yoana Baraschi
  659. Yogo 3
  660. Young, Fabulous & Broke
  661. Yumi Yumi
  662. Yummy Plus
  663. Yushi
  664. Yvette
  665. Zac Posen
  666. Zoe (Made in Canada)
  667. Zoran
  668. Zunic
  669. 1-2-3
  670. 150
  671. 18 potato
  672. 18 SS 18
  673. 194T
  674. 24/7
  675. 33 Lights
  676. 548
  677. 88orange


  1. A/G (Adriano Goldschmied)
  2. A Bold E
  3. ABS Collection
  4. Agave
  5. Alice and Olivia
  6. Allen Edmonds
  7. Asbury Park
  8. Baldwin
  9. Bills Khakis
  10. Billy Reid
  11. Blue Cult Elites
  12. Blue Essence
  13. Blues Jean Bar
  14. Cambio
  15. Citizens of Humanity
  16. Civillianaire
  17. CJ by Cookie Johnson
  18. Commune
  19. Crate Denim
  20. Cult of Individuality
  21. Current/Elliott
  22. David Kahn
  23. DDI
  24. Divine Right of Denim
  25. Division
  26. Doheny
  27. Dylan George
  28. Engineered Jeans
  29. Ernest Sewn
  30. Fidelity
  31. Filson
  32. Fly Free
  33. Frame Denim
  34. Freemans Sporting Club
  35. Genetic Denim
  36. Gokey
  37. Goldsign USA
  38. Grown & Sewn
  39. Gustin
  40. Habitual
  41. Helmut Lang (Men and Women)
  42. Howe
  43. Hudson
  44. Imogene & Willie
  45. J. Brand
  46. Jack Spade (uncommon)
  47. James Jeans
  48. Joe’s
  49. Just USA
  50. Kasil
  51. Kelly Wearster
  52. Lacoste (by Ernest Sewn)
  53. Left Field
  54. Levi’s (uncommon, Made & Crafted; Levi’s Vintage Collection, see my link)
  55. Love & Wear
  56. Lucky (rare)
  57. McGuire
  58. Mister Freedom Jeans
  59. Mother
  60. Naked and Famous (Canada)
  61. Not Your Daughter’s Jeans
  62. Orvis
  63. Paige (Premium)
  64. Patrick Ervell
  65. Point Sur Denim
  66. Postage
  67. Prison Blues Jeans
  68. Rag & Bone
  69. Raleigh Denim
  70. Ralph Lauren (RRL)
  71. Ray’s
  72. Red Engine
  73. Rich by Rich
  74. Rick & Skinny
  75. Rising Sun
  76. Robin’s
  77. Rock & Republic
  78. Rockstar
  79. Rogan
  80. Rogue Territory
  81. Roy Denim
  82. R44
  83. Seven For All Mankind
  84. Shade 55
  85. Stronghold
  86. Taylor Stitch
  87. Tellason
  88. Textile
  89. The Row
  90. Tom Ford
  91. True Slim
  92. 3Sixteen
  93. True Religion
  94. William Rast (rare)
  95. Williamsburg Garment Co.
  96. 3 x 1

Jeans (Sold by Internet Only)

  1. All American Clothing $49
  2. Bonobos $135 and up
  3. Buddy’s Jeans $29 and up
  4. Bullet Blues $170
  5. Certified Jeans $118
  6. Dearborn Denim $59-69
  7. Diamond Gusset $56 – $127
  8. Duluth Trading Company (not all US made)
  9. Dyer And Jenkins $125-$185
  10. Earl’s Apparel $40 (at
  11. FiveTen $
  12. Flint and Tinder $89
  13. Flying Monkey ( At, scroll to bottom of page, hit search, category – select jeans; keyword: flying monkey, vendor: flying monkey, hit find.
  14. GJG Jeans ( do as above except type in GJG Jeans for keyword and vendor.
  15. Grand River Jeans (formerly River Road Jeans)
  16. Gustin $81 , Start-up company in San Francisco, can be found on Kickstarter.
  17. Imogene and Willie $250
  18. Jean Shop, Actually has a store.
  19. Just USA Jeans ( – They carry different brands as well, not all are US made.
  20. Leftfield (NYC) Jeans $140 – $230
  21. Levis (rare, $260, at, but also rarely found in brick and mortar stores, see my link on Levis)
  22. Made in USA Jeans ( $45
  23. MISTER FREEDOM >$300
  24. MiUS $45 – $160
  25. Noble Jeans $250
  26. Pointer Brand $47
  27. Quality Mending $198 – $275 (at
  28. Red Ant Pants $129
  29. Rising Sun & Co. Jeans $275 and up
  30. Rogue Territory $180 – $220
  31. Round House $30 – $35
  32. Ruel & Ray $90 – $200
  33. Rufskin $120
  34. Schaefer $60 – $80
  35. Siwy $150 to $180, Some fabulous discounts online, found in several stores.
  36. Texas Jeans $20 – $30
  37. Todd Shelton $160
  38. Union Line
  39. USA Jeans (Wheelchair Jeans)
  40. Zuur Jeans $149 and up
  41. 4Stroke $140 and up
  42. 1791 Supply and Co. $130


Men’s Pants (Jeans not included)

  1. Adriano Goldschmied (A/G) (Casual)
  2. Ball And Buck (Casual)
  3. Band of Outsiders (Casual & Dress)
  4. Barney’s Co-op) (Dress) (From Canada)(rare)
  5. Bills Khakis (Casual)
  6. Billy Reid (casual)
  7. Black (Sak’s) (suit)
  8. Bloomingdale’s (Dress) (Made in Canada) uncommon
  9. Brooklyn Britches (Casual)
  10. Brooks Brothers (Dress) Rare – more common with suits.
  11. Citizens of Humanity (Casual)
  12. Club Monaco (Dress)- Not Available this season
  13. Engineered Garments (Casual)
  14. Fitzgerald (Brooks Brothers Brand)(Dress)
  15. Freemans Sporting Club (Casual & Dress)
  16. Golden Fleece (Brooks Brothers Brand) Dress
  17. Grown & Sewn (Casual)
  18. Haspel (Dress)
  19. Hardwick (Dress)
  20. Hart Schaiffner & Marx (Dress & Casual)
  21. Hickey Freeman (Dress)
  22. Hugo Boss (Dress and Casual) (Rare)
  23. J. Brand (Casual)
  24. James Perse (Casual)
  25. Joe’s (Casual)
  26. John Elliott) (Casual)
  27. Joseph Abboud (Dress)
  28. J.P. Tiliford  (Canada),(Dress)
  29. Madison (Brooks Brothers brand)(Dress)
  30. Milano (Brooks Brothrs Brand) (Casual and Dress)
  31. Newcastle (through Orvis) (Dress)
  32. Niemann Marcus (Dress) (Made in Canada) uncommon
  33. Nordstrom (rare)
  34. Original Paperbacks (Casual)
  35. Ovadia and Sons (Casual)
  36. Oxxford (Dress)
  37. Paige (Casual)
  38. Patrick Ervell (Dress & Casual)
  39. Pendleton (Portland Collection)
  40. Postage (Casual)
  41. Rag & Bone (Casual & Dress)
  42. Ralph Lauren (Dress)
  43. Red (Saks) (Suit)
  44. Regent (Brooks Brothers Brand) (Casual and Dress)
  45. Riviera (company of Jack Victor in Canada (Dress)
  46. Rock & Republic (Casual)
  47. Splendid Mills (casual)
  48. Steven Alan (casual)
  49. Theory (Dress) rare
  50. Thom Browne (Dress) Not available this season
  51. Todd Snyder (Dress) Not available this season
  52. Tom Ford (Casual)
  53. Triple Aught Design (Casual)
  54. True Religion (Casual)

Women’s Pants

  1. Adriano Goldschmied (A/G)
  2. Allen Allen
  3. Aviator
  4. Band of Outsiders
  5. Barbara Lesser
  6. Billy Reid
  7. Bobeau
  8. Cambrio
  9. Come N See
  10. Commando
  11. Crate Denim
  12. Current/Elliot
  13. Cut Loose
  14. Daryl K
  15. Eileen Fisher
  16. Elizabeth & James
  17. Elliot Lauren
  18. Equestrian
  19. Equestrian Designs
  20. Fresh Produce
  21. Grown & Sewn
  22. Hudson
  23. Impulse
  24. J. Brand
  25. Joe’s
  26. Karen Kane
  27. Krazy Larry
  28. Lucy (rare) (Yoga)
  29. Lysse (leggings)
  30. Monrow
  31. Not Your Daughter’s Jeans
  32. Paige
  33. Pendleton (Portland Collection)
  34. Pink Lotus
  35. Postage
  36. Prabal Gurung
  37. Rag & Bone
  38. Reed Krakoff
  39. Rock & Republic
  40. Sharmask
  41. Soul Flower (Leggings)
  42. Splendid
  43. St. John
  44. Textile
  45. The Row
  46. Them
  47. Theory
  48. Theyskens
  49. Three Dots
  50. Triple Aught Design
  51. Tyler Kim
  52. T2 Pants
  53. Wu Jeans
  54. Yoga Pants (Canada)
  55. Yummy

(see also Shoes Made in the USA Listing)

  1. Alden
  2. Allen Edmonds
  3. Ana Tech
  4. Athena
  5. Bass (uncommon)
  6. Brooks Brothers
  7. Callisto
  8. Capps
  9. Carolina Boots (rare)
  10. Charbonnel et Walker
  11. Chippewa Boots
  12. Clinic
  13. Cordani
  14. cydwoq
  15. Danner Boots
  16. Dezario
  17. Double H Boots
  18. Eastland Boots
  19. En Shalla (
  20. Etik (
  21. Foot Thrills
  22. Five Ten (only climbing shoes)
  23. Frye Boots
  24. Gokey (Through Orvis)
  25. Gorilla USA
  26. Hoy Shoes
  27. Icon
  28. Jack Rogers
  29. Justin Boots (also owns Chippewa, Tony Lama & Nocona Boots)
  30. Helm
  31. Kanin
  32. Karmik Boots (made in USA and Canada)
  33. KB Footwear (formerly Knapp Brothers)
  34. Keen Boots (rare)(Nopo & Ontario Boots;  Glisan sandals)
  35. Kenneth Cole (rare)
  36. Kork Ease
  37. la bottle gardiane (
  38. Lia Bijou
  39. LL Bean
  40. Lucchese Boots
  41. Magdesians
  42. Munro
  43. Nanette Lapore
  44. Neil M
  45. New Balance
  46. New Bark
  47. Nocona Boots
  48. Noah Waxman
  49. Oak Street Bootmakers
  50. One Sole
  51. Onex
  52. Orvis
  53. Quoddy
  54. Rag and Bone
  55. Ralph Lauren
  56. Rancourt & Co (for Steven Alan & Bills Khakis)
  57. Red Wing Boots
  58. Rocky shoes (rare)
  59. SAS shoes
  60. Sbicca
  61. Schnee’s Boots
  62. Sloggers Boots
  63. Thorogood Boots
  64. Timberland (rare)
  65. TNB Shoes
  66. Tony Lama Boots
  67. Trask
  68. Vintage
  69. Vivanz
  70. Walk Over
  71. White’s Boots
  72. Wolverine Boots
  73. Woolrich (slippers)
  74. Zioso – Womens shoes

Shoes (By Internet Only)



Golf Shoes

Allen Edmonds

Tennis Shoes

New Balance Model #MC656WN

Socks (see also Socks)

  1. Aerosoles
  2. Aetrex
  3. Alaskan Nits
  4. Allen Edmonds
  5. Alleson
  6. Ann Taylor
  7. Anne Klein
  8. Asics
  9. Athletic Works
  10. Bass (or G.H. Bass)
  11. b.ella
  12. Bright Q.T. Feet
  13. Brooks Brothers
  14. Callaway
  15. Canyon Ridge
  16. Catherine Cole
  17. Celestine Stein
  18. Chabot & Sons
  19. Challenger RX
  20. Champion
  21. Charter Club
  22. Chppewa Boot socks
  23. Club Room
  24. Dahlgren
  25. Dapper Classics
  26. Darn Tough
  27. Defeet
  28. Doctor Scholl’s
  29. Dress Circle
  30. Dry Max
  31. E.G. Smith
  32. Ellen Tracy (Tights)
  33. Evergreen
  34. Farm to Feet
  35. FBF Green
  36. Feet
  37. Fits Sock Co.
  38. Flint and Tinder
  39. Footjoy
  40. For Bare Feet
  41. For Sox
  42. Fox River
  43. Franklin
  44. Fruit of the Loom
  45. George
  46. Golden Toe
  47. Good Hew
  48. Gumball Poodle
  49. Hanes
  50. Harbor Bay
  51. Hollista
  52. Hot Socks
  53. Hue
  54. Icebreakers
  55. J. Crew
  56. J. Jill
  57. Jones New York
  58. Jos. A. Bank
  59. Justin Boots socks
  60. Keen
  61. Lauren
  62. Life Is Good
  63. LL Bean (rare)
  64. Loft
  65. Maggie’s
  66. Maidenform
  67. Medipeds
  68. Merona
  69. Nautica
  70. New Balance
  71. Nicole Miller
  72. Nike
  73. Non Binding Socks
  74. Nordstroms
  75. North Country
  76. Nouvella
  77. Orvis
  78. Patagonia
  79. Pearl Izumi
  80. Polar
  81. Power Sox
  82. Pro Feet Inc.
  83. Red Head (occasional)
  84. Red Maple Socks
  85. Redlands
  86. REI
  87. Rock n Socks
  88. Roundtree & Yorke
  89. SAS
  90. Sierra West
  91. Smartwool
  92. Sock Guy
  93. Socktrot
  94. Sockwell
  95. Sol Socks
  96. Sole Sox
  97. Sole U Tion
  98. Sox Trot
  99. Starter
  100. Stem Socks
  101. Straw Foot
  102. Sublimation
  103. Sweet Marcel
  104. Swift Wick
  105. Tellason
  106. Thurlo
  107. Tie Dye Heaven Bamboo Socks
  108. Walking
  109. Wellen
  110. Wheel House
  111. Wigwam
  112. Wild Flowers
  113. Wilson (rare)
  114. Wolverine
  115. Woolrich
  116. World’s softest Socks
  117. Wright Socks
  118. Xantera
  119. Zella
  120. 14th & Union


  1. Allen Edmonds
  2. A. J. Skins (Through Sterling Kane, Alligator and Crocodile Belts)
  3. B-Low the belt (women’s fashion belts)
  4. Banana Republic
  5. Bills Khakis
  6. Bison
  7. Brighton – (dress, casual and western)
  8. Brooks Brothers (rare – dress)
  9. Bruno Magli (rare)
  10. Calibrate (rare)
  11. Canterbury
  12. Cavendar’s
  13. Chippewa (Western belts)
  14. Croakibles
  15. Dearborn Denim
  16. Donna Karan (uncommon)
  17. Filson
  18. Freemans Sporting Club
  19. Halogen
  20. Hlaska
  21. J. Crew
  22. Justin (Western belts)
  23. Kiel James Patrick – (sailing belts)
  24. Leatherock (women’s belts)
  25. Lejon
  26. Leejin (Dress, casual and western)
  27. LL Bean
  28. Mainstream
  29. Martin Dingman (dress, casual and fabric belts)
  30. Nocona (Western belts)
  31. Nordstroms
  32. Orvis
  33. Oscar De la Renta
  34. Rag & Bone
  35. Raina
  36. Red Wing
  37. Remo Tulliani – (Men’s dress belts US and Italy)
  38. Robert Graham
  39. Sak’s (Made in Canada)
  40. Schnees – (Western belts)
  41. Shinola
  42. Silver Creek (Western belts)
  43. Streets Away
  44. St. John
  45. Sun Valley
  46. Tony Lama (western belts)
  47. Tori Burch (women’s belts)
  48. Trafalgar (Men’s dress belts)
  49. Trask
  50. Tulliani (Remo) also see #36
  51. W. Kleinberg (Dress belts)
  52. W.C.M.
  53. 1901


  1. Abbot and Main
  2. Affliction
  3. Agave
  4. Alex Maine
  5. Alternative
  6. Altru
  7. AMB
  8. Ambsn
  9. American Fitness Wear
  10. Ames Brothers
  11. Anvil
  12. Arsnl
  13. Awake
  14. Bailey 44
  15. Barney’s Co-op
  16. Be Ethic
  17. Bella
  18. bgreen
  19. Big Bang
  20. Bills Khakis
  21. Billy Reid (rare)
  22. Blondes Make Better T-shirts
  23. Blue 84
  24. Bobeau
  25. Borderline
  26. Bravado
  27. Brew City
  28. Broken English
  29. Brooklyn Motors
  30. Bruce Brown
  31. Carhartt (rare)
  32. Caroline Rose
  33. Casilon
  34. Casual Industrees
  35. Cal Style
  36. Chaser
  37. Chloe K.
  38. Citron
  39. Civil Regime
  40. Classics
  41. Closet Full
  42. Cohesive
  43. Commune
  44. Cotton Citizen
  45. Cover
  46. Crank
  47. Creatures of the Wind
  48. Current/Elliott
  49. Cusp by Nieman Marcus
  50. David and Goliath
  51. David Lerner
  52. Day After
  53. Diesel (rare)
  54. Dilascia
  55. District Made
  56. Dockers (rare)
  57. Drifter
  58. Dyse One
  59. Eco Mountain
  60. Ed Hardy
  61. EGAC
  62. Eileen Fisher (rare)
  63. Elizabeth & James
  64. Encore
  65. English Laundry (uncommon)
  66. Ernest Alexander
  67. Ever Trim
  68. Ex Deus Machina
  69. Ezekiel
  70. Farm Tactics
  71. Field Scout
  72. Fifth Sun
  73. Filter
  74. Fortunate Sun
  75. Fluffco
  76. FreecoastCo
  77. Freemans Sporting Club
  78. Fresh Produce
  79. Gentes
  80. Gibson
  81. Gildan (Since taking over American Apparel)
  82. Go Barefoot
  83. Goliath
  84. Gramicci
  85. Green Envelope
  86. Green Label Organic
  87. Groceries
  88. Gypsy
  89. Hanky Panky
  90. Haute Hippie
  91. Headline
  92. Heavy Rotation
  93. Helmet
  94. Helmut Lang
  95. Highland
  96. Hinano
  97. h.i.p
  98. Horses
  99. Howe
  100. Hurley (rare)
  101. IFSE
  102. Imaginary Foundation
  103. Ina
  104. Indian Motorcycle
  105. Insports
  106. Iron and Resin
  107. J. Crew (rare)
  108. Jack & Jokers
  109. Jack Flash
  110. Jack Oneil
  111. James Perse
  112. Jedidiah
  113. Johnson Motors, Inc.
  114. Joker
  115. Jomo Inc.
  116. Junk Food
  117. Karl Peters
  118. Katin
  119. Kavu
  120. Kid Dangerous
  121. Kinetix
  122. Kore Dry
  123. Krazy Kat
  124. Laila Jayde
  125. Lightning Bolt
  126. Lira
  127. Local Celebrity
  128. Local Green
  129. Love, Simdog
  130. Lucky
  131. Malibu Fox
  132. Malibu SHirts
  133. Marc Jacobs (rare)
  134. Marine Layer
  135. Michael Stars
  136. Mighty Fine
  137. Milly
  138. Minerals
  139. Mr. Zoggs Sex Wax
  140. Monitaly
  141. Monrow
  142. Mountain T shirt
  143. Mozaiks
  144. New Balance (rare)
  145. NSE West
  146. NSF Clothing
  147. Obey
  148. OM Girl
  149. ONeil (unusual)
  150. OQuinn (unusual)
  151. Original Retro Brand
  152. Out of Print
  153. Palmer Cash
  154. Paste
  155. Patagonia
  156. Patrick Ervell
  157. Peek
  158. Pelagic Dorado
  159. Pendleton (Portland Collection)
  160. PJK
  161. Poler
  162. Pop Icon
  163. Proenza Schouler
  164. Project Social T
  165. Proletariat
  166. Public Opinion
  167. Quicksilver (uncommon)
  168. Rag & Bone
  169. Raw earth wild sky
  170. Rebecca Minkoff
  171. Rebel Yell
  172. Red Chapter
  173. Reed Krafoff
  174. Reef
  175. Rehab by Second Sunday
  176. Resistance Enterprises  (Politically Active)
  177. Retro
  178. R44
  179. Riot Society
  180. Roarke
  181. Robert Rodriguez
  182. Robin’s Jeans
  183. Rock Star
  184. Rogan
  185. Royal Underground
  186. RVCA
  187. S and H Athletica
  188. Saturdays
  189. Save Khaki’s
  190. Scott Free
  191. Sejor Ombre
  192. Seventh Inning Stretch
  193. Skull Candy
  194. Sof & Joie
  195. Soffee
  196. Soft As A Grape
  197. Sol Angeles
  198. Soul Flower
  199. Splendid Mills
  200. Spiritual Gangster
  201. Spray Graphic
  202. Sate Fitness
  203. Stem & sheer
  204. Sunshirts
  205. Swag Like Us
  206. TA-EAM
  207. Tank Farm
  208. Tech Styles
  209. Teddy the Dog
  210. Tees By Tina
  211. The Poster List
  212. The Row
  213. The West Is Dead
  214. Theyskens Theory
  215. Thieves
  216. Theory (rare)
  217. Threads For Thoughts (rare)
  218. Three Dots
  219. Throwdown
  220. Tipsy (USA)
  221. Topo Ranch
  222. Touch
  223. True Religion
  224. Trunk
  225. Uncl
  226. United by Blue
  227. Urban Como
  228. Urban Renewal
  229. VBN
  230. Vestige
  231. Vintage City
  232. Vinatge Havana
  233. Vintage Motors
  234. Vox Populi
  235. VSTR
  236. Wet Cement
  237. Whit
  238. Wicked
  239. Wild Fox
  240. Wksp
  241. XCVI
  242. XZavier
  243. Yesterdays
  244. Zen Mechanics
  245. 194T
  246. 1901
  247. 548

Hawaiian Shirts

  1. Ali’l Fashions
  2. Aloha Moi
  3. Aloha Republic
  4. Banana Jack
  5. Beanteacher
  6. Bishop St
  7. Diamond Head
  8. Duke Kahanemoku
  9. Elvis Presley (thru Hilo Hatties)
  10. Go Barefoot
  11. Halekulani
  12. Hawaiian Reserve Collection
  13. Hawaiian Togs
  14. H.I. Designs
  15. Hilo Hatties
  16. Ho Aloha
  17. Honolulu Shirtworks
  18. Iolani
  19. Island Heritage
  20. Jams World
  21. Kahala
  22. Kahaleo
  23. Kai
  24. Kalakaua
  25. Kanehameha
  26. Koa Road
  27. Koko Island
  28. Kolekole
  29. KY’s
  30. Made In Hawaii
  31. Mamo
  32. Pacific Legend
  33. Paradise Bay
  34. Paradise Found
  35. Paradise Nation
  36. Pineapple Juice
  37. Reyn Spooner
  38. RJC, Inc. (Robert J. Clancy)
  39. Royal Hawaiian Creations
  40. Straight Down
  41. Tiki Waikiki
  42. Tori Richard
  43. Two Paddles
  44. Two Palms
  45. Winnie’s Fashion
  46. Wyland


The best way to buy Scrubs made in the USA is through the Internet, see my blog entry

1.  Mad About Scrubs by T.D. Scrubs

Shorts (Mens)

  1. Barney’s New York Co-op
  2. Bill’s Khakis
  3. Billy Reid
  4. Clover Canyon
  5. Drifter
  6. Freemans Sporting Club
  7. Gitman
  8. Grown & Sewn
  9. Highland
  10. Hudson (Men)
  11. Joe’s
  12. Minerals
  13. Mister Turk
  14. NSF
  15. Old Bull Shorts
  16. Pendleton (Portland Collection)
  17. pRana
  18. Rag & Bone
  19. RJC
  20. Save Khakis
  21. Scout Original
  22. Seaplane
  23. Soul Flower
  24. Splendid
  25. Steven Alan
  26. Tom Browne
  27. Threads For Thoughts
  28. Tod Snyder
  29. True Religion
  30. Vince

Shorts (Womens)

  1. Adam
  2. AG Jeans
  3. Alice & Olivia
  4. Amanda Uprichard
  5. Bleulab
  6. CJ by Cookie Johnson
  7. Chance
  8. Citizens of Humanity
  9. Current/Elliott
  10. Fresh Produce
  11. Genetic Denim
  12. Hardtail
  13. Hudson
  14. J. Brand
  15. J. Perse
  16. Jason Wu
  17. Kelly Wearstler
  18. Lela Rose
  19. Milly
  20. Mother
  21. Not Your Daughters Jeans
  22. Organic by John Patrick
  23. Paige
  24. Pendleton (Portland Collection)
  25. Pret-A-Surf
  26. Rich & Skinny
  27. Rory Beca
  28. St. John
  29. Seaton
  30. 7 For All Mankind
  31. Soul Flower
  32. Splendid
  33. Thakoon
  34. The Row
  35. Theory
  36. Theyskens
  37. Three Dots
  38. Trina Turk
  39. True Religion
  40. Vince
  41. Wes Gordon
  42. 10 Crosby

Sports Jackets

  1. Allen Edmonds
  2. Band of Outsiders
  3. Bills Khakis
  4. Billy Reid
  5. Black (by Saks 5th Avenue)
  6. Black Fleece
  7. Club Monaco
  8. Fitzgerald
  9. Freemans Sporting Club
  10. Golden Fleece
  11. Hardwick Clothing
  12. Hart Schaiffner & Marx
  13. Haspel
  14. Hickey Freeman
  15. Hugo Boss (uncommon)
  16. Jack Victor (Canada)
  17. Joseph Abboud
  18. J.P. Tiliford (Canada)
  19. Kenneth Cole (rare)
  20. Madison
  21. Marc Jacobs (women)
  22. Niemann Marcus (Made in Canada)
  23. Ovadia & Sons
  24. Oxxford
  25. Patrick Ervell
  26. Rag & Bone
  27. Ralph Lauren
  28. Red (Saks)
  29. Robert Talbott
  30. Samuelsohn (Made in Canada)
  31. Southwick Suits
  32. Thom Browne
  33. Tod Snyder


  1. Allen Edmonds
  2. Ball And Buck
  3. bgreen (hoodies)
  4. Bills Khakis
  5. Feat of Strength
  6. Pendleton (Portland Collection)
  7. St. Croix
  8. Tellason
  9. Vivex

Men’s Sweatshirts

  1. AKWA
  2. Aviator Nation
  3. Blue 84
  4. Day After
  5. Envae
  6. Fieldscout
  7. Filson
  8. James Perse
  9. Joe’s
  10. Land’s End
  11. Local Green
  12. Minerals
  13. New Balance (rare)
  14. NSF Clothing
  15. Obey
  16. Patrick Ervell
  17. Retro
  18. Rogan
  19. Sol Angeles
  20. Soul Flower
  21. Steven Alan
  22. Threads for Thought
  23. Tim Coppins
  24. Tipsy
  25. West Trend
  26. 1901

Women’s Sweatshirts

  1. Abbot and Main
  2. Allen Allen
  3. Barbara Lesser
  4. Eileen Fisher (uncommon)
  5. Hard Tail
  6. Haute Hippie
  7. h.i.p.
  8. Jason Wu (rare)
  9. Juicy Couture (rare)
  10. Living Doll
  11. Make and Model
  12. NSF Clothing
  13. Patterson J. Kincaid
  14. Peek
  15. Pink Lotus
  16. prANA
  17. Rag & Bone
  18. Retro
  19. Soul, Mind, Breath, Life
  20. Soul Flower
  21. Splendid
  22. Textile
  23. T2
  24. Wildfox


  1. Alexander Olch
  2. Allen Edmonds
  3. Barbara Blank
  4. Broletto
  5. Brooks Brothers
  6. Calibrate
  7. Carrot & Gibs
  8. Club Monaco
  9. David Donahue
  10. Dem Crazy
  11. Di Cravatte
  12. Engineered Garments
  13. Ernest Alexander
  14. Everett
  15. Freemans Sporting Club
  16. Gitman Brothers
  17. Hart, Schaiffner & Marx
  18. Hickey Freeman
  19. High Cotton
  20. Ike Behar
  21. J. Garcia
  22. Jack Spade
  23. John Varvatos
  24. J.Z. Richards
  25. Michael Kensinger
  26. Michael Kors
  27. Nordstroms
  28. Pendleton (Portland Collection)
  29. Psycho Bunny
  30. Ralph Marlin
  31. R. Hanauer
  32. Rag and Bone
  33. Robert Talbott
  34. St. John
  35. Ted Baker
  36. Todd Snyder
  37. Theory
  38. Vintage Vineyards
  39. Wings (by Narsai)
  40. Zigguratt
  41. Zylos

(Unlikely producing ties in USA anymore: DNKY, Perry Ellis, Rooster, Surrey)


  1. Allen Edmonds
  2. Bills Khakis
  3. Filson
  4. Pendleton (Portland Collection)
  5. Rag and Bone
  6. Todd Snyder

(see also Underwear Listing)

  1. Araks (bra, panties)
  2. Bamboo Boxer Company
  3. Bamboosa
  4. bgreen
  5. Bills Khakis
  6. Blanqi
  7. Blue Canoe
  8. Commando
  9. Debra Marquit (bra, panties)
  10. Farr West (slip)
  11. Flint & Tinder
  12. Free People (bra, slip)
  13. Freemans Sporting Club
  14. Fruit of the Loom (for WalMart)
  15. Gilden (Since taking over American Apparel)
  16. Green Girl (Lingerie)
  17. Hanky Panky
  18. Kiki De Montparnasse (bra, panties)
  19. Merona (Tights)
  20. Omgirl (bra)
  21. Only Hearts (bra, panties)
  22. Parisa
  23. Patagonia
  24. Polarmax – underlayers tops and bottoms for men, women and youth, (also brand name of AYG)
  25. REI
  26. Result Wear (bra)
  27. Second Base (cammis)
  28. Solow
  29. Spanx
  30. Special Delivery NYC
  31. Steven Alan
  32. The Lake & Stars (bra, panties)
  33. Thom Browne
  34. Underworks USA
  35. Undrest
  36. VPL
  37. Zella (Bra)
  38. Zinke

Underwear (By Internet Only)

  1. B Green
  2. Blue Canoe
  3. Campbellsville
  4. Choctaw Ridge (at
  5. City Boxers
  6. Flint and Tender
  7. Go Softwear
  8. My Boxercraft
  9. Only Hearts (Panties and Bras, Camis)
  10. Ramblers Way
  11. Rufskin
  12. Second Base
  13. Shivers (long underwear)
  14. Stylemarq (Possibly don’t exist anymore)
  15. Twig N Berries (boxers) (
  16. Undrest
  17. Union House
  18. Union Line
  19. Uranus Apparel (made of soy)
  20. UwearUSA
  21. Wickers
  22. Zic & Chacha


Coats (and Lady Blazers)

  1. Adam (Ladies Blazer)
  2. Alex Maine
  3. Alice & Olivia (Ladies Blazer)
  4. Ball and Buck
  5. Band of Outsiders
  6. Bills Khakis
  7. Billy Reid
  8. Biya Collection
  9. Blue Duck
  10. Cardinal of Canada
  11. Clover Canyon
  12. Civilianaire
  13. C.W.S.T.
  14. Cynthia Rowley
  15. DK NYC (Cape) (Rare)
  16. Eddie Bauer
  17. Engineered Garments
  18. Fidelity
  19. Filson
  20. Fresh Produce
  21. Golden Bear
  22. Gr. Dano
  23. Graham And Spencer
  24. Helmut Lang (rare)
  25. Kaufman Franco
  26. Kinetix (light jacket)
  27. Jason Wu
  28. Lee Andersen
  29. Marc Jacobs
  30. Monitaly
  31. Montauk
  32. Mycra Pac
  33. Odd Fellow
  34. Orvis
  35. Painted Pony
  36. Pendleton
  37. Pendleton (Portland Collection)
  38. Pine Bluff
  39. REMY
  40. Robert Rodriguez (Blazer)
  41. Saks Fifth Avenue (extremely rare)
  42. Schott
  43. Sean Jean
  44. Spiewak and Sons
  45. St. John
  46. SW3
  47. Taylor Supply
  48. Tellason
  49. The Row
  50. Theyskens Theory
  51. Thom Browne
  52. Tipsy (Fleece Jacket)
  53. Triple Aught Design
  54. Truth & Pride (Ladies Blazer)
  55. Yesterdays (Fleece Jacket)
  56. Wind River (through Orvis)
  57. Woolrich
  58. Yushi

Athletic Wear

  1. ALO (Yoga)
  2. American Fitness Wear (Athletic clothing, weight-lifting) (Men & Women)
  3. Anue (Yoga)
  4. Beyond Yoga (Yoga)
  5. Castelli (bicycle clothing) (rare)
  6. Clary Sage Organics (Yoga)
  7. Hard Tail (tops, sweatpants)
  8. Lucy (Yoga pants) rare
  9. LVR (yoga wear)
  10. Lysse (running pants, yoga tops, leggings)
  11. Nation LTD (sweatpants)
  12. New Balance (running shirts and shorts)
  13. Pink Lotus (yoga)
  14. pRana (yoga)
  15. Pure Karma (yoga)
  16. SODO (sweats pants, tops)
  17. Solow (Yoga, running)
  18. Soul, Mind, Breath, Life (yoga)
  19. Soul Flower (yoga)
  20. Splits59 (workout clothing, sport bra)
  21. SQN (workout clothing)
  22. Voler (bicycle clothing)
  23. UnderArmour (tops) rare
  24. Yogasmoga (yoga tops, bras, yoga pants, etc) all made in USA

Bathing Suits
(see also Swimwear Listing)

  1. ABS
  2. Anne Cole
  3. Athena
  4. Badgley Mischka
  5. Bar III
  6. Basta Stuff
  7. Beach Bunny
  8. Beach Riot
  9. Becca
  10. Betsy Johnson
  11. Bikini Lab
  12. Cali Dreaming
  13. Cole of California (rare)
  14. Commando
  15. Cover
  16. Debra Marquit
  17. Eberje
  18. Eco Swim
  19. Ella Moss
  20. Fashion Star
  21. Guess (rare)
  22. Helen Jon
  23. Hobie (rare)
  24. Hurley (rare)
  25. INC (rare)
  26. JAG
  27. Jessica Simpson (rare)
  28. Karla Colletto
  29. Kushcush Swim
  30. L Space
  31. La Blanca
  32. Letarte
  33. Lisa Marie Fernandez
  34. Lucky (uncommon)
  35. Luxe
  36. Magicsuit
  37. Make and Model
  38. Mara Hoffman
  39. Marc by Marc Jacobs
  40. MICHAEL Michael Kors
  41. Miguelina
  42. Milly
  43. Miracle Suit
  44. Norma Kamali
  45. Oscar DeLa Renta
  46. Pret-a-Surf
  47. Rag and Bone
  48. Ralph Lauren Blue Level
  49. Robin Piccone
  50. Sauvage
  51. Shoshanna
  52. Sofia by ViX Swimwear
  53. Splendid
  54. St. John
  55. Sunsets
  56. Susana Monaco
  57. Tavik
  58. Tommy Hilfiger
  59. Trina Turk (uncommon)
  60. True Religion
  61. Undrest
  62. Vitamin A
  63. Zero and Maria Cornejo
  64. 24th & Ocean

Mens’s Swimsuit

  1. ambsn
  2. Bills Khakis
  3. Katin
  4. Michaels
  5. Mister Turk
  6. Parke & Ronen
  7. Paste
  8. Peter Millar (Canada)
  9. Rag and Bone
  10. Sauvage
  11. T. Christopher
  12. True Religion
  13. Warriors of Radness
  14. Zachary Prell


  1. Ball and Buck
  2. Bills Khakis – Depending on the season a good selection of gloves
  3. Churchill
  4. Deerskin
  5. Filson – Great quality gloves and mittens, designed to last a lifetime.
  6. Fox River
  7. Golden Eagle
  8. Pistil
  9. Wigwam


  1. Albert Swanepoel
  2. Atruro Rios
  3. Bailey (of Holloywood)
  4. Ball and Buck
  5. Barmah
  6. Belfrey
  7. Betmar
  8. Big Apple
  9. Bills Khakis
  10. Biltmore
  11. Bollman
  12. Brixton
  13. Broner
  14. Cha Cha’s
  15. Christine A. Moore
  16. Crown Cap (Canada)
  17. David Morgan
  18. Dobbs
  19. Eagle Crest
  20. Eric Javits
  21. Filson
  22. Gilfore
  23. Golden Gate
  24. Goorin
  25. Head N Home
  26. Helen Kaminski
  27. Hempy’s
  28. Henschel
  29. Jaxon
  30. Jennifer Ouellette
  31. Kangol
  32. Kathy Jeanne
  33. Katin
  34. Kokin
  35. Legacy 92 ( knit hats)
  36. Lola
  37. Makins
  38. Mr. Green
  39. Mr. Kim
  40. New Era
  41. Norse Project
  42. NYH
  43. P.C.
  44. Pantropic
  45. Polly Singer
  46. Poppy
  47. Publish Brand
  48. Qiviut by Oomingmak
  49. Resistol
  50. Rag and Bone
  51. Riverz
  52. Scala
  53. Shady Brady
  54. Stetson
  55. Stitch
  56. Sunbody
  57. Sur la tete
  58. Tilley’s (Canada)
  59. Tommy Bahama (rare)
  60. Top of the World
  61. Volcom (rare)
  62. ZZ Ward

Please note, just because a name is listed does not necessarily mean it was made in America. Most of the above manufacturers, have factories outside of the US as well. One small note: there were a couple of Canadian entries in the above.

“He who goes against fashion is himself its slave.” -Logan Pearsall Smith


14 American-Made Clothing Brands You Can Wear With Pride

Source: 14 American-Made Clothing Brands You Can Wear With Pride

14 American-Made Clothing Brands You Can Wear With Pride

Here is a great list from Good Trade

Made in USA

In our search for ethical products, we’re constantly looking for brands that value transparency and quality and reject the practices that surround cheaply made fast-fashion. We’ve found that buying for quality is one of the keys to simple and sustainable living. When we purchase something that lasts, we consume less and live a simpler life. Additionally, transparency allows us to understand where our products came from and the impact they have had on people and planet along every step of the supply chain. American-made clothing brands make a persistent bet on long-lasting quality and radical transparency.

We’ve searched for our favorite men’s & women’s American-made clothing brands making high quality basics like denim, tees, sweatshirts right here in the USA. Beyond just the basics, we’ve added a few brands that make formalwear, bridal wear and lingerie. Check out these brands keeping their design and manufacturing in the USA.

Baldwin Denim & Collection

Based In | Kansas City, MO
Best For | Raw denim
Product Range | Denim, tees, hats, dresses, knitwear, outerwear
Price Range | $18-$50

Founded and designed by Matt Baldwin, Baldwin Denim & Collection is a Kansas City-based clothing and lifestyle brand, founded on modern design, quality textiles, and American manufacturing. Baldwin is an all-time favorite of ours, not just because of our love for Kansas City, but because each design stems from both East and West Coast influences put through a modern filter of the Middle of the country. Their men’s and women’s ready-to-wear collections capture a timeless modernism.

Shop Baldwin Denim & Collection Online

American Giant

Based In | San Francisco, CA
Best For | Comfortable sweatshirts
Product Range | Sweatshirts, shirts, polos, bottoms
Price Range | $24-$119

Often referred to as the company that made “the greatest hoodie ever,” American Giant believes in exceptional quality materials and customer service. Typically, 80% of what we pay to traditional retailers has nothing to do with the production of the garment; American Giant ensures that 100% of your purchase supports their USA-made and 100% cotton apparel. They shy away from traditional marketing methods like billboards and the appeal of brick-and-mortar stores, and instead invest in selling directly to American consumers and providing them with outstanding service. With cotton grown and sewn in the Carolinas, relentless attention to detail, top-of-the-line fabrics, and custom hardware, you’ll feel super comfy and proud to wear one of their sweatshirts.

Shop American Giant Online


Based In | Los Angeles, CA
Best For | Basic essentials
Product Range | Tees, knit tops, bottoms
Price Range | $48-$80

AMVI stands for American Made, Vintage Inspired, and you can see the American influence in all of their apparel. Their high-quality basic essentials will be the ideal foundation for your wardrobe in no time, from their richly colored dolman tees to their comfort leggings you’ll want to wear every day. Designed and produced in Los Angeles, AMVI works only with local vendors to avoid traditional retail markups, and to help support jobs and the US economy, a core value that we love and admire.

Shop AMVI Online

Imogene + Willie

Based In | Nashville, TN
Best For | Signature denim
Product Range | Jeans, textiles, jewelry
Price Range | $50-$350

Friends for 20 years and ultimately lifelong partners, Matt and Carrie Eddmenson yearned to make long-lasting denim right here in the states. Imogene + Willie first started through one email campaign to friends and family with the hopes of selling 250 pairs in 2009, and now they are a staple in the USA-made denim industry. Their rich coloring, tailored fits, and woodsy inspiration make each pair of jeans a piece of signature denim you’ll cherish forever. (Not into denim? I+W also sells everything from towels to toothbrushes in their “Objects” section!)

Shop Imogene + Willie Online


Based In | Los Angeles, CA
Best For | Bridal wear
Product Range | Dresses, bridal wear, outerwear, jumpsuits
Price Range | $98-$278 {Bridal wear ranges from $198-$588}

Sustainability is something we should all care about when it comes to our clothes, and Reformation makes sure each of their pieces are as sustainable as possible. Created in 2009 by Yael Aflalo, they design and manufacture limited-edition collections in their own sewing factory in downtown Los Angeles. This B Corp utilizes a heat reflecting roof, sources renewable energy, has recycled hangers in their stores, and uses 100% recycled packaging for every order shipped. Their lacy dresses, sheer tops, and statement skirts will be sure to turn heads no matter where you go. They also carry a bridal wear collection with the most elegant dresses we’ve ever seen, which will flow perfectly when you’re walking down the aisle. Fashion has never looked or felt better.

Shop Reformation Online

Buck Mason

Based In | Los Angeles, CA
Best For | Effortless style, minimum-decision apparel
Product Range | Henleys, pants, classic tees, belts
Price Range | $25-$175

Erik Schnakenberg and Sasha Koehn began Buck Mason, in an effort to craft designs that would be timeless, durable, and true-to-character for the everyday American man. From sand chinos ideal for the workday, to their rockstar-inspired dark wash jeans, this look is perfect for the guy who wants to look good without too much effort. They even offer pre-made packages of well-matched tops and bottoms to try, ideal for effortless style and you only pay for what you keep. Using cotton from North Carolina and produced in Los Angeles, they provide a step-by-step look at the production process. You’ll always feel calm, cool, and collected in their apparel.

Shop Buck Mason Online

Grown & Sewn

Based In | New York City, NY
Best For | Pants
Product Range | Bottoms, boots, tops
Price Range | $50-$275

Former Men’s Design Director for Ralph Lauren, Rob Magness created Grown & Sewn as a tribute to American history and culture. They feature handmade pants, Thorogood boots, and knit v-necks that feel as broken in and comfortable as they do stylish. The painted patterns and patches are applied by hand by an artist, one at a time, so you know you’re wearing a one-of-a-kind straight from the USA every time. Their vintage and artisan pieces will only get better over time.

Shop Grown & Sewn Online

Welcome Stranger

Based In | San Francisco, CA
Best For | Rugged apparel
Product Range | Vests, pants, jackets, and shirts
Price Range | $55-$250

For the outdoorsy man in your life, Welcome Stranger produces apparel that is both rugged and stylish. Designed and crafted in San Francisco since 2010, their collection draws inspiration from nature, west of the Bay Area. For a more tailored fit, they also create handmade trousers, coats, and jackets. If you’re in the area, they have storefronts in San Francisco and Berkeley where you can try on their reversible coats, lined vests, knit caps, and ¾-sleeved shirts. Clothes so comfortable, you’ll never feel like a stranger in them.

Shop Welcome Stranger Online


Based In | New Orleans, LA
Best For | Formalwear
Product Range | Trousers, Jackets, Suit Separates, Ties
Price Range | $135-$695

For over a century, Haspel has embodied Southern hospitality and charm through their wash-and-wear trousers, jackets, ties, and formalwear. From Gregory Peck in To Kill A Mockingbird, to President Calvin Coolidge, you’ve seen Haspel on every true gentleman since 1909, and we love the clean, simple aesthetic in every piece. Made exclusively in America, Haspel uses seersucker cloth that can withstand New Orleans heat and provide a stylish look for all.

Shop Haspel Online

Beyond Clothing

Based In | Seattle, WA
Best For | Outdoor wear
Product Range | Undergarments, pullovers, jackets
Price Range | $65-$335

If you spend more time in the great outdoors than anywhere else, Beyond Clothing has a custom wardrobe just for you. Their mission is to create durable apparel through a layering system, optimized for survival in temperatures from -40℉ to more moderate temps above 45℉. From design to creation, the entire process stays within the states, to ensure higher quality, more efficient production, and innovation. Whether you’re wearing their parka made for frigid conditions, or a simple pullover while hiking, we think you’ll be poised for comfort in any environment.

Shop Beyond Clothing Online

Flynn Skye

Based In | Venice Beach, CA
Best For | Boho chic
Product Range | Dresses, tops, jumpers, bottoms
Price Range | $85-$205

Inspired by her daughter’s free spirit, Amber Farr combined rockstar edginess and femininity for Flynn Skye. Their gorgeous, flowy, and light dresses are perfect for a day at the beach or a night out on the town. American-made in Venice Beach and Los Angeles, and inspired by cities like London, Tahoe, and Malibu, you’ll be able to rock this look for any event without having to think twice.

Shop Flynn Skye Online

Hackwith Design House

Based In | St. Paul, MN
Best For | One-of-a-kind staples
Product Range | Dresses, jumpers, jackets, plus sizes
Price Range | $85-$325

Looking for apparel that’s both comfortable and stylish can be tough, and finding unique designs is even tougher: that’s where Minnesota-based Hackwith Design House comes in. Their apparel lines include simple and clean basics, swim, and plus-size pieces, where everyone can find a piece they’ll wear forever. We most love their comfort capes and ultra-soft tunics. Plus, every Monday, they release a limited edition piece available for only a short time – if you’re looking for staple pieces that no one else will have, Hackwith Design House is for you!

Shop Hackwith Design House Online

Fibre Athletics

Based In | Chicago, IL
Best For | Workout gear
Product Range | Zip-up hoodies, tops/tees, hats
Price Range | $60-$149

If you’re always looking for the newest trend in clothes and love a good workout, Fibre Athletics may be your one-stop shop! Fibre Athletics aims to create apparel that comforts your lifestyle, shelters your body, and supports the world around us, through 100% organic and recycled fabrics. Their pieces are produced in the USA, where all employees earn living wages in safe working conditions. And, your impact is even bigger than in just the USA alone: with every purchase you make, they donate to environmental restoration and poverty alleviation projects around the globe.

Shop Fibre Athletics Online

Brook There

Based In | Los Angeles, CA
Best For | Lingerie
Product Range | Undergarments, apparel, scarves, eye masks
Price Range | $32-$118

For your most intimate moments, you’ll love Brook There. They sort lingerie by size, price, and ethics. Want vegan-made undergarments? Want a pair of undies cut and sewn in Maine? How about a US-milled organic cotton slip? You’ll find everything you’ve ever wanted here, and we love their wireless bras and breathable chemises. Since 2007, designer Brook DeLorme has prioritized comfort and health in each of these pieces handmade in Portland, Maine. Feeling comfortable in your own skin will be effortlessly easy.

Shop Brooke There Online

About The Good Trade

Launched in Los Angeles in 2014 as a community for ethically-minded consumers, The Good Trade is an online publication featuring brands, products & ideas creating positive social change. 

The Good Trade was built on the fundamental idea consumers are collectively powerful and capable of driving significant social change through their everyday purchases, consumer preferences and lifestyle choices.

Our team envisions a world where ethically minded consumers vote with their everyday purchases for a world that is sustainable and free from forced labor.


Two Blind Brothers: NYC Clothing

Source: Two Blind Brothers: NYC Clothing

For those who are against charity and helping others, this article is not for you. Two Blind Brothers is about raising money for research to cure blindness by selling made in USA clothing. Plus, the founders take no salary (unlike the Fake President).

About Two Blind Brothers

Lady Liberty

The Brothers

At a young age, Bradford and Bryan Manning were both diagnosed with an eye disease that causes blindness over time. This condition has inspired a special vigilance for details, a passion that carries over into the construction of their clothing line. They are both graduates of the University of Virginia and currently live in NYC.

The Apparel

The apparel is sophisticated, noticeable yet understated, expertly tailored, and intricately crafted: all design decisions are informed with a New York influence. The brothers are involved in every step of the creative process, from choosing fabrics to developing the design aesthetic. Their focus is on ensuring the high quality and careful craftsmanship of each article of clothing.

The Gund


The Mission

The production is located in the heart of the fashion district in New York City. Despite the first-rate nature of the designs, fabrics, and assembly, the value to the customer is extraordinary compared to other luxury designers because the brothers fund the operation without being paid a salary. All profits are instead donated to life-changing research to cure blindness.

Fashion With a Perspective

Over 180 million people worldwide live with vision impairment


The founders take NO salary. 100% of profits go to supporting research


The research is directed by a team of experts in biotechnology


The fabrics, designs, and construction are sourced in the heart of NYC

Editor’s Note – What is Wrong About Charity?

Several years back, 2012, to be specific, I was absolutely floored when I came upon an article from Made in USA Blog entitled “What’s Wrong with Tom’s Shoes”, which decimated a charity program. I had always felt that everybody, and I mean everybody, no matter what religion, no matter what country,  valued doing good for others – charity. But this self-described Libertarian felt that Tom’s Shoes which donates a pair of shoes to extremely poor people with every pair of shoes purchased was a disgrace. I had attempted numerous times to discuss the notion that charity is not bad, but he deleted all of my responses (except this one [linked above] which is sort of frozen in a time capsule). Obviously, Made in USA Blog will think that this company Two Blind Brothers is also a disgrace.

I have found that the more wealthy a nation is, the less charitable, the nation becomes. This is not only true for nations, but, in general, it is also true to individuals as well. Compared to the United States, the wealthiest nation in the world, people of the Old Testament and The New Testament were much more charitable and giving to the downtrodden and poor than our”modern society”. Americans believe charity begins at home, but not at their home and not in their neighborhood. We, Americans have no problem with concept of charity (except for the Libertarians who feel that helping anybody is a sin) but they expect others to do it but not themselves.

We can only theorize why the more wealthy one is, the less charitable one becomes.  Theory #1) Proximity. The closer one is to the poor and downtrodden, the more one can empathize. The poor are actually much more charitable to other poor (than the wealthy), even though they have less they can afford to give away. It is because they know the struggles – the pain, the cold, the hunger, etc. If you never see the poor and the down-trodden, then the poor become more of an abstraction than real, living, breathing humans. They are no longer part of “us”, but they become “them”. And “them” are always the enemy.

2) Politics of the Wealth. The wealthy know they have it good. And, obviously the wealthy want to keep it that way. In order to keep their wealth, they have found creative ways to maintain it. In order to avoid paying “fair wages”, the wealthy have always opposed unions. Then, they opposed Communism and Socialism – movements which  supported fair wages. Their omnipresent message was so persuasive that Americans soon demonized the word Communism, Socialism and Unions. The rich still continue to strive to decrease pay for workers and they do their best to defeat unions. They have been unbelievably successful. In the 1950s and 1960s, about 50% of private companies were union companies. Now, only 7% of private companies have unions. How did they do this? First, the wealthy moved companies out of union entrenched cities and moved them to non union Southern states. Then, they double-crossed these Southern states who had become dependent on these jobs by creating Free Trade treaties and off-shoring American jobs to poor third world countries. The outsourcing of good paying jobs, especially manufacturing jobs has created a downward trend in American salaries. And the salaries are still going nowhere (and The Federal Minimum Wage has not even come close to keeping up with inflation). In 2017, here in the United States, one can work full time at the Federal minimum wage and still not get out of the Poverty line. Ponder that for a moment. Everyone that works at minimum wage is poor. It means millions more each year become poorer and poorer, while the rich get incredibly rich. Today the top 0.1% have as much wealth as the bottom 90%. And the top 5% now own 70% of all the wealth.

So, what do the rich to deal with the poor. Do they develop a conscious? Do they open up their pocketbooks? Do they $20 out of their $100 million portfolio? No, instead, they create a lie. The Libertarian lie. “If you help people they will all become dependent on it.” That is pure balderdash. Sure there are few scammers, whether they are homeless, or drug addicts or CEOs (Martin Shrkeli or Bernie Madoff),  most non-Republicans, they are honest, see The Charity that gives cash to the Poor from NPR. The wealthy believe their own lies (because they live in their own bubble) and that is why they don’t give to the poor.


3) Wealth has become a religion. Being wealthy wasn’t enough, making money has become its own reward. Money has become bigger than the “Golden Calf”. In fact, the worship of money has become bigger than Jehovah, Jesus, Allah and Buddha combined. The United States no longer worship the Bible. “Christian” people say they are “religious”, but never attend church, have never read the Bible don’t know the lessons and certainly do not follow the tenants of Jesus. (But still, somehow, they are still Christian). In the United States, its citizens have been brain-washed into worshiping money. Even poor people, no longer hope of getting into Heaven, but, hope to get rich instead. Actually, the poor, even if they sin frequently, have a better chances of getting into Heaven than they are to get rich, especially, now, with how things are so stacked in blocking people from climbing the ladder to success. With the worship of “$$” comes its philosophy – “Capitalism.” The motto of Capitalism is make money however possible, hook or by crook. Having a conscious will impede you ability to get rich. Leave your principles behind. There is no better examples of this than the Trump family and the modern GOP. Even with the confession of Trump Jr. trying to collude with America’s archenemy, the Russians, to cheat and steal and election, the Trumps see nothing wrong with this. In fact, the GOP is also perfectly fine with this. As long as you win, that is what counts. The Ends justify the means. How Machievellian our society has become. The modern GOP worships money. Take today’s example: the GOP is trying to pass TrumpCare 2.0 wil which end healthcare for over 20 million Americans and severe cut Medicaid – which aids the elderly, the disabled and the Poor. All, so the rich can get a bigger tax break. Is there ever a stronger message about the present Republican Party stands for? The GOP should actually read that Bible they say they hold so dear. Maybe they can learn some lessons. Maybe they can learn some principles? Maybe they can learn the teaching of Jesus. (They should not quote out of context sections of the Old Testament. If they are going to quote from Leviticus, then they should read all of Leviticus and follow all of Leviticus, like thou shall not wear clothing made of mixed fibers). Maybe then they can learn once again about the importance of taking care of the poor. Instead, the GOP worships money and capitalism – which means you should have no principles. That is why the wealthy and their syncophants don’t give to poor and that is why there is a modern and deliberate message to stop charity. This is the modern GOP message:Heil the rich! Ignore the Poor! But here is a message from me to this modern GOP party: expect big political losses soon. People still have principles, it will show up sooner or later. It is taking a little longer than expected.



Made in USA – Men’s shirts – Jeff

Source: Made in USA – Men’s shirts – Jeff

The other day I was looking at Nordstroms and found this very nice T-Shirt. I looked at the label, like I always do and it said the brand was “Jeff”. I had never heard of the brand so I looked at where it was made, and to my delight it said “Made in USA”. Because of this, I felt it was important that I highlight this company that had come so far that it came to be brought into Nordstroms. Being a chronic follower of “Made in USA” clothing, I still find several new labels every few months. I think there are not as many new labels coming out as there were a few years ago, but there are new labels.

Jeff makes high quality shirts all made in the USA.

Palm Springs – Short Sleeve

Jeff – Made in the USA

Top Ten Reasons to Buy USA Made Products:

10) Foreign labor standards allow unsafe worker conditions in many countries. When you buy American you support not only American manufacturers but also American workers, safe working conditions, and child labor laws.

9) Jobs shipped abroad almost never return. When you buy goods made in the USA, you help keep the American economy growing.

8) US manufacturing processes are much cleaner for the environment than many other countries; many brands sold here are produced in countries using dangerous, heavily polluting processes. When you purchase American-made product, you know that you’re helping to keep the world a little cleaner for your children.

7) Many countries have no minimum wage restrictions, or the minimum wage is outrageously low. When you choose products made in the USA, you contribute to the payment of an honest day’s wages for an honest day’s work.

6) The growing lack of USA ability to manufacture many products is strategically unsound. When you seek out American-made goods, you foster American independence.

5) The huge US trade deficit leads to massive, unsustainable borrowing from other countries. Debt isn’t good for you and it isn’t good for America.

4) Foreign product safety standards are low. For example, poisonous levels of lead are in tens of millions of toys shipped to the USA. When you buy toys and other goods made in the USA, you can be confident that American consumer protection laws and safety standards are in place to protect your family.

3) Lack of minimum wage, worker safety, or environmental pollution controls in many countries undermines the concept of “fair and free trade”. No Western nation can ultimately compete on price with a country willing to massively exploit and pollute its own people. When you buy only American-made products, you insist on a higher standard.

2) Factories and money are shifting to countries not friendly to the USA or democracy. When you avoid imported goods in favor of American-made items, you help ensure that the United States doesn’t find its access to vital goods impacted by political conflict.

1) As the US manufacturing ability fades, future generations of US citizens will be unable to find relevant jobs. Buy American and help keep your friends and neighbors-and even yourself-earning a living wage.

  • Encourage additional jobs in America.
  • Hands on approach, ability to work in the factory rather then sending emails and phone calls over seas.
  • Fast turns (3-6 weeks), over seas 6 months. 
  • Custom made product to our customer needs.

Bakersfield Long Sleeve

About Jeff

Growing up in Brooklyn, New York was an amazing experience by itself but working in the apparel business from a young age of 15 has given me the essential background to initiate a dream of creating luxury product right here in the United States of America. Instead of manufacturing in other countries like most brands do, I take pride in re-building the American sector of made in USA and handcrafting visionary product here in the northeast.

The brand Jeff offers tailored hand made men’s shirts, all made in USA.  We are using the finest & most inquisitive fabrics to craft our luxury brand.  A superior tailored fit combined with precision sewing details is what you will savor from our luxury product.

We are proud to say we are one of only few made in USA luxury fashion brands for men. We hope you enjoy our product and appreciate the importance of made in U.S.A.



Our Factory

Located in the Northeast since 1964.

In 1964, the owner started making shirts in his mother’s basement. The son of a presser and a seamstress, the teen knew very little of the serious mechanics behind shirt making, but he built a knowledge of the craft with curiosity and intuition. Constantly diversifying his craft, his first clients were local musical acts that made it big under his tailoring: The Rascals and Vanilla Fudge, among them. After working with companies out of the Midwestern United States for years, and growing tired of the lack of attention paid to detail and cut, he settled on his own factory in the northeast.

It was here that he gleaned better pattern making skills, growing his enterprise tailoring shirts for gentlemen who took notice to his careful eye.

In the decades that followed, the family persistently pursued perfection of its craft. Practicing what some describe as a dying art, growing the business not only as premier custom shirt maker but as one that designers and men’s boutiques would seek for wisdom to create their shirts at this facility.

Today, the family owned operation is one of the last remaining American custom shirt makers with all manufacturing still based in the USA. With resilient devotion to perfection, the family celebrates innovation while respecting the art of the old world. Decades of flawless craftsmanship, our custom shirts are made by artisans who have been sewing for generations and bring all their history and skill to each individual garment they make.

Today we are proud of the business our family has built and currently sharing with many great brands around the world.

Carlstadt – Long Sleeve



Under Armour debuts ‘made in the U.S.’ gear

Under Armour Debuts ‘Made in the U.S. Gear – and tests what we think we know about manufacturing in America

From the Washington Post

Source: Under Armour debuts ‘made in the U.S.’ gear — and tests what we think we know about manufacturing in America – The Washington Post

January 30, 2017

The black sports bra and matching leggings that Under Armour began selling Monday don’t look particularly distinctive from the rest of the workout attire on its website.

But, in fact, the garments are different in a key way: They were made in the United States, marking a key milestone in the company’s ambitious bid to significantly rethink its manufacturing strategy.

They are the first batch of clothing to be made at UA Lighthouse, a sprawling Under Armour facility that opened this summer in Baltimore. A 35,000-square-foot design and product development hub, it is an anchor of Under Armour’s attempt to figure out how to make clothing in the United States — an unusual venture in an industry where manufacturing has largely been done overseas for a generation. About 97 percent of clothing sold in the United States is imported, according to the American Apparel & Footwear Association.

Just 2,000 of the garments are available for sale — 1,000 each of the bras and leggings — so it’s a small-scale start. But the process of creating them offers a look at what the future of Under Armour — and the wider apparel industry, for that matter — might look like. The company says that it was able to operate on a sharply shorter timeline for bringing the gear to market, and it says it believes the Lighthouse setup is cost neutral compared to making clothing overseas.

With President Trump talking frequently of finding ways to bring manufacturing jobs back to the United States, Under Armour’s experiment might end up drawing particularly close observation from retailers and Washington alike to see if it can be a blueprint for similar initiatives.

Kevin Haley, Under Armour’s president of innovation, said that the process for creating garments such as the bra and leggings would typically take 18 to 20 months. For the Baltimore-made pieces, though, it took just three months.

Haley said that’s because the Lighthouse setup has enabled the company to compress the creation process in several ways. Perhaps most important, when designers and manufacturers are in the same building instead of on different continents, they can combine their contributions to the supply chain into a single step.

“The designer is sitting in the Lighthouse facility with the person who’s actually going to perform the operations to assemble that garment,” Haley said. “So the person who’s actually going to be putting it together is effectively going to be teaching the designer, ‘Look, here’s how to simplify this design and do it more efficiently.’ ”

Haley also said that the technology in the Baltimore facility has enabled speedier garment production. By using 3D body scanners, Under Armour can figure out how a certain piece of clothing is going to fit and flatter a body without going the traditional route of producing a physical prototype.

The company also hopes this setup will generally enable it to work in a more iterative way on clothing, allowing the team to fine-tune pieces after they’ve started to hit stores. In the future, Under Armour might ship out a small batch of clothes from Lighthouse and see how customers react to the gear before making tens of thousands of pieces of it. If shoppers, for example, say that a waistband is fitting a little snugly on a pair of shorts, they could tweak that for a bigger production run of that item. And being able to adapt to that feedback in real time could be powerful: It could be the difference between selling thousands of those shorts at full price, or having to mark them all down because shoppers were just lukewarm about them.

Here’s why it matters that making clothes in Baltimore could shave time off Under Armour’s speed-to-market process: because doing so has become something of a holy grail in the retail world. Because of social media, live-streamed runway shows and other cultural changes, fashion trends go boom and bust faster than ever before.

You might be tempted to think these tectonic shifts mostly matter for fashion companies and not for performance athletic brands such as Under Armour. But, in fact, exercise attire has become a deeply trend-driven business. Printed yoga pants, leggings with mesh paneling, workout tanks with strategically-placed cutouts: These popular looks are all riffs on what’s happening on the catwalk.

“It enables us to effectively pull forward materials, fabrics, textiles, yarns that the consumer maybe wasn’t going to see until 2018, 2019 — and bring that into 2017,” Haley said.

But speed-to-market wasn’t the only reason Under Armour pursued U.S. manufacturing capabilities. The company has a lofty goal of contributing to a revitalization of Baltimore by creating jobs at Lighthouse and a planned roster of other facilities.

So what kind of labor force was needed to create these garments? After all, jobs going overseas is only part of the reason that the United States’ manufacturing industry has contracted — many such positions have been lost to automation.

The company said some 50 people worked on this particular garment collection, including design, manufacturing, marketing and other roles. Haley said the headcount of workers needed to create the products in Baltimore was “not all that different” from if they were made abroad.

“It’s not like these are being made by a robot,” Haley said. “These are being made by human beings using advanced manufacturing methods.”

Lighthouse staffers also work on Under Armour sneakers, though, and that manufacturing process is one for which the company has been working for years to reduce the number of workers and steps needed.

Some competitors, Haley said, “could have 300 pairs of hands touching every shoe that moves down the line. Which is at some level crazy, in 2017, to be introducing all that room for margin for error at each step along the way.”

Ultimately, Under Armour hopes that Lighthouse is a proof of concept for a bigger global initiative to embrace “local for local” manufacturing. In other words, Under Armour gear sold in Brazil would be made in Brazil; gear sold in the United States would be made in the United States, and so on.

The goal, Haley said, is to show that “if we can make it here, we can make it anywhere. And if we can make it here, anyone can make any product here.”

Editor’s Note

The plan to build the plant in Baltimore was finished well before tRump (pronounced “Tee” “Rump”,  like in Tyrannasaurus Rex, also, commonly known as T Rex) was elected, so the IPOTUS (Illegitimate President Of The U.S. or IP for short) can not take credit for it, but he will try anyway. In fact, I had reported the Baltimore plant previously on my blog entry: Reebok Is Bringing Back Shoemaking in the USA about some shoe companies bringing shoe production to the USA. The Baltimore-made sports bra and leggings hit digital shelves Monday, a milestone in the company’s ambitious bid to completely rethink its supply chain.

Thanks to Brad Bolin for showing me this article.



Activewear for the 2017 New Year’s Resolutions

From Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day is a time when there is an excess of goodies, chocolates and many carb-rich foods. They can be found both at work and at home. It is the lucky ones who don’t put on any weight during this time. But, now that it is January and the New Year has already started, it is common for many to make a resolution to exercise and lose weight. If you happen to have made one of these crazy resolutions: Good Luck. And I will help you. I will steer you in the direction of finding exercise clothes made in the USA. Hurray.

To start with, let us start with shoes. And when we talk about athletic shoes, there really is only one company still making athletic shoes in the USA: New Balance.

New Balance 997

New Balance 997


A classic silhouette gets its newest update just in time for winter with the 997 New Balance sneaker. ENCAP® midsole technology provides support for wear-anywhere comfort and the durable, premium suede/mesh upper helps protect your feet from the elements. Finished with cool color combinations inspired by lower temps and you have a quality sneaker, made for daily wear.

New Balance Pink Ribbon 990v4

New Balance Pink Ribbon 990v4

This is American craftsmanship. The 990 continues its 30-year legacy of great performance and iconic style with the new women’s 990v4 featuring reflective details that catch the light at night. It’s the perfect combination of cushioning and stability, wrapped up in a look that will last forever.

New Balance 1700 Age of Exploration

New Balance 1700 Age of Exploration

Made in USA craftsmanship meets wanderlust inspiration in the 1700 Age of Exploration. Designed and crafted in New England from premium materials, the men’s sneaker pays tribute to the desire for adventure with bold color combinations and a timeless look.

Next – Activewear. Below is from Yogasmoga

Yogasmoga U and Me Move Bra and Pants

Yogasmoga U and Me Move Bra and Pants

The U & Me Yoga Bra is our low support, strappy racer back bra. Lined in custom mesh for breathability. Made out of our exclusive AURUM®+ Augusta printed fabric.

Below is from SQN Sport– Luxury Active Wear for Women.

SQN Sports Leggings

SQN Sports Leggings

Splits59 Austin Hoodie

Splits59 Austin Hoodie

For men: Oliver’s Apparel has a great pair of work out shorts – great for running or working out. It comes in 6 different colors.

Oliver's Apparel All Over Shorts

Oliver’s Apparel All Over Shorts

From Go Athletic Apparel – layering is very important when exercising in the cold.

Go Athletic Apparel Cold Base Layer Shirt

Go Athletic Apparel Cold Base Layer Shirt

Exercising at Night

Face it, the days (daylight hours) during wintertime are frightfully short, which means if you are going to be working outdoors there is a good chance that it will be when it is dark. And when it is dark, it can be dangerous. There is a company that specializes in clothing that can be seen at night. Its name is Illuminite. Below are two examples from Illuminite.

Illuminite Bristol Women's reflective jacket Lilac and Blacklight

Illuminite Bristol Women’s reflective jacket Lilac and Blacklight (This picture is under blacklight)

Illuminite Pullover in Flo Lime and Black

Illuminite Pullover in Flo Lime and Black

Exercising Where It is Extremely Cold

I have not forgotten my friends in the great Northern states. Of course, most enlighted people stay indoors once it is less than 20 degrees Fahrenheit. But for those of you who are diehards – whether it is skiing, (cross-country or downhill) or just snow-shoeing in the blinding snow, here are some clothes to keep you warm from Wintergreen Northern Wear.

Wintergreen Boundary Waters Shell Pants (Women's)

Wintergreen Boundary Waters Shell Pants (Women’s)

Wintergreen Nordic Ventile Cotton Anorak

Wintergreen Nordic Ventile Cotton Anorak

Wintergreen Polartec Powerstretch Balaclava

Wintergreen Polartec Powerstretch Balaclava

Other Companies that Make Active Wear in the USA

(From Listing of American Clothing Manufacturers – Retail)

Athletic Wear

  1. ALO (Yoga)
  2. Anue (Yoga)
  3. Beyond Yoga (Yoga)
  4. Castelli (bicycle clothing) (rare)
  5. Hard Tail (tops, sweatpants)
  6. Lucy (Yoga pants) rare
  7. LVR (yoga wear)
  8. Lysse (running pants, yoga tops, leggings)
  9. Nation LTD (sweatpants)
  10. New Balance (running shirts and shorts) rare
  11. Pink Lotus (yoga)
  12. pRana (yoga)
  13. Pure Karma (yoga)
  14. SODO (sweats pants, tops)
  15. Solow (Yoga, running)
  16. Soul, Mind, Breath, Life (yoga)
  17. Soul Flower (yoga)
  18. Splits59 (workout clothing, sport bra)
  19. SQN (workout clothing)
  20. Voler (bicycle clothing)
  21. UnderArmour (tops) rare
  22. Yogasmoga (Yoga, tops, bras, yoga pants) All med in USA.

From Listing of Brands of Clothing Made in the USA – Internet

Athletic/Active Wear

  1. Adho Mukha Athletica (yoga and fitness)
  2. Aerotech (bicycle clothing)
  3. Aether (outdoor wear, leggings)
  4. AKWA (sweat pants)
  5. AST Sportswear (golf shirts, Yoga Pants)
  6. Blue Canoe (tops and leggings)
  7. Campbellsville
  8. Cana Collection
  9. Go Athletic Appeal (compression shorts and shirts)
  10. Handful – Sports Bra
  11. Hard Tail (Nordstrom’s, also)
  12. Hooked Production (Hiking)
  13. Ice Time Apparel (Hockey % Figure Skating)
  14. IllumiNite (Reflective Athletic Wear)
  15. Impact Fitness Wear (rare)
  16. Kos.USA
  17. My Boxercraft
  18. Nesh NYC (Ladies Yoga wear)
  19. OBX Outfitters (Ladies athletic tank)
  20. Oliver’s Apparel (Mens athletic shorts)
  21. Omgirl (yoga clothing)
  22. Physique (weightlifter & work out clothing)
  23. Pink Lotus (yoga wear, not all US made)
  24. Pistol Pete ( Men’s athletic area)
  25. Pure Karma
  26. SQN Sport (luxurious active wear)
  27. S.O.A.R.K. (Running Wear)
  28. Teeki (Yoga Clothing)
  29. Terrybicycles (bicycle apparel for women
  30. Swami (sweatshirts, mens shorts, women’s leggings)
  31. Voler (Bicycle apparel)
  32. Wild Things (Outdoor high tech clothing)
  33. WSI ( – Microtech Long sleeve shirt
  34. 3:16 Athletic Wear (Running and biking clothes)

Have a Happy New Year and may the odds ever be in your favor.


May 2020


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