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Chinese billionaire revives closed Ohio GM plant, creates 3,000 jobs

Food for thought. So guess who is going to bring the middle class back in the United States? It could be the Chinese. The Chinese taketh and giveth back.

Chinese businessman Cho Tak Wong turned a shuttered GM plant into an auto glass factory for his global empire

Source: Chinese billionaire revives closed Ohio GM plant, creates 3,000 jobs – CBS News

MORANIE, Ohio — The factory floor is bustling again at a manufacturing plant in Moraine, Ohio.


Mr. Cho

CBS News

A billionaire has indeed brought jobs back to this part of the Rust Belt, but not the one who promised to on the campaign trail.

His name is Cho Tak Wong; He goes by Mr. Cho.

The Chinese businessman says he expects to create 3,000 jobs in the former General Motors plant, which shut its doors in 2008, costing the area 1,000 jobs.

Mr. Cho turned it into a state-of-the-art auto glass factory, part of his global Fuyao Glass empire, which produces 23 percent of the world’s car windows.

“When I walked into it two years ago it was dark, dirty, it had been uninhabited for quite a few years,” said Jim Reid, a supervisor at the plant.


Mr. Cho, right, touring the factory

CBS News

Reid voted for Donald Trump for president, who made the Chinese a target during his campaign.


Jim Reid

CBS News

Correspondent Jim Axelrod asked Reid what he made of a Chinese businessman being the one to bring so many jobs back to Ohio.

“I’ll be honest. I struggled with it a bit when I made the decision,” he said. “Just because of what I’ve been led to believe through my life.”

But Mr. Cho seemed untroubled by Trump’s criticism.

“That was just campaign language. Now that Trump is the president-elect, things will be different,” he said.

“Mr. Cho, are you making America great again?” Axelrod asked.

“Yes!” he replied.

Axelrod asked Reid what his message would be to Trump about Chinese businessmen in the U.S.

“Just give them a try,” Reid said.

Ten percent of the jobs at the plant are held by Chinese employees. As for wages, the Fuyao jobs start in the $12 to $15-an-hour range. The old GM jobs at the same factory paid $30 an hour, but Mr. Cho said he is looking to raise the pay scale considerably.


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