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Brand New USA: The Made In America List

Brand New USA: The Made In America List.

I have just discovered another “Made in USA” listing. This one is called Brand New USA. This website is a directory displaying the products and the websites that carry the products. Naturally, they are all made in the USA. And these products can be found through the Internet only.  They are divided into ten different categories: apparel, sports, gear, house, accessories, kitchen, beauty, food and drink, kids and pets. When clicking on the categories, there is a moderate amount of items that can be seen by scrolling down. Brand New USA also has a nice Facebook page.

From their Website Under “About”

We all want to help the local economy. We know it’s good for our community and ourselves. It creates jobs, and lowers our footprint. While it is unrealistic to shift overnight, actively buying 10-20% of our purchases from local businesses represents a huge boost.

At Brand New USA, we see the biggest challenge to helping our manufacturers being the availability of information. We want to make sure you know these innovators, and the breadth of their creativity. When you see their passion and vision, we know you will want to support them.

proudly made in the USA

We have built a Directory of Local Manufacturers so that you can find high quality products made in your community, your region, your country.

We need your help as well: if you like your local manufacturers, tell us about them!

Stephan is an Engineer who became a Web Producer for Fortune 100 companies as the Internet rose exponentially. He kept is passion for the innovative ideas that come with designing and actually making products.
This project is a way to get consumers connected to the creation process and informed on the techniques, distribution and impact of how products are made.

Leslie’s passion for manufacturing stems from her belief that it provides more than good wages: it also fosters creativity and innovation while supporting economic growth. The daughter of a manufacturing worker, Leslie has devoted her career to supporting community and business development programs. She was appointed to Executive Director of the New York City Mayor’s Office of Industrial and Manufacturing Businesses (IMB), where she led the City’s effort to help businesses start, operate, and grow.

Why US Manufacturers

Support people around you
Buying goods manufactured in your city, region, or country is the best way to support the community you live in. You are helping the innovators, the workers, the office managers stay in business. They earn a living, and taxes are funneled back into local services. Buying locally helps your immediate neighborhood.

“48 cents of every dollar spent locally goes back into the community” — Civic Economics
Buying American creates jobsCompanies grow their workforce.
Buying from companies who build their products in the country keeps jobs here. Companies you buy from are able to keep and grow their workforce. Creating jobs starts with every one of us buying more goods created and produced here.

“Local businesses have generated 65% of new jobs over the past 17 years” — Small Business Administration






Another good listing that I recently blogged about is Homerica. Homerica is a website and directory to help you find things for your home (made in the USA) whether it is building supplies, decorations, furnishings, appliances or furniture. It has a nice selection of US made appliances.

To see other listings like these, see my link: Best Made in USA Movement Websites.

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