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20 Best American Made Clothing Brands

20 Best American Made Clothing Brands From 

Unfortunately, not a whole lot of clothing companies operate this way. Simply put, it’s just easier for big brands to outsource the production of the clothing to countries with a lower cost of labor and a better manufacturing infrastructure. And honestly – we get it. It sucks that this is the way the global economy works, but it’s not necessarily something we’d hold against any brand. That being said, we do feel like it’s necessary to shine a light on some of the great stuff being done by the few men’s clothing brands that do still make their goods here in the states. So if you’re curious about the best American made clothing brands, look no further.

American Giant

Simply put, labor is more expensive here in the U.S. As a result – many of the picks you’ll find on this list tend to trend towards the pricier end of the spectrum. For some folks, that isn’t a big deal – but for others, high prices can lock them out of the market. Thankfully, there are brands out there like American Giant that are offering up quality apparel at an affordable price. Located in San Francisco, the clothing company has set itself apart due to its ability to offer up quality-made men’s basics for a reasonable price. Shorts, outerwear, great tees – you name it, they’ve got it.

Est: 2011
Location: San Francisco, CA
Known For: Men’s Basics

Visit: American Giant


A little less than a decade ago, designers Matt and Emily Baldwin noticed that their customers were increasingly asking for American-born workwear. Yet, when they started looking for things to stock, the couple simply couldn’t find much. Rather than wait for someone else to satisfy their customer’s demands, Matt started his own denim brand. Designed in Kansas City and built right here in the States, Baldwin is now ranked among the best menswear brands out there.

Est: 2009
Location: Kansas City, KS
Known For: Denim

Visit: Baldwin


Some choose to produce their clothing in the states out of a sense of patriotism. Others out of a sense of necessity. Seattle-based outdoor clothing company Beyond chose to manufacture their clothing right here in the U.S. for a combination of those reasons. Not only does having their factories right here promote American labor, but it allows the technically focused apparel company to audit the quality of their products in real time – ensuring that you get the best of the best right out of the gate.

Est: 2012
Location: Seattle, WA
Known For: Outdoor/Tactical Gear

Visit: Beyond

Bill’s Khakis

Quality never goes out of style. That is something the founder of Bill’s Khakis realized when, in college, he came across an old pair of khakis from the 1940s. They were like nothing he had ever seen before – comfortable, durable, and well made. Bills Khakis was created in an attempt to replicate this type of clothing. Of course, an integral part of all of this is building everything here in the states.

Est: 1990
Location: Reading, PA
Known For: Menswear

Visit: Bills Khakis

Birdwell Beach Britches

Birdwell Beach Britches aren’t a Southern-Californian staple for nothing. Made by hand right here in the U.S., these two-ply board shorts are sturdy enough to stand up to years worth of lazy days on the beach or out on the surfboard. The business itself, originally started as a family venture, has itself been based out of Santa Ana for over 50 years. We can’t imagine it going anywhere.

Est: 1961
Location: Santa Ana, CA
Known For: Beach Wear

Visit: Birdwell Britches

Brooks Brothers

Ok – let us just get ahead on this one. Not all of Brooks Brother’s clothing is made in the U.S., but according to Forbes, around 70 percent of their suits, 10 percent of their dress shirts, and 100 percent of their ties are made in the Northeastern part of the U.S. Given the brand’s size and prominence (they’ve been around since 1818), we find this pretty impressive.

Est: 1818
Location: NYC, NY
Known For: Formal wear

Visit: Brooks Brothers

Buck Mason

Started in 2013 with quality in mind, Buck Mason has quickly established themselves as among the coolest men’s basics brands out there. All of their jackets, jeans, and t-shirts are made not far from their original studio in Venice, California – making it easier for the team to get the best fabrics for their clothing. A great pick for guys looking to build out their everyday or casual clothing.

Est: 2013
Location: Venice Beach, CA
Known For: Men’s Basics

Visit: Buck Mason

Ebbets Field Flannels

Named after the iconic ball-park in Brooklyn, Ebbets Field Flannels specialized in building out vintage baseball jerseys and caps. More than just re-using old designs, the Seattle, Washington based company uses old-school cuts and fabrics to give everything that extra authentic feel. Ideal for the guy looking to get some sportswear but doesn’t exactly embrace the New Era look.

Est: 1988
Location: Seattle, WA
Known For: Sportswear

Visit: Ebbets Field Flannels

Freemans Sporting Club

There was a period in time when just about any item of clothing was expected to last a long, long time. Freeman’s Sporting Club was started in an attempt to continue that tradition of building out quality menswear that will outlast its peers. They’ve been successful in accomplishing this, in part, because they are sure to use American tailors and sewers. When ever piece of clothing is ‘only a few hands removed’ from the original maker – that is just the type of quality you get.

Est: 2005
Location: NYC, NY
Known For: Outerwear/Formal

Visit: Freemans Sporting Club

Freenote Cloth

You can often tell a lot about a person by where they’re from. The same applies to companies. Based out of the San Juan Capistrano, Freenote Cloth embodies the same rancho aesthetic that their hometown has retained since its founding. Outside of having a distinct style, Freenote is also known for attention to detail. The fabrics, dye, and hardware used on all of their clothing is considered and intentional.

Est: 2013
Location: San Juan Capistrano, CA
Known For: Denim

Visit: Freenote Clothing


In much the same way that Levi’s got its start during the Gold Rush in Calfiornia, Filson earned its name outfitting fortune-seekers during the Klondike Gold Rush in 1897. But C.C. Filson didn’t stop when the gold was all dug up. From the late 1800s on Filson has continued to provide tough, durable goods made right here in the states because sometimes, the old way is the right way.

Est: 1897
Location: Seattle, WA
Known For: Outdoor Gear

Visit: Filson

Grown and Sewn

Robert Wesley Magness built his career the old fashioned way; from the ground up. His first position in the men’s fashion world was working at Ralph Lauren’s shipping and receiving department in Texas. Eventually he found himself living in New York working as the Design Director at Polo Ralph Lauren. After a decade plus at the company he decided to start his own menswear label dedicated to building quality men’s clothing crafted in the U.S.

Est: 2009
Location: NYC, NY
Known For: Menswear

Visit: Grown and Sewn

Imogene and Willie

While most brands will trace their heritage back to the year they began, imogene and willie peg the start of their business to a pool party when they met in the 6th grade. The friendship they founded would endure decades, distance, and failed businesses. It wasn’t until 2009 that they started imogene and willie, a brand that expresses a love for the textures, sounds, and smells of Texas. While they specialize in denim, the brand boasts classic tees, denim jackets, and more – all built in the States.

Est: 2009
Location: Nashville, TN
Known For: Denim

Visit: Imogene + Willie

Iron and Resin

With one foot proudly in both the world of surfing and the other firmly planted motorcycle culture – Iron and Resin is a near-perfect embodiment of California’s free-spirited attitude. Rather than relying on far-away factories to produce their goods, they elected to build a good portion of their clothing right here in the states.

Est: 2012
Location: Ventura, CA
Known For: Surf/Motorcycle

Visit: Iron and Resin

Jean Shop

Founded in 2004 by Eric Goldstein, Gene Montesano, and Barry Perlman, Jean Shop has long been the go-to brand when it comes to quality, American-made denim. While the shop no longer exclusively source their materials from the states, they’re still a fantastic resource when it comes to picking denim jeans, jackets, and work shirts.

Est: 2004
Location: NYC, NY
Known For: Denim

Visit: Jean Shop

Mollusk Surf

Classic, understated beachwear made right here in the states is downright rare. One of the out there still doing it, however, is Mollusk. The Californian brand has all of their clothing (board shorts, sweatshirts, shirts, and more) designed up in Oakland and built in either Oakland or Los Angeles. They’re simple, attractive, and made to last.

Est: 2005
Location: San Francisco, CA
Known For: Beach Wear

Visit: Mollusk Surf

Rising Sun

If you are looking for solid, American made denim – then Rising Sun jeans are well worth your consideration. The Los Angeles-based brand embraces an old-time west aesthetic while putting a serious emphasis on quality built tried and tested gear. Built right here in the states, they’re ideal for everyday wear.

Est: 2006
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Known For: Denim

Visit: Rising Sun MFG

Taylor Stitch

Started with the simple goal of creating a well fitting shirt, Taylor Stitch has grown into a brand to contend with. Trafficking primarily in classic menswear (although they’ve recently started producing women’s clothing), they design all of their clothing in California, and manufacture a good deal here in the states as well.

Est: 2008
Location: San Francisco, CA
Known For: Menswear

Visit: Taylor Stitch

Topo Designs

While a lot of American-made menswear brands opt for a heritage look, others like Topo have decided instead to forge ahead with their own style. That, in large part, is why we love them. They’re not your father’s outdoor gear company – but they’re just as capable, comfortable, and stylish.

Est: 2008
Location: Denver, CO
Known For: Outdoor Gear

Visit: Topo Design


This brand is so old it literally predates the buffalo-check shirt. Founded in 1830 in Plum Run, Pennsylvania, Woolwich has made a name for themselves by making quality cold-weather wear. While not all of their clothing is still made in the U.S., they have a dedicated section of their shop where you can pick up their American-made products.

Est: 1830
Location: Woolrich, PA
Known For: Outdoor Clothing

Visit: Woolrich

12 Best American Made Work Boots

There are a whole lot of great American made brands out there. Some of our favorites fall into the category of boot-makers. Take a look at what we think are the 12 best American made work boots out there.


Christmas Gifts Made in USA 2017

Christmas Gifts Made in USA 2017

Happy Holidays. It is that time again. It is time to go shopping for Christmas presents. And what better way to say you care than by buying gifts made in the USA. I have chosen some different gifts this year. Once you finished your shopping, celebrate your accomplishment with Domaine Carneros Sparkling wine (see the last gift).

First off, from the Vermont Teddy Bear Company, Santa and Mrs Claus Set.

Vermont Teddy Bear Santa and Mrs Claus set

Next from the Guideboat Company, who just opened another store at the Stanford Shopping Center is a Jacquard knit J’Adore Half Zip Jacket


Guideboat Jacquard Knit J’Adore half-zip jacket


Next from Robeworks, all robes made in the USA, comes  the Luxury Hooded Robe LJ 500

Robeworks Luxury Hooded Robe LJ500

If you are looking for more than clothing, look at the satchel from Merci Fortune called the Catherine Satchel Cerise Leather. All bags are made with Horween leather and handcrafted in New York City.


If you want to keep warm look at this fleece blanket made by the American Blanket Company. They advertise themselves as the best blanket in America. They are lifetime guaranteed and all are made in Fall River, Massachusetts.

American Blanket Company Luster Loft Fleece Blanket


The Next item is from an old favorite of mine: Bills Khakis. This one is called the Donegal Sweater.

Bills Khakis Donegal Sweater Charcoal

To keep your hands warm, there are these nice Elkskin mittens, found on the website Leather Gloves Online. Not all are gloves are US made on this website.

Leatherglovesonline Elkskin mittens

To keep your feet warm, look at this Slipper from Sundance Leather. com. made in Colorado. Colorado Colorado cuff slippers


Looking for accessories made in the USA? Well, Allen Edmonds have a few Tie Pins and cufflinks.

American Flag Tie Pin

Allen Edmonds American Flag cufflinks


The next is a Christmas season must. It is the ugly Christmas sweater. This one is from The priniting is all done in the USA, but not all of their apparel is made here, it is difficult to decipher where they are from.

Teespring Ugly Christmas Sweater

At wintertime, we can’t spend our whole time snuggled up under covers, in front of a roaring fire with a cup of cocoa, sometimes we have to go out there and exercise. Because the daylight hours in the winter are shorter, it means that we have to spend more of our time in the dark. And if you want to exercise safely, wearing reflective wear will make your work-out safer. First, from Illuminite, comes a reflective jacket in a royal blue color.

Illuminite Womens Royal Blue jacket – reflective

Continuing with the night exercise wear comes the reflective shorts from Illuminte.

Illuminite Womens Mid length shorts reflective

Another great idea for Christmas is jewelry. One company that makes all there jewelry is Hawaii is Na Hoku.

Na Hoku 14K Gold Hawaiian Heirloom 8mm bracelet

During the holiday season, there are plenty of parties and get-togethers, so sometimes one has to get gussied up. Here is an example from Nordstroms’.

Nordstroms: Dress The Population Emery scoop back reversible sequin body con dress

Also From Nordstroms’ is a Leather Bomber jacket made by long-time US clothing maker, Schott.

Nordstroms Schott NYC Genuine Shearling Vintage B-6 Bomber Jacket


Thinking of a gift that is not clothing, how about this briefcase from Frank Clegg.

Frank Clegg chestnut tumbled grain leather English briefcase

Still needing to stay warm, see this warm coat from Sofia Cashmere Wool Blend Coat from Nordstroms.


A great idea for Christmas are watches. Shinola watches are made in Detroit, Michigan.

Shinola Runwell 47mm Green Watch


The Vermont Teddy Bear Company has such cute ideas that is why they are appearing for a second time.

Vermont Teddy Bear Co. Beary Christmas Tree

Have you finished your holiday? Yes, well done. Now you can celebrate with Domaine Carneros Sparkling Wines.

Domaine Carneros Sparkling Wines



Bills Khaki’s Winter 2017

Bills Khakis

When people want to buy “Made in the USA” clothing, there are very few places that consistently have them, especially since American Apparel has gone bust. But, Bills Khakis happens to be a very dependable maker of men’s clothing made in the USA with an incredible selection: sweaters, dress shirts, casual shirts, T-shirts, jeans, pants, shorts, bathing suits and boxers.

Donagel Sweater – Garnet

Signature Check Sky Blue Shirt

Party Shirt

Madras Pants (on sale)

Buffalo Plaid Blue Shirt

Patchwork Shirt Tartan

Donegal Sweater Charcoal

The Story of Bills Khakis

It all began back in 1984, when our founder bought a pair of World War II era khakis at an army surplus store near his college. He felt that modern-day khakis paled in comparison. So he vowed to recreate this symbol of original American style for modern men.

What started as a garage operation quickly turned into a growing business. Today, Bills Khakis is setting the standard with our khakis and an entire line of Bills branded menswear, too.


Summer Sale 2015 – Bills Khakis

Bills Khakis Summer Sale 2015

Bills Khakis Summer Sale 2015

Bills Khakis, one of the few 100% American assembled clothing companies still around, has come out with a great summer sale, savings of up to 50%. They have a great assortment of shorts and casual shirts in a multitude of styles and colors. (Clink on the above Link to see their sale.)

Bills Khakis Summer Sale

Bills Khakis Summer Sale

Bills Khakis has the biggest selection of “Made in the USA” men’s shorts, there are multiple styles: Sunbleached Twill; Ultra Soft Nassau Twill; Poplin; Gingham; Seersucker; Island Twill Parker; Savanna Cloth; Fast Drying and Madras. There are multiple colors as well.

Island Twill Parker Shorts

Island Twill Parker Shorts

Nautical Flag Shorts

Nautical Flag Shorts

The varieties of tops are numerous, whether you want your basic T-shirts, polos – plain or striped, Bills has a great selection. My  favorite are the retro appearing Striped Ringer Tees.

Striped Ringer Tee Creme Grey

Striped Ringer Tee
Creme Grey

No collection of summer clothing would be complete without bathing suits. Bills offers: printed trunks, seersuckers, tropical prints, and gingham.

Embroidered Palms Bathing suits

Embroidered Palms Bathing suits

And to walk on your yacht or stroll on the beach, Bills Khakis, in conjunction with Rancourt shoes, offers a wonderful boat shoe.

Four Eye Boat Shoe

Four Eye Boat Shoe

Have a great summer and Buy American.



Dad’s Beach Shirts from Bills Khakis

Bill’s Khakis Father’s Day Shirts

Bills Khakis, one of the few places where all of the garments are always assembled in the USA, periodically Bills Khakis offers some specialized products. These are called “small batch” products. This particular small batch is called Dad’s Beach Shirts, just in time for Fathers Day.

Dad’s Beach Shirts

Our Hand-Blocked Kalamkari Beach Shirt is equally suited for the beach as it is for the weekend. This Father’s Day, give your Dad (or yourself) something uniquely special. He’ll never want to take this one off…not even on the beach.

There are two choices in the shirts: Red and Midnight.

Dad's Beach Shirt (red) from Bills Khakis

Dad’s Beach Shirt (red) from Bills Khakis

Dad's Beach Shirt (Midnight) by Bills Khakis

Dad’s Beach Shirt (Midnight) by Bills Khakis

Father’s Day, Summer, Hawaiian type shirts – perfect.

To order see the following link: Bills Khakis Small Batch.

Have a Happy Father’s Day and Buy American.


Buffalo Nickel Cuff Links

Selling out Fast -This Week’s Small Batch From Bills Khakis

Bills Khakis occasionally will offer unique products that are made in the USA. Sometimes it is an article of clothing, sometimes it is an accessory. This time, Bills Khaki’s are offering cufflinks made out of Buffalo Nickels. See Bills Khakis Buffalo Nickel Cuff Links.


Shop Winter | Bills Khakis

Shop Winter | Bills Khakis. There is a winter sale at Bill’s Khakis. Up to 50% off certain items until 2/13/15. In this catalog, Bills has some very new designs, colors and patterns on shirts. This is probably their best selection ever. The first shirt, the Stanford Check, comes in many different colors: Moss, Grape, Cobalt Blue, Maize, Pink, Navy, and the one pictured, Harvest.

Stanford Check -Burgundy

Stanford Check -Harvest

The next stylish shirt pairs very well with khakis. The one pictured below is called Bradford Plaid: Hunter Green

Bradford Check

Bradford Plaid-Hunter Green

The Butler Plaids: Built for productive days in the outdoors and the self-satisfied evenings that follow. Antiqued color pallet evokes a rich fall heritage. Genuine corozo buttons. Two box pleat chest pockets with flap. Micro flannel finish. Medium weight 4.2-oz. 100% cotton flannel. Made in USA of imported fabric. Machine washable. Styles: Weathered Blue, Antique Gold (pictured) and Old Brick.


Butler Plaid Antique Gold

Butler Plaid Antique Gold

Here is the description for the next shirt:The Prince of Wales was the most photographed celebrity of his time – oftentimes photographed wearing Glen Urquhart (Glen) plaid. In 1936, he gave up the throne of England for Wallis Simpson, the woman he loved. But he never gave up Glen Plaid. Button-down collar, left chest pocket. Burgundy. Softly brushed 4-oz.100% cotton twill. Made in USA of imported fabric. Machine washable.

Waverly Glen Burgundy

Waverly Glen Burgundy

Seasons come, seasons go. Tartan is everlasting. 4.4-oz. 100% cotton. Made in USA of imported fabric. Machine washable. Styles: Blackwatch, Royal, and Whiskey (pictured).

Tartan Flannel Whiskey

Tartan Flannel Whiskey

Over the years Bills Khakis have really been developing some nice dress shirts, for instance these Pinpoint Gingham shirts: If you have found yourself stuck in a white shirt/ blue shirt “loop,” here’s a quick and easy way to break the cycle. 4.2-oz. cotton pinpoint gingham. Pair it with Khakis, Jeans, or Grey Flannels and step up your game. Button-down collar. Single chest pocket. Made in USA of imported fabric. Machine washable. Styles: Mustard (pictured), Riviera, Gunmetal, Old Spice, Concord, Shell and Navy. Their Heathered Gingham shirts are nice as well.

Pinpoint Gingham Mustard

Pinpoint Gingham Mustard

Don’t forget that Bills Khakis have a nice selection of vests, fleece jackets, sweaters as well as many other types of jackets. It took a little blood, a lot of sweat and even a few tears to earn one of these back in school. Considering how hard you’ve worked since then, you deserve this one even more. It’s the real thing, built with the help of Oregon’s Dehen Manufacturing, where they’ve been making letterman jackets for the better part of a century. We think you’ll agree that our collective efforts are worthwhile. Pendleton wool body with American bison leather sleeves. 85% wool, 15% nylon body. Made in USA. Dry clean only.

Varsity Jacket Black

Varsity Jacket Black

Brawny 6-guage merino wool/cotton knit, rolling shawl collar and four leather looped horn toggles. Deeply ribbed cuffs and waistband. Made in USA of imported fabric. Dry clean only.

Algonquin Shawl Cardigan

Algonquin Shawl Cardigan Peat

Bills Khkis has a very nice array of casual pants, twills, poplin, corduroy, wale cords, canvas and jeans. They also have a few nice, fancier looking pants like the woolens. There are days when the temperature drops with an almost audible “thud.” Surviving winter is part mind set and part preparation. Equipped with our Country Woolens, consider yourself prepared, both physically and mentally, for everything winter plans to throw at you. 80% wool, 20% polyester. Made in USA of imported fabric. Dry clean only.

Country Woolens M3 Herringbone

Country Woolens M3 Herringbone

Bills Khakis have been around since 1990. Everything is cut and sewn in the USA, although much of their milled material is imported. Bills has the best selection of mens apparel made in the USA. The only other competitor would be American Apparel whose level of quality is lower than Bills Khakis. If you really like Bills Khakis, I would definitely recommend sending away for their catalogs which demonstrates the apparel much better than does their website. I would, also, recommend getting on their e-mail list, so they can notify you of their sales. Happy shopping. Buy American.


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