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American Apparel – Back From the Dead

American Apparel

And you thought American Apparel was dead. Well, they are not completely dead.

American Apparel had been known for two things, racy ads and clothing all sourced and manufactured in the United States. AA had gone through two bankruptcies. The remains of the bankruptcy was  purchased by Gildan. Gildan,  not to be confused with the fictional nation of Gilder in “Princess Bride”, closed down all of the American Apparel stores. But, Gildan has revived the name and style by opening up the American Apparel website and, thereby, selling their apparel on-line.

The big problem with American Apparel is that it should no longer be called “American” Apparel. Most of their apparel is now IMPORTED. I guess American Apparel is as American as brands like “American Eagle”, “U.S. Polo”, etc.

White Bodysuit

American Apparel still has the same style – very casual and is directed towards teens and 20-somethings. Their racy ads are still there, but not quite as racy as previously.

But American Apparel has not completely dropped their American line, they have their “Made in USA Line” which shows maybe 8 different styles as of this writing.

3/4 sleeve shirt


At American Apparel, new CEO aims to bring order, culture shift – LA Times

At American Apparel, new CEO aims to bring order, culture shift – LA Times.

At American Apparel, New CEO Aims to Bring Order, Culture Shift

The alterations underway at American Apparel Inc. are evident in its advertising. Gone are the half-naked young women splayed on billboards and print ads. These days, the models tend to be fully dressed in the company’s hip basics.

The salacious images were part of the freewheeling style of founder Dov Charney. His tenure was also marked by loose corporate operations, financial losses and sexual harassment allegations that sparked a board revolt and Charney’s ouster last year.

American Apparel ads will still have an edge — some incorporating social issues such as gay rights, bullying or women’s equality — but they won’t be “sexual for sexual’s sake,” new Chief Executive Paula Schneider said in an interview with The Times.

Schneider, a longtime clothing executive who took over in January, hopes to transform more than the advertising at the Los Angeles clothing firm, which employs nearly 10,000 people and operates almost 250 stores. In nearly five years, American Apparel has lost $310 million. Its debt totals more than $200 million.

Beyond toning down the oversexed image, Schneider aims to install a more grown-up structure and culture to replace Charney’s eccentric micromanagement. Schneider is focused on the boring-but-important details of hiring — and empowering — experienced managers and drawing up evaluation protocols and organizational charts.

Schneider, 56, has spent decades at clothing retailers and manufacturers. She has held senior executive positions at retailers such as BCBG Max Azria and Laundry by Shelli Segal. At BCBG Max Azria, she helped steer the company to profitability, and at Warnaco Group, she aided in a corporate restructuring.

Since arriving at American Apparel in January, Schneider has sought to order the corporate chaos without sacrificing the brand’s soul.

“It’s getting everybody in their lane and understanding we have a common goal,” she said. “There is tremendous energy here; there is tremendous love for the brand; there are tremendous ideas. It’s just a matter of saying: What do we do with them? How do we harness it? What do we do to move it down the road?”

Schneider’s management style is sharply different from Charney’s, who often inserted himself into the smallest details. Charney handpicked models for ads, selected fabrics and even cleaned retail stockrooms.

No Longer will we see this on billboards from American Apparel

Billboards like this from American Apparel will be a thing of the past.

American Apparel’s new chairwoman, Colleen Brown, said Schneider was tapped in part for her ability to instill organization.

Under Charney, the company didn’t have many of the formal controls common at public companies, she said. There was no standard method for performance reviews, for example, and department heads had no regular meetings.

“The really easy things are hard at American Apparel,” Brown said. “Just basic systems and processes that allow you to make decisions easily.”

Schneider has a track record of boosting ailing companies, Brown said.

“She has driven several turnarounds in her career, and that was an important thing to consider when we were looking for a CEO,” she said. “The company has not made money for a while, so we needed someone who could get a strategic plan and put it into place.”

Schneider still has until April 5 before she is required to present her operational plan to the board, according to a security filing that detailed her contract. Barely two months into the job, Schneider has already started making changes.

One example: She has bulked up the planning department, which orders raw materials to keep the factories humming. With better forecasting, the company can save money by buying more yarn overseas or can ship supplies and products by ground instead of air, Schneider said.

Last month, the company fired its two longtime creative directors, Iris Alonzo and Marsha Brady, both Charney allies. Schneider said the firings weren’t a result of poor performance but merely a shift in creative direction.

“We have a lot of really talented people, but young,” Schneider said, adding that some lack the formal training and education typically found at a major manufacturer.

She has already made product changes too.

Fewer styles will be offered in the fall season, Schneider said. Instead the company will concentrate on offering styles in more color variations, a move to avoid a problem that analysts say plagued American Apparel: offering too many products, many that didn’t sell well.

E-commerce will also get a close look. Among the new hires is American Apparel’s first chief digital officer, who will be in charge of improving the online shopping experience and boosting digital sales, Schneider said.

The company currently gets only 15% of its sales from e-commerce. By comparison, teen retailer Abercrombie & Fitch’s online side accounted for 20.2% of net sales in the first three quarters of its 2014 fiscal year.

“When we look at it compared to our peers, there is a lot more room to grow,” Schneider said.

Each department was also tasked with coming up with its own budget for the year, in sharp contrast to the “top down” approach of the past, she said.

Schneider said she has no choice but to push decision-making power down through the ranks.

“When you have a founder that knows everything about the business … you come in and you are not that person,” she said. “You have to have some people in each area that are going to be the leaders in order to function.”

Ilse Metchek, president of the California Fashion Assn., said Schneider may struggle to win over employees and institute a more traditional corporate culture.

“Everyone there was hired by Dov — and everyone is still probably loyal to Dov,” she said.

One core feature of American Apparel — its made-in-USA model — will remain firmly in place.

Walking through the factory filled with the steady hum of sewing machines, Schneider marveled at the scale of the operations, in an 800,000-square-foot salmon-colored building in downtown Los Angeles.

Echoing Charney, Schneider bragged about the company’s ability to quickly whip up new garments and get them to its shops.

The company can get a new product into stores on a Thursday and know if it’s a strong seller by Monday, she said. Then the local factory can immediately respond.

“We can make that same version, we can make it in colors, we can make it longer, shorter, long sleeved, short sleeved, and we can put it into our stores in a week,” she said.

Schneider compared American Apparel’s main factory, which employs more than 3,000 cutters, sewers and other workers, to “a city.”

The facility also includes an on-site medical clinic and masseuses that offer free massages. The operation is so vast that Schneider said she prefers to think of slices of the company individually.

“Otherwise,” she quipped, “I’d be up all night.”

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Dov Charney ousted as CEO of American Apparel

Salon magazine reported that controversial founder and CEO of American Apparel, Dov Charney, was ousted as CEO by the Board of Directors due to sexual misconduct. Mr Charney has withstood previous sexual harassment charges over the past decade, however, new information has moved the Board to act, and on Wednesday, June 18, 2014, made it official that Dov Charney was no longer to be the CEO of American Apparel. American Apparel is a company which makes all of their clothing in Los Angeles with numerous stores across the United States and in several other countries. their claim to fame is all of their clothing is Made in the United States and their secondary claim to fame is their controversial internet advertising which often included topless women and occasional bare derrieres. Dov Charney was definitely a capitalist, really didn’t believe in Made in America, and was hardly an icon that people could follow. So, we shall see what will happen with a Dov Charney-less American Apparel. We do hope they survive, as they do supply many types of clothing made in the United States that no one makes any more.

Dov Charney

Dov Charney


Outerwear Made in the USA

Outerwear is defined by clothing that one wears outdoors, such as coats, jackets, windbreakers, outdoor vests, outdoor sweaters and hoodies. I was asked a couple of weeks ago, where one can find outerwear made in the USA. That was a good question and it took a little bit of research. So, I decided to list a few companies by alphabetical order accompanied by some photos.


Aether is a company that specializes in outdoor wear, however only a small amount is Made in the USA.

Aether Flatlands Hoodie

Aether Flatlands Hoodie


Aether Andorak (Canada)

Aether Andorak


All American Clothing

All American Clothing is an internet clothing company that makes all of its clothing in the USA. All American Clothing also carries some USA makers like Carhartt.

All American Clothing Cumberland Duck Jacket

All American Clothing
Cumberland Duck Jacket



All American Clothing Darby fleece jacket

All American Clothing
Darby fleece jacket

All American Clothing Fairview Polyester Pullover

All American Clothing
Fairview Polyester Pullover


American Apparel

American Apparel is a large company with numerous stores across the USA. All clothing is made in Los Angeles. If you can’t find something, made in the USA, this is often your best choice.

American Apparel Houndstooth Flex Jacket

American Apparel
Houndstooth Flex fleece Jacket

American Apparel Petite Unisex Long Wool Coat

American Apparel
Petite Unisex Long Wool Coat

American Apparel Fleece Lined Parka

American Apparel
Fleece Lined Parka


American Giant

American Giant is an internet company that specializes in sweatshirts, based in San Francisco.

American Giant Full zip mock neck sewatshirt

American Giant
Full zip mock neck sweattshirt


American Giant Varsity Jacket

American Giant
Varsity Jacket




Ball and Buck

Ball and Buck is an internet company which just opened a brick and mortar store in Boston. Ball and Buck specializes in hunting clothing. All clothing is made in the USA.

Ball and Buck Premium Rain Jacket

Ball and Buck
Premium Rain Jacket

Bills Khakis

Bills Khakis is an internet clothing company that probably has one of the most extensive selection of any Made in USA collection.

Bills Khakis Quarter Zip Vest

Bills Khakis
Quarter Zip Vest

Bills Khakis Reversible Windbreaker

Bills Khakis
Reversible Windbreaker

Empire Wool and Canvas

Empire Wool and Canvas is an internet only company. They specialize in outdoor wear. Everything is made in the USA, however, there is a limited selection.

Empire Permafrost Parka

Empire Permafrost Parka



Filson has been making outerwear since 1897. All made in Washington.

Filson Wool Packer Coat

Filson Wool Packer Coat


Filson Mackinaw Cruiser

Filson Mackinaw Cruiser


Guideboat Company

Guideboat Company is an internet store with an eclectic mix of clothing and outerwear made in USA, France, Sweden and England. there are some Chinese made items as well. This is a fun website.

Whisper Nylon Vest

Whisper Nylon Vest


Waxwear A-Line Coat

Waxwear A-Line Coat

Seattle Clipper

Seattle Clipper



Hickorees is an internet only store. There are many brands of U.S. made clothing, that are hard to find otherwise.

Battenwear Windstopper Jacket

Battenwear Windstopper Jacket

Dehen 1920 Cadet Jacket

Dehen 1920 Cadet Jacket


Nordstroms, as you know, is one of the large department store chains. It is one of the best in finding “Made in USA” clothing in regards to all of the department stores, but it is still only about 2% of all of their clothing. The link sends you to Made in USA outerwear which has brands like Myra Pac, Rag and Bone, Band of Outsiders, Remy and Laundry.


Orvis is a store specializing in outdoor gear and clothing. Only a small amount of clothing is made in the USA, but it is of excellent quality.

Orvis Naval Wool Peacoat

Orvis Naval Wool Peacoat

Orvis Reversible Lineman Jacket

Orvis Reversible Lineman Jacket

Pendleton Portland Collection

Pendleton Portland Collection is a long standing apparel manufacturer, the Portland Collection is mainly made in the USA.

Pendleton Portland Collection Reversible Oregon Dunes Silk Windbreaker

Pendleton Portland Collection Reversible Oregon Dunes Silk Windbreaker

Pendleton Portland Collection Alder Springs Parka

Pendleton Portland Collection Alder Springs Parka


Pop Outerwear

Pop Outerwear is an internet company in San Francisco that specializes in outerwear. They were featured on my blog in March, 2014.


Pop Women's Full Zip Fleece

Pop Women’s Full Zip Fleece

Poppy Von Frohlich

Poppy Von Frohlich is an internet company only, based in San Francisco. Limited editions.

PVF Lumbar Jane in Steel Blue Canvas

PVF Lumbar Jane in Steel Blue Canvas


Remy makes leather coats all in the USA. They are excellent coats, superb quality and great designs. They are found only in brick and mortar stores, like Nordstroms.

Remy Glam Charcoal

Remy Glam Charcoal

Remy Peat Noir

Remy Peat Noir

Shop Union USA

Shop Union USA is an internet only company that makes apparel. Their selection of outerwear is fantastic and the prices are incredible reasonable. They have vests, pullovers windbreakers, jackets and coats.

Shopunionusa Microfiber windshirt Pullover

Shopunionusa Microfiber windshirt Pullover

Steamhorse Dry Goods

Steamhorse Dry Goods is an internet only company that specializes in workwear. Everything is made in the USA. See my recent article about Steamhorse Dry Goods.

Steam Horse Sawmill Paul Wool Sweater

Steam Horse Sawmill Paul Wool Sweater


Stock Manufacturing Company

Stock Manufacturing Company is an internet company that specializes in men’s clothing. Everything is made in Chicago. Stock Manufacturing Co. was a former Kickstarter project.

Stock Mfg Nylon Trench Coat

Stock Mfg Nylon Trench Coat



St. Croix

St. Croix is an upper end men’s clothing line found in brick and mortar stores. All of their sweaters are made in the USA.

St. Croix Summer Wool Lite Sweater

St. Croix Summer Wool Lite Sweater

Taylor Stitch

Taylor Stitch makes clothing for both men and women. They are based out of San Francisco, found in brick and mortar stores. They have one store in San Francisco. All clothing is made in California.

Taylor Stitch Olive Telegraph Jacket

Taylor Stitch Olive Telegraph Jacket

Triple Aught Design

Triple Aught Design is a company specializing in outdoor gear. Based out of San Francisco. They have one store in San Francisco.

Triple Aught Design Ranger Jacket

Triple Aught Design Ranger Jacket

Triple Aught Design Pathfinder Jacket

Triple Aught Design Pathfinder Jacket



There is lots of outerwear out there made in the USA, but it does take some effort. I hope this is helpful. Happy hunting!







5 Keys to American-Made Holiday Shopping

5 Keys to American-Made Holiday Shopping | Scott Paul. From the Huffington Post, December 15, 2013

The gift-giving edge you may need this holiday.

The race to find holiday presents is underway, and there’s both good news and bad news for the shoppers out there.

Let’s start with the bad news: Gift giving is a competitive sport – a contact sport, if you watched any online videos of Black Friday bargain hunters. And while finding just the right thing is hard enough, there’s also the pressure to outdo your 2012 performance. ‘Tis the season, after all, for occasional bouts of panic.

But here’s the good news: Getting to the top of the gift-giving podium is as easy as spelling U.S.A.

When those three letters follow “Made in,” they instantly elevate your gift to the status of conversation piece. A simple shirt is transformed into a symbol of resilience. A simple toy becomes a statement about safe products. And a simple “thank you” becomes a conversation about American jobs and helping to put food on your fellow citizen’s table.

But wait, you thought. Buying American ignores costs and the realities of a globalized economy. We don’t make anything anymore.

Not so fast.

While it’s hard to argue that American consumers face a shortage of Chinese imports, it isn’t hard to argue that we face a shortage of jobs. So why not support more of them by purchasing from companies that make products here?

Doing so is easier than it seems. These days, shoppers have more Made in America options than they’ve had in years.

Toys? America has got you covered. Kitchenware? Lots of choices. Clothing? You bet. Electronics? Yes, we make those too.

From athletic footwear to flatscreen TVs, there are companies manufacturing in America today. And while you may expect to pay a premium for American-made quality, you’d be surprised at how easily those on tight budgets can find gifts at competitive prices.

So here’s a personal challenge to consider this season: Give just one more Made in America gift than you had planned.

Here are five tips to help you achieve (and surpass) that goal.

1. Web searches are your friend. Typing in key phrases like “Made in America” or “Made in USA” along with the gift you are searching for can narrow the field for you. Plus, many online stores like REI and Nordstrom let you search by “made in America” too.

2. Consider a curated list as your starting point. There are plenty to choose from. (That was 6 different links). And with even more out there catering to crowds from union workers and do-it-yourselfers to hipsters and fashionistas, odds are you’ll find one to your liking.

3. Shop smartly at big box stores. Look in sections where you’re more likely to have success than those where you aren’t. For example: Plastic and rubber housewares, appliances, and perishables are better bets than buys in electronics and footwear.

4. Don’t discount the big brands. Some of them have a number of American-made options. New Balance,Whirlpool, KitchenAid, American Apparel, The Container Store, Brooks Brothers, and Nanette Lepore are just a few across a range of price points and product categories.

5. Go local. If the bigger names don’t appeal to you, consider purchasing your gift from a local artisan. Craft beer, artwork, food, jewelry, and wood toys are among the scores of options.

Bonus tip: Don’t drive yourself crazy. Trying to buy exclusively Made in America gifts is virtually impossible. Just think about doing a little better this year than you may have done in the past. Start with just one more gift.

And lastly: We’d be remiss if we didn’t remind you that giving American-made gifts can do something that Congress hasn’t been able to do for a few years: Help bring manufacturing jobs back to the States. America lost roughly a third of its middle-income factory jobs in the 2000s; and only about one in 11 of them have been added back since the end of the Great Recession.

But if each of us purchased one additional American-made gift this year, that alone would support somewhere in the neighborhood of 100,000 to 200,000 new jobs. We’d be able to tell Congress: If we can do it, you can pass policies to support American manufacturing too.

Made in America gifts that give more smiles, more jobs, and richer conversations. That’s how we’ll be giving this holiday season. How about you?

Scott Paul, President, Alliance for American Manufacturing

Alex Bogusky, Creative Advisor, Made Movement, formerly co-chairman of Crispin Porter + Bogusky


Best Stores To Find Clothing Made in the USA – Updated

Clothingmadeinusablog lists his favorite places to find made in USA clothing. Congratulations on looking for better quality clothing that will last for years. And, it is also very good for the US economy. I hope this blog entry will be of help.

We all know that finding clothing made in the United States can be very difficult. That is because only 2% of our clothes are manufactured in the U.S. in 2013. Therefore, it takes a plan in order to find these precious gems.  The first tip is to visit your neighborhood independent clothing store. A particular store might not have any but some could have up to 30% of their clothing made in the USA. That is because the independents often are unable to buy in gigantic volumes and because the independent doesn’t have to answer the higher bosses, they can carry more U.S made clothing. So visit your nearby independent clothing store and always check the label.

Department Stores

Even the best department stores will carry only about 2% of American made clothing, mostly because they deal with great volumes of clothing. The worst of the department stores like Kohl’s will carry less than 0.001% American made. Overall from the best to worst goes like this: Nordstroms> Nordstroms Rack> Nieman Marcus> Barneys> Saks Fifth Avenue> Bloomingdales> Macys> Dillards> Target> WalMart> Sears> JC Pennys> Kohls. Many of the department stores have websites and when looking for certain items, one can type in “made in usa” and then up on the screen should be a listing of the US made items, exceptions: Macys (which used to allow to search for made in USA items) and Saks.


Outlets in general have less Made in USA clothing. Outlets specialize in huge volumes of clothing which generally come from China or Bangladesh. The only exceptions would be an American Apparel outlet or a Splendid/Ella Moss outlet.


Mens Clothing: Casual Pants

Some of the most common casual pants made in the USA are: Adriano Goldschmied (A/G), Citizens of Humanity, J. Brand, Paige, Vince (rare), Splendid, Rag and Bone at Nordstroms and Nieman Marcus.  Nieman Marcus also has pants made by Billy Reid and Original Paperbacks. Barney’s: in the past, have carried Band of Outsiders and Thom Browne. If you are looking for less expensive casual pants, I would suggest American Apparel. Steven Alan and Bills Khakis also carries US made casual pants. On the internet, you may want to try Osmium.

Dress Pants

Brands of dress pants made in the USA are very difficult to find : Joseph Abboud, Riveira, Vince (rare) can be found at Nordstroms or Nordstrom’s Rack (if one is lucky).  There are fine dress pants available at Alan Edmonds as well as Bills Khakis. If one is lucky, one may find brand name of Fitzgerald or Madison, made in the USA, at Brooks Brothers. Hickey Freeman is a good choice for fine dress pants. Thom Browne can be found at Barneys. Nordstroms is now carrying (at times) Alex Maine pants and Hugo Boss pants (rarely) made in the US. At times, one can find dress pants made in Canada At Bloomingdales, Nieman Marcus, and Sachs sometimes makes dress pants in the USA and Canada as well under their own label.


Thank goodness, many brands of jeans are still made in the USA, but Wrangler and Lee no longer make any in the U.S. Levi’s still makes a limited amount in the US, they can be found in their flagship store (1155 Battery) in San Francisco. The United States makes great jeans, and especially the high quality selvedge jeans, see my link: selvedge jeans Made in the USA. Since there are so many brands of jeans to be found, my preference is going to Nordstroms Rack, they carry brands such as 7 For All Mankind, Paige Premium, A/G, Joe’s, and True Religion. One can also visit some outlet stores of True Religion and 7 For All Mankind. Blues Jean Bar also carries their own brands.

Dress Shirts

Dress Shirts brands made in the US are few, but there is  one new maker of American dress shirts. Best known for its great dress shoes, Allen Edmonds now makes dress shirts found in its stores or on-line. Other brands like Gitman Brothers can be found at small stores, but also stores that often carry Bill’s Khaki’s or Barney’s. Thom Browne, winner of my Best Dress Shirt in the United States, can be found at Barneys. Brooks Brothers carries Black Fleece but very few under its Brooks Brothers label. Robert Talbott shirts made in the USA (small amount of them are made in the US) can be found in Robert Talbott stores and outlets. If you happen to be in New York City, try and find Oxxford, makers of fine clothing since the 1916.

Casual Shirts

Casual shirts run the gamut of semi-dressy to T-shirt like design. For collared, long sleeved, buttoned up shirts, I like Freemans Sporting Club and Bill’s Khakis. For polo shirts, I prefer James Perse. Agave is another great brand of casual shirts. For T-shirts, there is a multitude to chose of brands to choose from. For T-shirts, I prefer to go to the Nordstroms Rack or Off 5th Avenue.


Men’s underwear has a very small number of brands available. I prefer to go to American Apparel for this. Sometimes, I get lucky and find some REI underwear made in the US at REI. But my favorite is bgreen found at Eco Goods in Santa Cruz, CA. Otherwise, going on the internet and go to Flint and Tinder or Ramblers Way.


There are numerous brands of socks made in the United States. Just about all stores may have a few brands, even Walmart and Target, maybe not Kohl’s. For a listing of the various brands of socks, follow this link: socks. Some almost always made in USA brands of socks are Smartwool, Thurlo and Wigwam.


For athletic shoes, running, cross training, and tennis shoes, there is only one American brand that makes these shoes in the United States, it is New Balance. For dress shoes, there are a few choices, but my favorite is Allen Edmonds, there are more and more A.E. stores going across the United States all the time. Dress Boots – there are a few big names still around: Red Wing, Frye’s, and my favorite Wolverine, the 1000 mile design. Red Wings Boots can be found at their stores. Frye’s and Wolverine boots can be found at various different department stores and independent stores across the United States. For a list of shoes made in the U.S. follow this link: shoes.

Sports Jackets

Sports jackets are one of the articles of clothing that the United States are still one of the best at manufacturing. Many times companies have sent their manufacturing to China, just to bring it back because of poor manufacturing. The major makers of sports jackets can be found at Nordstroms, Nordstroms Rack, lesser amounts at Macy’s, Bloomingdales and Dillards. The brands include: Hart-Schauffner-Marx, Hickey Freeman, Joseph Abboud. Brooks Brothers also carries a couple of lines of brands.

Women’s Clothing

Tops & Blouses

There are many U.S. made brands in many stores. Independent clothing stores should be your first choice. American Apparel which is casual and inexpensive is always available if that is your style. Otherwise the department stores: Nordstroms>Nordstroms Rack> NiemanMarcus> Barneys> Saks> Bloominddales>Macys> Dillards> Target> Walmart> Kohls. There are some brands that stand out as being made in America: Karen Kane, Three Dots, Bobeau, Bailey 44, Ella Moss, Haute Hippie, Milly, Monrow, Prairie Underground, Splendid and The Row. Don’t forget Michael Stars and their stores which have a good amount of Made in the USA clothing especially tops.


There is an even greater selection of jeans for women than there is for men. For this reason, I would suggest one of the Department Discount stores like Nordstroms Rack. The brands most often seen are Hudson, Paige, Not Your Daughters Jeans, Joe’s, 7 For All Mankind, and True Religion. Outlet stores of the makers of jeans like 7 For All Mankind and True Religion are also good choices to find U.S. made jeans, but not Lucky Jeans nor Levi’s (unless you go to the flagship store and then it would be rare.). Don’t forget to try the smaller independent stores as well which carry many other brands.


Underwear made in the USA for women, like underwear for men, are in very short supply. The list is limited. Hanky Panky can be found at Nordstroms. Commando is another brand frequently found. American Apparel is always a good source of just about all types of clothing and they are always made in the United States. For other brands of underwear, please follow the link: underwear made in the USA.


There are multiple makers of socks made in the US. Most stores will carry some US made socks. see my blog entry on socks for the almost 100 brands of socks made in the USA.


New Balance is the only US made brand that makes athletic shoes, but, fortunately, they make many different models. For dress shoes, the selection is actually pretty sparse. Hands down the best choice is Nordstroms with its brands of: Athena, Callisto, Dezario, Icon, Jack Rogers, Munro, and Onex. For a full list of US made shoes, follow this link: Shoes Made in the U.S.

Listing of Brands of Clothing found at brick and mortar stores

For a more comprehensive listing of brands “Made in the United States” see this link.

Buying Clothing via the Internet

There are hundreds of companies that sell only through the internet. I have a blog entry with many links to find those garments Made in the USA at Listing of Brands of Clothing Made in the USA via Internet. Some of my favorites are Flint and Tinder and American Giant.

“Whoever said money can’t buy happiness simply didn’t know where to go shopping.” – Bo Derek


Replacing Lululemon with Made in USA Athletic Wear

As I reported in my previous entry: Unwanted Exposure for Lululemon, many people are swearing off Lululemon for their too sheer Yoga pants. Now, the question becomes, who do I choose for my athletic wear? My suggestion is to try some of the “Made in the USA” brands. On the top of this list would be Clary Sage Organics. Clary Sage Organics is made in San Francisco, California, and the garments are made up of great quality materials, plus, they have a very fine manufacturing process, therefore, the garments will not be too sheer. But, what makes Clary Sage Organic a clear choice for many people is that all of their athletic wear is organic, sometimes sustainable (made of recycled material), and always chemical-free. Just last week, I was at Clary Sage Organics in Santana Row, and they had a pair of yoga pants, made out of recycled water bottles (BPA-free, of course), and it was one of the softest fabrics I have ever felt. They are amazing. Update: Clary Sage Organics is closed for good.

Sage- Slick corset top(made of recycled water bottles)

Sage- Slick corset top
(made of recycled water bottles)

Clary Sage Organic started in 2008 by founders Patti Cazzato (had been with GAP and Levis) and Daniel Kalish (a Natural Health Care Practitioner). Clary Sage Organic is an eco-chic boutique which combines organic clothing and wellness products.

Sage Slick scallop seamed legging

Sage Slick scallop seamed leggings

Clary Sage Organic has two stores, one at 2241 Fillmore St., San Francisco, CA and one at Santana Row in San Jose, CA, which has been open for about a year. The clothing can, also, be purchased online, on their website.

Sage Miracle Crop

Sage Miracle Crop

Other Excellent Choices in Brick and Mortar Stores

Splits 59 is another excellent choice, sometimes found in Nieman Marcus, but, also, found in many small stores in California. Created in 2008 by Jonathon Schwartz, an ironman enthusiast and son of the co-founder of Calvin Klein, Inc. and Keith Peterson, formerly of Tommy Hilfiger and Dolce & Gabbana, they make all their athletic wear in Los Angeles.

Splits 59 Nova Capri Tight

Splits 59 Nova Capri Tight

Their philosophy: Innovative garments using the latest in technically advanced fabrics with sleek silhouettes and a directional attitudes.

Splits 59 Sabrina Singlette Tank

Splits 59 Sabrina Singlette Tank

Other makers: Nordstroms carries some Made in USA makers of athletic wear/yoga pants such as prAna (link is to the made in USA portion), Hard Tail (can also be found at Bloomingdales), Beyond Yoga, and Soul, Mind, Breathe, Life. And don’t forget American Apparel or my blog entry, Jennifer Lawrence Wears American Apparel.

Athletic Wear Made In The USA via the Internet

In going through my listings off of my blog entry Listing of Brands of Clothing Made in the USA via internet (subset Athletic Wear), I believe the best two of the bunch are Cana Collection and Kos USA. Cana Collection is manufactured in New York City, in the garment district. Cana specializes in activewear lifestyle brand catering to women and men, combining high-performance technology with style. KOS USA has the largest selection. They have been around since 1990 and their clothing is made in Los Angeles, CA. KOS USA specializes in making apparel in all realms of the fitness arena.
I have just been apprised of another internet only company that makes Yoga clothing from recycled bottles made in the USA. Their name is Teeki.

Happy exercising and buy American.

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