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Best Way to Buy Clothing Made in the USA

Best Way To Buy Clothing Made in the USA

Clothing made in the USA represents less than 2% of all clothing made in the USA. And because there is such a small inventory, it makes them hard to find. And for some products, they are more expensive than the slave labor competitors, I will give some tips as to find clothing for less. If one is patient, one can create a very nice American wardrobe with a modest outlay.

I believe one of the best ways to find U.S. made clothing is going to websites that sell all or most of their apparel made in the U.S. One of the ways to find these websites is through my blog entry: Listing of Brands of Clothing Made in the USA – Internet. The other way is to visit department stores (or their stores websites) that have a higher percentage of US made clothing, probably the best is Nordstroms or the Nordstroms Rack. If you want to look on your own at various stores, good luck. To help in your quest, I have amassed quite a list: it is called: Listing of American Clothing Manufacturers – Retail.

The very best way to obtain to get high quality U.S. Made clothing at great prices is to set up your e-mail to receive the sales e-mails from your favorite stores or suppliers. Often you will receive the sales and clearance e-mails which is where you can score your best bargains. My favorite sites are Bills Khakis (100% made in USA), American Giant (100% Made in USA, Allen Edmonds and Guideboat. Other good sites for particular items like dress pants and suits would be Mens Wearhouse and Hickey Freeman. For this blog entry, I have limited my entries just towards mens apparel.

Men’s Apparel (starting from bottom to top)

Men’s Shoes

For Dress shoes there are two mens shoes companies that generate most of the sales: Allen Edmonds and Alden. These shoes are very high quality, lasting for years, but expensive. The best way is to find a deal is to be on the e-mail list and periodically there can be some fantastic sales (remember not all Allen Edmonds shoes are made in the USA): Allen Edmonds shoes website, Alden website.

Allen Edmonds
Lake Bluff Weave Dress

Alden BAL Oxford

For Athletic Shoes – In recent years there was only one manufacturer of American athletic shoes: New Balance. PFFlyers, another well-known brand, is now owned by New Balance as well. There are noises that Under Armour, Adidas and Reebok may start making limited amount of shoes in the U.S.For other shoe brands see my Listing of Shoes made in USA.

New Balance 990


There actually are numerous companies that make socks in the USA. Even companies that make no other apparel in the USA, sometimes make socks here like Nike, Champion, Hanes.

There some very good high quality socks made in the USA that are worth looking for such as Wigwam, Thurlo, and Smartwool. See, also, my entry: Socks Made in the USA Listing.

Thurlo Thin Cushion Experia Multi sport


For Dress pants, probably the best website would be: Mens Wearhouse– Joseph Abboud (remember to choose the Made in USA  apparel). For other dress pants, see: Best Dress Pants in USA. For casual pants, a very good site is Bills Khakis, his is also a good site for shorts and casual shirts.

Joseph Abboud Black Pleated Dress pants


Jeans are consider the original American idea and there are many companies that still make jeans here in the USA. In my list, I have 96 brands found at retailers and 31 on the Internet on Listing of American Manufacturing Companies – Retail under Jeans. One company that has been a major contributor to the Made in America movement is Bullet Blues.

Bullet Blues Nationalist Jour


Underwear is one of the more difficult objects to find made in the USA. There has been some good news, WalMart, of all people, has brought back some “made in USA” produced by some of the classic manufacturers such as Hanes and Fruit of the Loom. However, one of my favorites are from BGreen , Oliver’s Apparel,  Flint and Tinder and American Giant. These same companies also offer plenty of choices for T shirts.

B Green Boxer Brief

American Giant Premium V Neck T shirt


The United States does make a small number of dress shirts. The best dress shirts are made by Brooks Brothers Golden Fleece Label. Sometimes, one can find Hamilton dress shirts in some high end stores, they are also worth the money. The American dress shirt makers in general are hard to find. And then, sometimes, there are the small bespoken shirt makers like Tuckerman and Co.

For casual shirts and polo shirts, your best best is Bills Khakis.

Brooks Brothers Golden Fleece Regent Fit English Collar Frame Stripe Dress Shirt

Bills Khakis Keystone Plaid – red


Many high quality Suit tops or jackets are still made here in the USA. Hickey Freeman, Hart, Schaffner and Marx, Mens Wearhouse and Brooks Brothers. For top of the line, the best are Oxxford and Brooks Brothers Golden Fleece.

Hickey Freeman Dark Blue Checkered Traveler’s Jacket

Brooks Brothers Golden Fleece Madison Fit Alternating Stripe Suit


For many years, shorts made in the USA was a rare commodity. But thanks to Bills Khakis, there is somebody that makes a bunch of different styles of very good quality and great prices when bought off-season.

Bills Khakis Southport Twill – Navy

Happy shopping!!





Buying US products supports US workers and companies, despite what the Free Traders say. Without our support, there soon will be little or no jobs in manufacturing of clothing and textiles. From the article: “State of the U.S. Textile and Apparel Industry: Output, Employment and Trade (Updated March 2017, below are the statistics 

Textile Manufacturing Jobs in the USA

January, 2005                      December, 2016

404,600                                  225,000

January 2015                        December, 2016

233,300                                  225,000                    (Loss of 8,300 jobs)

Apparel Manufacturing Jobs in the USA

January, 2005                       December, 2016

264,200                                   128,900

January, 2015                       December, 2016

138,100                                    128,900                     (Loss of 9,200 jobs)


Made in USA 2018 Winter Olympic Apparel by Ralph Lauren

After 2012 Controversy, Ralph Lauren Opts for American-Made 2018 Winter Olympics Apparel

Ralph Lauren’s Team USA outfits are as patriotic as they appear.

Jeanne Carver was on her ranch in July 2012, watching her sheep graze as they began their nocturnal migration to their bedding grounds, when she received a call from what she assumed was a yarn store. Instead, Carver, owner of Imperial Stock Ranch in Shaniko, Ore., soon learned that the call came from Ralph Lauren’s product development team in New York.

Sheep at the Imperial Stock Ranch in Oregon being herded. 
Photo by Imperial Stock Ranch

After coming under fire for outsourcing Team USA’s Summer 2012 Olympics apparel in China, Ralph Lauren contracted Carver to begin weaving together a supply chain that would outfit America’s Olympians in Made in America clothing from head to toe, starting with the sheep who provided the wool needed to knit Team USA’s sweaters for the 2014 Winter Olympics.

Thus began Ralph Lauren’s mission to source and manufacture every component of its Olympic uniforms in America, a commitment the company has sustained for three Olympic games, including the 2018 Winter Olympics.

This year, Carver again supplied wool for Team’s USA clothing, initiating a supply chain that produced opening and closing ceremony outfits for more than 700 Team USA athletes and staff members at this year’s Olympic and Paralympic competitions in PyeongChang, South Korea.

American manufacturers, ranging from companies in operation for decades to those still establishing themselves in the marketplace, contributed to the production of Ralph Lauren’s collection.

“We did it because it’s not only special to our company, our employees, including the guys on the floor that developed and made this yarn, and the management team, it’s important to the United States of America and to the Olympics. We were just thrilled to have the opportunity.” Jim Chessnut, CEO of National Spinning

During the parade of nations in the opening ceremony, Team USA athletes will wear a parka in red, white and blue made by Better Team USA in Clifton, N.J.; moto-inspired jeans made by ROICOM in El Paso, Texas; a knit vintage-inspired ski sweater made by Ball of Cotton in Commerce, Calif.; a wool ski hat and base layers made by Andari in El Monte, Calif.; and shearling gauntlet gloves made by Echo in New York, N.Y.

The closing ceremony will feature a water-repellant white bomber jacket made by Better Team USA; a wool sweater and mittens made by Andari; navy double-fleece joggers made by Ferrara Manufacturing in New York, N.Y.; and a knit hat made by Ball of Cotton.

For both ceremonies, Team USA athletes will wear brown suede mountaineering boots made by Allen Edmonds in Port Washington, Wis.; a canvas belt with cowhide belt tabs made by Magna Leather in El Paso, Texas; socks made by Renfro Corporation in Cleveland, Tenn., for Hot Sox; embellishments made by Trimworld in New York, N.Y.; and a bracelet handcrafted by Scosha in Brooklyn, N.Y.

Ralph Lauren’s patriotically themed outfits may evoke classic Americana, but the uniforms were manufactured using cutting-edge technology.

To combat the gusts of Siberian winds and temperatures as low as 11 degrees Fahrenheit in PyeongChang, Ralph Lauren integrated thin, lightweight heating components that will keep the athletes warm for up to 11 hours into Team USA’s jackets.

This heating technology, developed by DuPont Advanced Materials, is composed of conductive stretchable silver and carbon inks that instantly heat when powered by a battery within the jackets.

The inks were printed onto the jackets’ interiors in the shape of the American flag by family-owned high-precision membrane printer Butler Technologies in Butler, Pa.

“Ralph Lauren has effortlessly woven style and functionality into the opening ceremony uniform for the 2018 U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Teams,” said Lisa Baird, the United States Olympic Committee’s (USOC) chief marketing officer, in Ralph Lauren’s press release.

Through its Team USA collections, Ralph Lauren has championed America’s athletes and manufacturers and brought the world’s attention to the quality of American production. This support has ensured the survival and success of several of the company’s production partners.

California-based Andari made the opening ceremony hat and closing ceremony sweater and mittens, which were knit using wool from Imperial Stock Ranch in Oregon that was spun and dyed by National Spinning. | Photo by Andari

Wei Wang, who owns and operates Andari alongside his sister, Ilona Wang, came close to shuttering the business his parents founded in 1999 when the recession hit in 2008.

Rather than abandon their U.S. facility, the Wangs adapted their production model to embrace quality over quantity—a switch that caught the attention of Ralph Lauren as its production development team sought manufacturers for the 2014 Olympic games.

Through the media exposure working with Ralph Lauren garnered, the Wangs were able to find more work for their factory.

Currently, Andari employs 130 people, but the Wangs have plans for further expansion.

Carver of Imperial Stock Ranch, who has advocated for the revival of America’s textile industry since 1999, also said that “hundreds of companies and brands” expressed interest in working with Imperial Stock Ranch following her collaboration with Ralph Lauren, which continued beyond the Olympics.

In utilizing supply chains in the United States for their Olympic collections, Ralph Lauren helped form new relationships among manufacturers and reinforce long-standing ones, safeguarding a symbiotic ecosystem of manufacturers and producers.

Carver has fought to protect and cultivate this network as the only means of sustaining the productivity of her ranch’s sheep.

“Without our processing and manufacturing partners, we have nothing … I have a raw material that I can’t get rid of or that has no value anymore, but with them as partners, they can with their expertise bring it to product stage, and we’re all stronger,” Carver said. “We’re stronger as a nation by keeping these connections viable in this country.”

However, producing items for Ralph Lauren’s Team USA collection has also been a labor of love that involved late nights and last-minute revisions to accommodate stringent USOC regulations.

“We did it because it’s not only special to our company, our employees, including the guys on the floor that developed and made this yarn, and the management team, it’s important to the United States of America and to the Olympics. We were just thrilled to have the opportunity,” said Jim Chessnut, CEO of employee-owned National Spinning, which spun and dyed Imperial Stock Ranch’s wool for Ralph Lauren’s knitwear.

Several of Ralph Lauren’s Winter Olympics 2018 production partners feel personally connected to the Olympic mission and have been affiliated with the games outside of their roles as manufacturers.

“Without our processing and manufacturing partners, we have nothing … I have a raw material that I can’t get rid of or that has no value anymore, but with them as partners, they can with their expertise bring it to product stage, and we’re all stronger,” Carver said. “We’re stronger as a nation by keeping these connections viable in this country.” Jeanne Carver, Imperial Stock Ranch

Scosha Woolridge, the designer and owner of Scosha, once trained to compete in the Olympics as a 100-meter hurdler, and Carver has coached the U.S. National Team in Track and Field and served on the U.S. Olympic Development Committee.

Unfortunately, though dozens of manufacturers in America eagerly contributed to this year’s Winter Olympics, when the world watches America’s Olympians collect their medals, they will be clothed in Nike’s Medal Stand Collection, largely manufactured overseas. Similarly, the vast majority of competition uniforms are made in offshore factories.

Ralph Lauren has earned a gold medal for its contributions to the Olympics, but other companies have yet to follow.

The 2018 Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony will take place on Friday at 6 a.m. ET, and the Closing Ceremony will take place on Feb. 25 at 6 a.m. ET. The events will be streamed live via NBC’s website and its app, and there will be a primetime television broadcast at 8 p.m. ET.

Polo Ralph Lauren’s Made in America Team USA collection is available for sale online. Royalties from the sales go to the United States Olympic Committee.

Editor’s Comment

One of my first well-received blog entries was six years ago when I wrote that Ralph Lauren was not making the Olympic uniforms in the USA in Ralph Lauren and the Olympic Uniform Controversy. Since that time, Ralph Lauren has been great about avoiding controversy and has made much of their Olympic (Summer or Winter) apparel in the USA. You may want to check out the Polo Ralph Lauren website for the Olympic apparel made in the USA online. They may be expensive, but they are collectors items and are going fast.

Thanks to the blog for the Alliance of American Manufacturing for writing the above article.


Christmas Gifts Made in USA 2017

Christmas Gifts Made in USA 2017

Happy Holidays. It is that time again. It is time to go shopping for Christmas presents. And what better way to say you care than by buying gifts made in the USA. I have chosen some different gifts this year. Once you finished your shopping, celebrate your accomplishment with Domaine Carneros Sparkling wine (see the last gift).

First off, from the Vermont Teddy Bear Company, Santa and Mrs Claus Set.

Vermont Teddy Bear Santa and Mrs Claus set

Next from the Guideboat Company, who just opened another store at the Stanford Shopping Center is a Jacquard knit J’Adore Half Zip Jacket


Guideboat Jacquard Knit J’Adore half-zip jacket


Next from Robeworks, all robes made in the USA, comes  the Luxury Hooded Robe LJ 500

Robeworks Luxury Hooded Robe LJ500

If you are looking for more than clothing, look at the satchel from Merci Fortune called the Catherine Satchel Cerise Leather. All bags are made with Horween leather and handcrafted in New York City.


If you want to keep warm look at this fleece blanket made by the American Blanket Company. They advertise themselves as the best blanket in America. They are lifetime guaranteed and all are made in Fall River, Massachusetts.

American Blanket Company Luster Loft Fleece Blanket


The Next item is from an old favorite of mine: Bills Khakis. This one is called the Donegal Sweater.

Bills Khakis Donegal Sweater Charcoal

To keep your hands warm, there are these nice Elkskin mittens, found on the website Leather Gloves Online. Not all are gloves are US made on this website.

Leatherglovesonline Elkskin mittens

To keep your feet warm, look at this Slipper from Sundance Leather. com. made in Colorado. Colorado Colorado cuff slippers


Looking for accessories made in the USA? Well, Allen Edmonds have a few Tie Pins and cufflinks.

American Flag Tie Pin

Allen Edmonds American Flag cufflinks


The next is a Christmas season must. It is the ugly Christmas sweater. This one is from The priniting is all done in the USA, but not all of their apparel is made here, it is difficult to decipher where they are from.

Teespring Ugly Christmas Sweater

At wintertime, we can’t spend our whole time snuggled up under covers, in front of a roaring fire with a cup of cocoa, sometimes we have to go out there and exercise. Because the daylight hours in the winter are shorter, it means that we have to spend more of our time in the dark. And if you want to exercise safely, wearing reflective wear will make your work-out safer. First, from Illuminite, comes a reflective jacket in a royal blue color.

Illuminite Womens Royal Blue jacket – reflective

Continuing with the night exercise wear comes the reflective shorts from Illuminte.

Illuminite Womens Mid length shorts reflective

Another great idea for Christmas is jewelry. One company that makes all there jewelry is Hawaii is Na Hoku.

Na Hoku 14K Gold Hawaiian Heirloom 8mm bracelet

During the holiday season, there are plenty of parties and get-togethers, so sometimes one has to get gussied up. Here is an example from Nordstroms’.

Nordstroms: Dress The Population Emery scoop back reversible sequin body con dress

Also From Nordstroms’ is a Leather Bomber jacket made by long-time US clothing maker, Schott.

Nordstroms Schott NYC Genuine Shearling Vintage B-6 Bomber Jacket


Thinking of a gift that is not clothing, how about this briefcase from Frank Clegg.

Frank Clegg chestnut tumbled grain leather English briefcase

Still needing to stay warm, see this warm coat from Sofia Cashmere Wool Blend Coat from Nordstroms.


A great idea for Christmas are watches. Shinola watches are made in Detroit, Michigan.

Shinola Runwell 47mm Green Watch


The Vermont Teddy Bear Company has such cute ideas that is why they are appearing for a second time.

Vermont Teddy Bear Co. Beary Christmas Tree

Have you finished your holiday? Yes, well done. Now you can celebrate with Domaine Carneros Sparkling Wines.

Domaine Carneros Sparkling Wines



American Made Shoes: The Ultimate Source List – USA Love List

Source: American Made Shoes: The Ultimate Source List – USA Love List

This is the updated list from USA Love List

American Made Shoes: The Ultimate Source List

The ultimate list of every brand still making shoes in the USA.

Everyone is looking for American made shoes. I admit, they are difficult to find, but  I’ve put together this extensive list. It contains brands that make all of their shoes in the USA, but I’ve also listed brands whose lines contain some made in USA shoes and some that are imported.  Always check your labels and look for Made in USA before you buy! (Sandals featured in cover image are by Mohop.)

We have Ultimate Source Lists for Men’s Shoes Made in the USA, Made in USA Work Boots, Hiking Boots & More, a Source Guide For Shoes Made in California, Made in USA Boots for Cold, Snow and Rain,  and Sandals Made in the USA as well. Check out our sources for American made socks too!

Our Top Picks for American Made Footwear

American Made Sneakers: SOM Footwear

If you think there aren’t any American made sneakers out there, think again. We’ve found SOM Footwear, shoes designed for an active lifestyle. The shoe’s minimalist design gives you the freedom and stability of barefoot walking with all the protection and support you need.  Each shoe is built with a specialized toe box and heel, so hard to fit feet get ultimate comfort.  All SOM Footwear is made in Colorado of the highest quality weather-proof materials.

Capps Shoe Company is 100% made in USA in our factory located on the border between Virginia and North Carolina in Gretchen, Virginia. The company has over 175 employees with an average shoemaking experience of over 12 years – its skilled craftsman are among the most talented shoe makers in the world. Capps footwear is approved for use by the Army & Air Force Exchange Service, Nexcom, and the National Park Service, as well as Police, Sheriff and Fire Department.

American Made Shoes: The Ultimate Source List

If you notice that we have missed your favorite American made shoe brand, please let us know in the comments and we will add them to our list!

  • Alden, men’s dress shoes, made in Middleborough, Massachusetts since 1884
  • Allen Edmonds, men’s dress shoes, casual shoes and boots, made in Wisconsin
  • Aurora Shoe Co shoes for men and women are handmade in upstate New York
  • Cade & Co, infant shoes made in Park City, Utah
  • Calleen Cordero women’s shoes are made in California.
  • California Magdesians, made in City of Industry, California
  • Carolina, men’s work boots (only select styles are made in USA)
  • Capps Shoe Company, men’s and women’s dress shoes made in Virginia
  • Chacos’ MyChacos collection that’s made Rockford, Michigan (other styles are not American made)
  • Chippewa Boots, loafers & rugged work & fashion boots for men & women (only select styles)
  • CYDWOQ, men and women’s boots, flats, boots, made in Burbank, California
  • Danner offers select styles of made in USA hiking boots, hunting boots, work boots, and urban wear boots.
  • Eastland, has a ‘Made in Maine Collection’ of shoes for men and women
  • Eliza B, youth and women’s flip flops, made in Connecticut
  • Esquivel luxury leather shoes for men and women are handcrafted by skilled artisans in southern California.
  • Footwear by Footskins, men and women’s moccasins made in Spring Grove, Minnesota
  • Frye, men’s and women’s boots (select styles only)
  • Gateway Shoes tuxedo shoes, marching band shoes, and uniform shoes are made in Missouri
  • Gurkee’s rope sandals are made in West Virginia. They offer any array of colors and styles.
  • Hathorn Explorer boots are made in Washington.
  • Helm, men’s boots, made in Austin, Texas
  • Hersey Custom Shoe Company makes customized sneakers in Massachusetts.
  • Hoffman Boot pac boots and leather boots are made in Idaho.
  • Island Slipper, women and men’s sandals made in Hawaii Island Slipper is listed in 10 Things We Love, Made in Hawaii
  • Jack Rogers Navajo Sandals, women’s sandals, select styles made in Florida
  • Jen + Kim, women’s heels and custom heels made in Los Angles, California
  • Julie Bees, Women’s Flats made in Atlanta, Georgia
  • Kamik, select styles of toddler and little kids snow boots are assembled in the USA
  • Keen has select styles of assembled in USA low- and high-profile snow and hiking boots for men and women available at Zappos.
  • Kepner Scott, infant and toddler shoes, made in Orwigsburg, Pennsylvania Kepner Scoot is listed in 10 Things We Love,  Made in Pennsylvania
  • L.L. Bean, men and women’s boots, select styles made in Maine since 1912
  • Lucchese manufactures select styles of boots in the USA
  • Manimal, baby and unisex moccasins made in Brooklyn, New York
  • mohop. women’s sandals and flats made in Chicago, Illinois
  • Munro, women’s heels, boots and sandals made in Hot Springs, Arkansas (select styles only)
  • myAnatech, women’s shoes and sandals, made in California
  • Neil M Footwear, made in Wynne, Arkansas
  • New Balance, women and men’s sneakers, select styles made outside of Boston, Massachusetts New Balance is listed in 10 Things We Love, Made in Massachusetts
  • Newbark luxury women’s flats made in California.
  • Nicks Handmade Boots, boots for men and women all handmade in Spokane, Washington
  • Oakstreet Bootmakers, made in Chicago, Illinois
  • Oka b colorful ballet flats and flip flops are made in Georgia.
  • Okabashi, flats and sandals, made in Buford, Georgia Okabashi is listed in 10 Things We Love, Made in Georgia
  • Onex  women’s shoes are handcrafted in California.
  • Perry Ercolino, custom dress shoes are made in Pennsylvania
  • Pierrepont Hicks, women’s chukkas, moccasins, and desert boots made in Maine
  • Piper Sandals, childrens, men and women’s leather sandals, made in San Antonio, Texas
  • PW Minor shoes for men and women are made in New York
  • Quoddy boat shoes are handmade in Maine
  • Rancourt & Co, men’s dress shoes, made in Lewiston, Maine
  • Red Wing, work boots made in Minnesota (select styles only)
  • Russell Moccasin Co. boots and moccasins are handmade in Wisconsin.
  • Salpy Shoes  Truly artisanal shoes designed and built in a Los Angeles factory.
  • SAS (San Antonio Shoes), men and woman’s shoes, made in San Antonio, Texas
  • Scandic Footwear manufactures women’s leather and wood bottom clogs in New England
  • Schnee’s, men and women’s uninsulated rubber-bottom pac boots and hiking boots, made in Bozeman, Montana
  • Sbicca, women’s wedge sandals, select styles made in Los Angles, California
  • Sloggers, women’s rainboots, made in Gardena, California
  • Soft Star shoes for adults and children are made in Oregon.
  • SOM Footwear, quality athletic casual sneaker for men and women made in Colorado Top pick for American made sneakers
  • Steger Mukluks and Moccasins, made in Ely, Minnesota (These are like the made in USA version of UGGs! We love them!)
  • Sven clogs for men, women, and children are made in the USA
  • The Palatines, leather slingbacks, sandals and booties made in Los Angeles, California
  • The Vintage Shoe Company, men and women’s boots, oxfords and flats, made in Pennsylvania
  • Thorogood, men’s boots
  • Truman Boot Co., hand built boots, made in Colorado
  • Vere Sandals, men and women’s flip flops, made in Geneva, New York
  • Walk-Over, men’s casual shoes, select styles made in USA since 1758
  • White’s Boots, men’s jumper boots
  • Wolverine, men’s boots, made in Rockford, Michigan (select styles)
  • Zuzii Footwear manufactures shoes (sandals, clogs, sneakers) for baby, kids, and women in Los Angeles, California.

Our favorite retailers that offer Made in USA shoes

To make your American made shoes even more comfy, try Piggy Pillows’ flip flop insoles or American-made soft gel foot cushions from Body and Sole Comfort. Have we missed anything on this list of American made shoe brands?  Which is your favorite?  Share other American made shoes brands with us.

Disclosure: USA Love List received some products in this post unconditionally for review purposes. Our opinions are always our own, and we aim to write fair and balanced reviews to promo


Allen Edmonds Newest Golf Shoes

Allen Edmonds has been the only maker of U.S. made golf shoes for the past 5-10 years. Their shoes are of high quality and definitely upper end. They have partnered with Jack Nicklaus and have come up with two new models of golf shoes made in the USA.

Jack Nicklaus Anaconda golf shoes by Allen Edmonds

Jack Nicklaus Anaconda golf shoes by Allen Edmonds (also available as all brown)


  • Proudly made in the USA at our Port Washington, Wisconsin factory

In the 1880s, Anaconda, Montana was synonymous with the splendor and riches that resulted from the copper ore processed there. In the 1980s, the area was a Superfund site, toxic and uninhabitable. But by the 1990s, Mr. Nicklaus was able to turn the “Old Works” into a new, world-class golf course that incorporates remnants of the copper smelter, like the flue and oven, into his design. In honor of this transformation, the Anaconda has the broguing of a traditional golf shoe but also the modern touches of athletic footwear for a look and feel that’s classic and contemporary.

Renegade golf shoes white

Renegade golf shoes white

Opened in 1987, the Renegade Course was the first of the six Jack Nicklaus Signature Courses at Desert Mountain and was once described by Golf Magazine as “the most versatile course in the world.” In keeping with versatility, the new Renegade Jack Nicklaus golf shoe has evolved to a more athletic style and sole for those who enjoy comfort and performance on and off the course.

The Renegade shoes also come in black

The Renegade shoes also come in black

Don’t forget to check out their other great golf shoes like this Weybridge model which comes in black, tan and blue:

Weybridge golf shoes - blue grain

Weybridge golf shoes – blue grain

The black grain Weybridge shoes are also great looking. And don’t forget that Allen Edmonds is one of the best dress shoe manufacturer in the United States. Check out their link at: Allen Edmonds.





Men’s Clearance -Allen Edmonds

Men’s Clearance – Men’s Shoes | Allen Edmonds.

Allen Edmonds is one of the few men’s dress shoe manufacturers that still makes their shoes in the USA. The company was founded in 1922, and even though CEO, Paul Grangaard had sold the company in November, 2013 to Brentwood Associates (Brentwood Associates describes itself as a consumer-focused private equity firm with a 30-year history of investing in middle-market growth companies. Specialty retail is one of its areas of interest), Alan Edmonds has continued its commitment to make shoes in the USA (although, they do own a shoe factory in the Dominican Republic as well, so check the label).

One of the nice things about being on the mailing list is being the first to see the new selections, their latest sales and their clearance sales. The bad thing is that you have another e-mail to delete if you are not in the mood to buy. Here are a couple of clearance items that are great buys:

Woodstock dress loafers 50% off original price

Woodstock dress loafers 50% off original price

Cut Bank belt

Cut Bank belt 70% off

Allen Edmonds makes great dress shoes and the only maker of golf shoes made in USA, but they also carry a decent selection of made in USA dress shirts and a fantastic selection of Made in USA dress belts. Buy American.



Cyber Monday – Made in USA

Cyber Monday, December 1st, 2014 is fast approaching. And what better way to show that you are interested in keeping Americans employed and adding new American jobs than by purchasing U.S. made goods.

Cyber Monday is a way to purchase items on-line and on Cyber Monday many of these companies are ready to give you some deals. So we will take a look at a few places that make things in the USA for Cyber Monday.

With regards to the very first item, what better way to show that you support buying American and that you do NOT support our greatest competitor and the recipient of over 14 million of our American jobs, which would be China. (China has passed the U.S. as #1 manufacturer in the world a couple of years ago and is expected to pass the U.S. as the number one economy in the world in the next two years). Show you hometown spirit by purchasing this T shirt from All American Clothing.

T-shirt by All American Clothing

T-shirt by All American Clothing

Next is this very stylish dress by the Mius collection. Mius is an on-line boutique that brings together several different American fashion designers.

Makayla Maxi Dress by MIUS

Makayla Maxi Dress by MIUS

Continuing on fashion for women is this heavyweight full zip hoodie by American Giant. American Giant has done very well since being mentioned by Diane Sawyer and David Muir segments called ABC News: Made in America.

Heavyweight Full Zip Hoodie by American Giant

Heavyweight Full Zip Hoodie by American Giant

And since we are looking at ladies outerwear, how about this brown plaid haunting jack from the Guideboat Company. Guideboat in not exclusively American, but it is all high quality and eclectic. Based in Mill Valley, California.

Women's Hacking Jacket by Guideboat Co.

Women’s Hacking Jacket by Guideboat Co.

One more apparel item for the women. Undergarments for women, made in the USA, are difficult to find (the same goes for men’s undergarments), but there is one company which up until recently made only men’s apparel – it is Flint and Tinder.

Electric Rose underwear by Flint & Tinder

Electric Rose underwear by Flint & Tinder

Cyber Monday is not just about the women. There is just as much available for men. We shall start with a lambswool shawl cardigan sweatshirt from Ball and Buck. Ball and Buck started off with mainly hunting gear and apparel and has slowly expanded into nice comfortable clothing as well as dress shirts and shoes.

Lambswool Shawl Cardigan by Ball and Buck

Lambswool Shawl Cardigan by Ball and Buck

Next is a very nice dress loafer offered by dress shoe maker, Allen Edmonds. Allen Edmonds is offering a nice sale for Cyber Monday (like many of the other places listed here). Allen Edmonds has a fabulous selection of dress belts, dress shirts, dress pants as well as casual and golf shoes. Allen Edmonds is no longer 100% American made anymore as they do own their own shoe factory in the Dominican Republic, so read the label before you order.

Rye NY Dress Loafer by Allen Edmonds

Rye NY Dress Loafer by Allen Edmonds

Bills Khakis is one of my favorite websites in finding any sorts of men’s apparel. They have numerous sweatshirts, casual shirts, collared shirts, coats, pants, etc,etc. But for the cool weather a nice rugby shirt should keep you warm without getting to warm.


Bills Rugby Shirt in burgundy by Bills Khakis

Bills Rugby Shirt in burgundy by Bills Khakis

And finally, we have an accessory from All American Buckles who makes all their buckles here in the USA. The have a great assortment of buckles please visit their website at

America the Beautiful Belt Buckle by All American Buckles

America the Beautiful Belt Buckle by All American Buckles

Have a Happy Cyber Monday. And support your local U.S. businesses.

Support Local Businesses

Support Local Businesses




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