Ugly Christmas Sweaters Part II

This is my second blog entry on the subject of Ugly Christmas Sweaters. The first edition called “In Search of the Perfect Ugly Christmas Sweater was in 2013, Back then, “Ugly Christmas Sweaters” were just becoming popular. It was fun to find sweaters that had been made earnestly, but, which, also, happened to be ugly. Ah, those were the days. You would go into a Sears or Penney’s and you could spend hours looking through all of their Christmas-wear and sweaters. And suddenly, when you had given up all hope, there in the corner, just looking so plainly pitiful was that perfect-terribly-ugly Christmas sweater. The actual hunt for the sweaters was the most enjoyable part. The trip to the stores were like a treasure hunt, but also, it was like your own little inside joke.

Today, things are different. Ugly Christmas Sweater parties are everywhere. They even have special work days to wear your Ugly Christmas Sweaters. And it is so easy to find these horrible-looking sweaters, one can easily go to a store’s website, and under “Search” type in “Ugly Christmas Sweaters” and Voila!, a clear and pungent display of mismatched colored Ugly Sweaters will come up to astound your eyes and dizzy your senses. Ugly Christmas sweaters have now become so popular that within the stores of Macys, there are actual signs advertising “Ugly Sweaters”. However, it is not entirely clear whether these sweaters are now made ugly on purpose or they label them “Ugly”once they receive the shipment.

ugly-christExamples of Bad Christmas Wear

It is one thing to get noticed by wearing a gaudy Christmas sweater, but just imagine the looks you will receive and the comments that you will hear when you wear this Christmas suit.

Ugly Christmas Suit -MACYS

Ugly Christmas Suit -MACYS

We have all seen the ugly sweaters proudly displaying ugly reindeer and snowman, but how about if we mix in the unseemly mix of commercialism and money with the unthinkable concept of putting the picture of the holy and saintly Nicholas on the bill? Now that is in bad taste. (But probably not done on purpose as far as going for bad taste.)

Santa Bills Turtleneck - Macys

Santa Bills Turtleneck – Macys

This is an example of the more recent classic concept of the ugly sweater: A snowman with its parts in unusual places and a pun of near swearing.

Oh Snow - JC Penney

Oh Snow – JC Penney

Another recent popular concept of the ugly sweaters: One takes a loud colorful sweater and then adds a modern animated character on the front of the sweater. It could be Spiderman, Dead Pool, Darth Vader, Yoda, and, in this case, a minion.

It Could Be Worse

It Could Be Worse

Another classic ugly sweater, instead of a snowman, it is a gingerbread man cookie. This is very much like a scene from Shrek.

Gingerbread Oh Snap

Gingerbread Oh Snap

This is another popular genre of the Ugly Christmas shirt: it is called the pun. Like Meowy Christmas, this one is a variation of the Spanish saying of Merry Christmas: Feliz Navidad.

Fleece Navidad

Fleece Navidad

This example is more like the classic, older Ugly Christmas Sweater. Some designer thought that a certain design would be cute, but, instead, it is hideous and laughable like this hybrid Santa-Reindeer-Man.

Reindeer Sweater

Reindeer Sweater

A more recent version of the Ugly Sweater are the drawn on additives: buttons, belts, collars and the accessories: in this case a bottle of beer.

St. Nicks Chill Ale

St. Nicks Chill Ale

So, don’t be unstylish, find your perfect ugly Christmas sweater today. Sorry, almost all are made in China.


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