Kickstarter – Secure Pocket 2-in-1 Athletic Shorts by Edge Athletic Apparel

Kickstarter, a crowd-sourcing instrument to fund new projects, has introduced a novel idea – men’s and women’s athletic shorts that secure your pocket’s contents. Plus, they will be Made in the USA. The deadline is December 29, 2016. The goal is $20,000. The project is by Edge Athletic Apparel. Pledge your support today.

via Introducing The Secure Pocket 2-in-1 Athletic Shorts by Edge Athletic Apparel — Kickstarter

Introducing The Secure Pocket 2-in-1 Athletic Shorts

About this project

Introducing Edge Athletic Apparel’s Secure Pocket design, 2-in-1 athletic short!

Fixing a Major Problem

THE PROBLEM: Stuff! We all are guilty of carrying stuff with us, whomever we are, where ever we go. From the professional athlete, to the average, once a week gym goer, we carry our stuff on our body at all times-during our workout, on our run, training, yoga, or simply going about our day! We have our phones, keys and wallets/credit cards on us at a minimum, constantly being made aware of them and being distracted from our activities. We’ve tried clever ways of keeping these items secure while we go about our day; putting them in socks, in clumsy armbands, those bulky waistbands or fanny packs, or even holding them in our hands! You name it, we’ve tried it.  Undoubtedly, many of us have also tried athletic shorts that claim to hold our items in place, yet they still allow for our stuff to move around, fall out, make annoying clanking noises, are hard to access or are too small to fit anything and are still a distraction!

THE SOLUTION: Secure Pocket 2-in-1 athletic shorts! Here at Edge, we have designed a 2-in-1 athletic short with a large, easily accessible pocket that securely holsters all your stuff to your body. The pocket design is different from other athletic shorts on the market in that the pocket is beneath the compression layer and truly holds your belongings in place. The compression acts as a holster and secures everything from your phone, keys, wallet/credit cards, and more to your body. This security allows you to keep focused on your activities and no longer on the distraction of the clanking, bouncing, bulkiness or falling out of the stuff in your pockets! As the creators of the Secure Pocket design, and athletes ourselves, it was our goal to create something stylish and comfortable, with function and performance like no other shorts out there!  We feel we have done this with our innovative Secure Pocket shorts. No more fooling around with your phone placement, listening to the clanking of keys, being made aware of the bulkiness of all the items in your pocket. We feel these shorts will quickly become your favorite athletic shorts as you will be confident and comfortable and almost forget you have anything in your pockets at all, thus allowing you to take your day, your actives, your lifestyle- “to the Edge”!


  •  Although, at the moment, our pictures feature only men’s shorts, we are producing BOTH men and women’s Secure Pocket Athletic Shorts for this campaign.
  • Men will have the option of the  traditional athletic short as shown in our video, or a version that is 2 inches longer.

$20,000 Campaign Goal

We have set our campaign goal at $20,000. This $20,000 (or more) will help us accomplish our goal of introducing our pocket design to the world and getting our shorts in the hands of you, the consumer. It will also help get our apparel line, Edge Athletic Apparel, on the map. Once we get funded, we will work diligently in fulfilling our orders, working hard to get our quality products to you on time or sooner!

Edge Athletic Apparel’s Future Goals

Our our long term goal is to create a functional athletic apparel line, with stylish, comfortable, innovative and performance enhancing athletic wear for men and women!  We’d also like to see our pocket design in a variety of bottoms with pockets, such as causal wear, golf, business attire and more.

Risks and challenges

Since the inception of our product in December of 2013, and our desire to bring it to life, we have encountered many hurdles, as new companies do. Likewise, we are sure there will be more hurdles along the way. Our company has a strong team, an even stronger supporting cast and is highly motivated to deliver quality product that exceeds your expectations.

We’ve spent many hours choosing the best materials, re-working designs and searching for a quality, local manufacture. Our promise to you, the backers, is that we will be 100% transparent during this campaign, when it comes to unforeseen setbacks and obstacles that may arise in production, shipping or anything else it takes to get our product to you.


2 Responses to “Kickstarter – Secure Pocket 2-in-1 Athletic Shorts by Edge Athletic Apparel”

  1. December 8, 2016 at 6:57 pm

    Check out Wintergreen Northern Wear. They are a quintessential American Made/Family Owned brand. All products are designed, cut, and sewn in Ely, MN. Wintergreen is one of the largest private employers, providing living wages, in a little northern MN town of 3,400 people. They offer beautiful handcrafted field-tested outdoor garments designed to last a life time and have been outfitting North Pole and South Pole expeditions since 1986. Their products are available to people of all interests. http://www.WintergreenNorthernWear.com

  2. 2 Paul Acree
    January 30, 2017 at 3:44 pm

    I am very interested in finding anything made in the USA.

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