Duck Boots Made in USA – LL Bean

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The days are getting shorter, the weather is getting colder and wetter. So, if you want to keep your valuable feet and toes warm and dry, then it is time to put on your boots. LL Bean has a great selection of Made in the USA of truly waterproof boots. Introduced in 1912 for walking the wet, muddy Maine woods, these boots have been appreciated for their superior functionality for over 100 years. Today, gardeners and hunters alike write to say L.L.Bean Boots are still their favorite shoes for wet weather. LL Bean has been greatly imitated over the years, but none has the quality of the original (duck boots). Still made in Brunswick, Maine.

LLBean Women's 10" Shearling-Lined Boots

LLBean Women’s 10″
 Shearling-Lined Boots

Updated for this year is a woman’s boot with just a little different color. Combines waterproof protection with the supple comfort of full-grain leather.

LL Beam 8" Woman's Boot

LL Bean 8″ Woman’s Boot

Now you can enjoy the same quality and performance of our classic-style L.L.Bean Boots with the amazing softness of tumbled leather. Our Tumbled-Leather L.L.Bean Boots combine the water-resistant protection of rubber bottom boots with rich, full-grain US leather that has been gently tumbled for a remarkably soft and broken-in feel you have to experience to believe. We’re talking childhood-baseball-mitt soft. The moment you put them on, it will feel as if you’ve been wearing them for years.

Men's Tumbled Leather 10" Shearling Lined Boots

Men’s Tumbled Leather 10″
 Shearling Lined Boots

Whoever says “they don’t build things like they used to,” doesn’t own these boots. Today, our signature boots are still sewn right here in Maine – one pair at a time – by expert craftspeople whose technical skills and passion for their work is evident in every pair of boots they make. Warm, dry feet haven’t gone out of style in a hundred years, so we haven’t needed to change L.L.’s innovative design. Our “duck”’ boots combine waterproof protection with supple comfort. What if you do not like boots, yet you want something waterproof? The solution is the Bean Shoe (Men’s bean shoe pictured).




1 Response to “Duck Boots Made in USA – LL Bean”

  1. November 17, 2016 at 2:51 am

    My wife and I have had these for years and love them. Proud to be from Maine.

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