Made In America: A Buyer’s Guide For Donald Trump

One of the biggest reasons for this blog is enlighten the public that we need to support buying items made in the United States. After 5 years of frustration, it is nice that this has become an important issue for this election year. I have compiled several very nice “Made in America” lists over the years, but I was surprised that one of the Presidential candidates actually compiled a quite competent “Made in America” list. Not only is the list fairly formidable, they supply the links to actually look up the company. The list is from Hilary Clinton. It informs people where to get US made clothing and furniture, while, at the same time, bashing her opponent.


Trump couldn’t be bothered to find manufacturers in America, so we did it for him.

Source: Made In America: A Buyer’s Guide For Donald Trump | Hillary for America

Despite his repeated claim and desire to put “America First,” time and time again Donald Trump has told us he has to manufacture his products abroad. He says “it’s very hard to have apparel made in this country,” or that “they don’t even make the stuff here. It’s so hard to get.” No, Donald. Just no.

We can see how time consuming multiple bankruptcies and scamming small businesses must be, but really Donald, this is a pretty glaring oversight. It didn’t take us long to find over 100 examples of U.S. manufacturers and businesses ready and able to produce the same goods he makes overseas.

Scroll through to see just a few examples of the many American businesses Donald missed.


Where Donald Made Them: China
Where Donald Trump Could Have Made Them Instead: From Denver to Charlotte, we found 25 manufacturers producing American-made ties.

Boulder, CO | JZ Richards
Denver, CO | Knotty Ties
Fairfield, CT | Just Madras
San Francisco, CA | Blade + Blue
Monterey, CA | Robert Talbott Ties
Annapolis, MD | Starboard Clothing Co.
Detroit, MI | Cyberoptix Ties
St. Louis Park, MN | Pierrepont Hicks Tie Co.
Charlotte, NC | Ole Mason Jar
Mayberry, NC | High Cotton Ties
Pilot Mountain, NC |  Brown & Church
Bedford, NY | General Knot
Brooklyn, NY | Brooklyn Tie Company
Brooklyn, NY | Hickoree’s
Buffalo, NY | O’Connell’s Clothing
Long Island City, NY | Brooks Brothers
New York, NY | Collared Greens
New York, NY | Josh Bach
New York, NY | Mountain and Sackett
Ashland, PA | Gitman Bros
Philadelphia, PA | Commonwealth Proper
Rock Hill, SC | The Cordial Churchman
Fort Mill, SC | R. Hanauer Ties
Austin, TX | Fox & Brie Ties
Middlebury, VT | Beau-Ties of Vermont

Suits and Shirts 

Where Donald Made Them: China, Bangladesh, and Honduras
Where Donald Trump Could Have Made Them Instead:  From the site of the GOP convention in Cleveland to Reading, Pennsylvania, we found 33 stateside locations where Donald could produce his suits and shirts.

San Francisco, CA |  Blade + Blue
San Francisco, CA | Taylor Stitch
Fort Collins, CO | Blackland Clothing Company
Washington, DC | Read Wall
Chicago, IL | Hart Schaffner Marx
Haverhill, MA |  Brooks Brothers
New Bedford, MA | Joseph Abboud
Brooklyn, OH |  Keystone Tailored
Philadelphia, PA | Commonwealth Proper
Brooklyn, NY | Martin Greenfield Clothiers
Buffalo, NY | O’Connell’s Clothing
Rochester, NY | Hickey Freeman
New Orleans, LA | Haspel
Fall River, MA | New England Shirt Company
Bay Harbor, MI | Mettlers American Mercantile
Bozeman, MT | Mercer & Sons
Charlotte, NC | Ole Mason Jar
Raleigh, NC | Lumina Clothing
East Rutherford, NJ | Todd Shelton
Bellmore, NY | White Dress Shirt Company
Buffalo, NY | O’Connell’s Clothing
New York, NY | Jack Robie
New York, NY | The J Wingfield Company
Cleveland, OH |  Forma Apparel Manufacturing
Ardmore, PA | American Trench
Ashland, PA | Gitman Bros
Reading, PA | Bill’s Khakis
Philadelphia, PA | Collared Greens
Woolrich, PA | Woolrich
Cleveland, TN | Hardwick
Dallas, TX | Mizzen and Main
Houston, TX | Hamilton Shirts
Belleville, WI | Duluth Trading

Furniture and frames

Where Donald Makes Them Now: India, Germany, and Turkey
Where Donald Trump Could Make Them Instead: From Jasper, Indiana to Youngstown, Ohio, down to Norfolk, Virginia, we found 61 furniture and frame manufacturers right here in the United States.

Cerritos, CA | Villa Hallmark
Chula Vista, CA | San Diego Frame Manufacturing Company
Pico Rivera, CA | Camely Furniture
Ocala, FL  | Brick City Furniture
Berne, IN | Clauser Furniture
Berne, IN | Smith Brothers of Berne
Jasper, IN | Indiana Furniture
Jasper, IN |  The Jasper Chair Company
Auburn, ME | Thomas Moser
Portland, ME | Sturbridge Yankee Workshop
Ithaca, MI | Craig Frames
Holland, MI | Holland Bar Stool Company
Zeeland, MI |  Herman Miller Store
Minneapolis, MN | Room & Board
Houston, MS | Franklin Corporation
Asheboro, NC | Klaussner Furniture Industries
Beaufort, NC | Beaufort Furniture Company
Conover, NC and Hillsville, VA | Vanguard Furniture
Hickory, NC | Bradington Young
Hickory, NC | Century Furniture
High Point, NC | Home Meridian International
High Point, NC | USA Salvage
Lexington, NC | North Carolina Moulding Company
Morganton, NC | Guy Chaddock
Rougemont, NC | Beaufort Furniture Company
Shelby, NC | Bernhardt Furniture
Taylorsville, NC | Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams
Bow, NH | Aubin Woodworking
Las Vegas, NV | Foliot Furniture
Granville, NY |  Manchester Wood
McConnellsville, NY | Cambridge Mills Furniture
McConnellsville, NY | Harden
Newark, NY |  Hallagan Fine Furniture
Archbold, OH | Archbold’s Furniture Company
Cleveland, OH | Rustbelt Reclamation
Cincinnati, OH | Frame USA
Mt. Hope, OH | Canal Dover
Mt. Hope, OH |  Homestead Furniture
Sugarcreek, OH | Swiss Valley Furniture
Norwalk, OH | Norwalk Furniture
Youngstown, OH | JL Treharn & Co.
Bristol, PA | Ace Designs
Freeburg, PA | Colonial Furniture Company
Gordonville, PA | Snyder’s Furniture
Millersburg, PA | East Side Frames
Myerstown, PA |  The Keystone Collections
Ronks, PA | Fisher’s Quality Furniture
State College, PA | Spectra Wood
Southern Lancaster, PA | Cherry Acres
Conway, SC | Johnson Furniture Manufacturing
Sumter, SC | Carolina Furniture Works
Collinsville and Martinsville, VA; Valdese and Mount Airy, NC | Shenandoah Furniture, Inc.
Dayton, TN | La-Z-Boy
Lexington, VA | Shenandoah Framing
Lynchburg, VA | Old Dominion Wood Products
Norfolk, VA | Sorrentino Mariani
Winchester, VA | Henkel Harris Furniture
Vernon, VT | Vermont Wood Studios
Ashland, WI | Larson-Juhl
Berkeley Springs, WV | Gat Creek
Huntington, WV | MacKenzie-Dow Fine Furniture


Where Donald Made Them: Slovenia
Where Donald Trump Could Have Made Them Instead: If it’s not broke, don’t fix it? Well, something’s seriously broken when there are at least 12 locations Donald could have used to produce barware including Toledo, Ohio, and Phoenix, Arizona.

Phoenix, AZ | Drinique
Los Angeles, CA (& IN, VT) | Jacob Bromwell
Dayton, VA | LDA Creations
Cambridge, OH | Mosser Glass
East Liverpool, OH | American Mug & Stein Co.
Toledo, OH | Libbey
Monaca, PA and Lancaster, OH | Anchor Hocking
Columbia, PA | Susquehanna Glass
Mount Pleasant, PA | Rolf Glass
Kinston, NC | Lenox
Quechee, VT | Simon Pearce
Newell, WV | Fiesta

6 Responses to “Made In America: A Buyer’s Guide For Donald Trump”

  1. 1 Neal FItzpatrick
    August 13, 2016 at 3:12 pm

    The “Hickey” product is made in Indonesia and I can’t believe you forgot OXXFORD and Tom Jamesin the suit category.

  2. August 19, 2016 at 8:32 pm

    Ha! What a cool list! Thanks for sharing this!!

  3. 4 Xero
    August 21, 2016 at 5:55 pm

    To be fair, likely Trump doesn’t oversee these companies and while I agree that this would be great if companies that produced items in the United States were chosen, at least not all of the products are made in China. Additionally, Hillary’s clothes are also likely made overseas and she has yet to condemn any company that has off shored any manufacturing just as her buddy didn’t either for eight years. Also consider the fact her buddy is off playing golf during the Milwaukee crisis and Louisiana flood offering no help at all.

    As much as I hate to write this and believe me I truly dislike this fact, most Americans just don’t care about country of origin or supporting domestic jobs. Not saying I am perfect, as I don’t know anyone who is, but at least I try my best to support USA jobs whenever possible. If anyone doesn’t believe me, go to any brick and mortar store and watch people.

    To be fair, if more large corporations ONLY carried American made products this would definitely solve some issues. However, some products are no longer made in USA anymore or in any western countries. Most electronics, certain hand tools and other items just aren’t domestically or even made in any country that has even basic human rights. Fact is anything with a cord is nearly 99% imported and even most batteries are being made overseas now.

    • August 23, 2016 at 3:51 am

      I am glad that people are finally seeing the light that offshoring millions of American jobs is bad for the USA especially the middle class. This is the first time in years that Free Trade has become a public issue. What most people do not know is that almost 100% of the Republicans are behind the Free Trade treaties. They are the party of Free Trade.

      Regarding the statement “Trump doesn’t oversee these companies” is actually quite troubling. What it means is that the company is trying to distance itself from the product itself which means it is harder to prosecute the corporate owners when something bad happens at the foreign sweatshop – like the Bangladesh clothing fires and the Building collapse – or when the sweatshop is busted for using child labor or slave labor. Willing neglectfulness should not be a defense against lawsuits. Trump could very easily have brought these jobs back to the USA, last year even before the primaries. Jack A

  4. September 4, 2016 at 4:24 pm

    Americans can take this issue in hand if they want to. Not all of us can afford to buy the slightly more expensive US made items, but many of us can.
    Many people are mostly interested in ” cheap shit cheap,” if you’ll pardon my language.
    I use Frame USA in Ohio for the frames my business sells. I wish they were in my state, but they are in my country. I bought a suit this summer, Joseph Aboud! I don’t think it cost any more or less than the Malaysian suits on the same rack.
    Even if we cannot afford to pay the extra for American Made, maybe we can buy less stuff over all and buy the few things we really need from US manufacturers.

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