New Balance Bespoke Sneakers Made in USA

New Balance.com Made in USA

New Balance Shoes have a fantastic selection of high end, high quality sneakers. What? High end sneakers? Aren’t all sneakers made in China or Vietnam? I am serious. For the past couple of years, New Balance has been making a limited amount of high end sneakers in the United States. They have teamed up with the Chicago leather company called Horween.

These sneakers are head turning and sell out very quickly. A manager of a New Balance tells me that some Chinese citizens travel to the United States and buy tons of these New Balance sneakers and smuggle them back to China because: 1) they are gorgeous, 2) they are Made in The USA, which makes them a collectors item, and 3) they can sell them in China for twice the amount.

The price of these bespoke New Balance sneakers are quite expensive. But again, they are not your every-day-kick-around-sneakers. These are made to last a lifetime. So, treat them like the special jewels that they are.

Where to Find the Bespoke sneakers?

The best place to find the New Balance Bespoke sneakers can be found on the New Balance website. The problem with the New Balance website is that they do not adequately highlight the Bespoke or Retro Shoes. Also, it is very hard to find the “Bespoke Section” of shoes, because it does not exist. The New Balance website is set up more like a Shoe Mart and not a high end website that highlights the latest high end sneakers that will make your mouth drool.

There is a website that does do justice to the High End New Balance shoes. And it is called Leather Soul which is a seller of leather shoes with stores in Honolulu, Hawaii and Hollywood, California. Following their link will show you its entries on the New Balance Shoes over the past year.

Models of the Bespoke and Retro New Balance Sneakers

I have highlighted some of the nicer bespoken and retro New Balance shoe models. I have also provided the appropriate link to each of the models (under the photo of the shoes) which  directs you to the New Balance website for the models – so you don’t get lost within the New Balance website.

1400 Bespoke Crooners

1400 Bespoke Crooners

1400 Bespoke Crooners – Men’s 1400 – Classic, – New Balance – US – 2

A smooth silhouette fit for a night out, the 1400 Bespoke Crooners men’s sneaker is proudly crafted in the USA using Chicago-sourced Horween® leather.

1300 Explore by Sea

1300 Explore by Sea

Link: 1300 Explore by Sea

1700 Explore by Sea

1700 Explore by Sea

Link: 1700 Explore by Sea

997 Distinct Retro Ski - these are actually from the retro line and do not use Horween Leather

997 Distinct Retro Ski – these are actually from the retro line using touches of Horween Leather

Link: 997 Distinct Retro Ski

998 Explore By Sea

998 Explore By Sea

Link: 998 Explore By Sea

990 Distinct Hamptons

990 Distinct Hamptons

Link: 990 Distinct Hamptons

997 Distinct USA

997 Distinct USA

Link: 997 Distinct USA

998 Horween Leather - Burgundy - introduced in late 2014

998 Horween Leather – Burgundy – introduced in late 2014

Link: Horween Leather – Burgundy


New Balance had been the only shoe manufacturer that still makes athletic shoes Made in the USA. You may argue that P.F. Flyers also makes sneakers in the USA, but P.F. Flyers are owned by New Balance. High end sneakers are the latest fashion trend, kind of like high end Tequlia. Even P.F. Flyers have a high end sneaker.

P F Flyers Leather - in conjunction with Tanner Leathers

P F Flyers Leather – in conjunction with Tanner Leathers

The high end New Balance sneakers have some great models, however, their marketing of them is very substandard. I am not sure how you will know when the latest edition comes out unless you subscribe to Leather Soul that I mentioned earlier.

In case, you do not like any models seen on the New Balance website, it turns out that you can customize you own shoe, many different color combinations and several different models to choose from. Go to New Balance, com and go to “Customize”.

Happy shoe hunting.


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