Coat Check Chicago/ Women’s Outerwear Made in the USA


Coat Check Chicago is a women’s outerwear company Made in the USA using Italian wool and wool/ cashmere blends. It is a new company producing high quality and very fashionable coats.

Source: Coat Check Chicago/ Women’s Outerwear Made in the USA

Coat Check 001

Coat Check 001

Coat Check Chicago

“Fashion as a belief is manifested through clothing.”

– Yuniya Kawamura, Fashion-ology

In an instant, the garments we wear put forth a multitude of subtle information: what style we prefer, who we are, what matters to us.  At Coat Check Chicago our goal is to slow things down and communicate through our garments what really matters most to us.  We design small collections of women’s outerwear with an eye to style and longevity.  We are inspired by the most classic moments in fashion history; times when quality mattered and garments were meant to last.  Our coats are manufactured in the great City of Chicago.  We use quality Italian wools and wool-cashmere blends.  Our coats are created using quality fabrics and time-tested tailoring.  In the process of resurrecting old world values, our goal is to aid in the re-building of our country’s manufacturing roots.  If fashion is a belief then we believe that the most powerful clothing selection one can make is to choose longevity, quality and care.

Coat Check 002

Coat Check 002

About The Designer

Elizabeth Williams resides in Chicago with her husband and two children. She studied Fashion Design at Parsons School of Design and Theatre at the University of Colorado. Much of her early career was spent behind the sewing machine re-creating historical garments for the stage. During those years she became increasingly shocked by the poor quality put out by fast fashion chains and exploitation of sweatshop labor. For the past seven years she has been an educator in the field of Fashion Design, instructing students in patternmaking, draping, sewing, design, and fashion theory at Columbia College Chicago.

Coat Check 005

Coat Check 005


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