.Mox – Poppy von Frohlich

Mox by Poppy Von Frohlich

Poppy Von Frohlich has done it again. A great new idea – Moccasins just for women and made in the USA. I have loved her previous coats and tops with the unique stylish and classic looks. The business model of Poppy Von Frohlich is a real throwback to way things used to be. In this business plan, one produces a limited number of garments, the garments are only in a certain number of sizes, the garments are pre-ordered (pre-paid) and then the garments are delivered to you. All made in the USA. And there is no waste. And there are of impeccable quality. Obviously, it would be quite unlikely that you show up to a gala wearing an original Poppy Von Frohich, and you see somebody else wearing the exact same thing. One thing more,  with the .Mox moccasins, they are eco-friendly: the soles are made out of recycled motorcycle tires. Plus, there are three different fashionable colors to choose from: berry, black and rust. Great idea. I bet these moccasins would last a lifetime – as long as your dog does not get a hold of them.

Link: .Mox – Poppy von Frohlich

Moccasins made by Poppy Von Frolich

Moccasins made by Poppy Von Frohlich

I am making moccasins!!!   Made in Northern California by me and my small team.  I developed this pattern through trial and error, I developed the technique by studying other moccasins, meetings with a high end boot maker and by making a million samples.  My moccasins have a v toe shape with matching fringe and a tie.  They are soft, they are comfortable, they hug the foot perfectly, they have a 1/2″ cushion and best of all they are made here in Northern California!  I call my moccasins Mox.

.Mox Berry color

.Mox Berry color


Materials:  shoe is suede, the sole is recycled motorcycle tube adhered to hard saddle leather, the insole is a layer of suede and a thick cushion of bison leather.  The 4 layers together create a 1/2″ cushion!

.Mox Rust color

.Mox Rust color


Sizing:  I am offering them in whole sizes 5-10.  If you are a half size please order down, example 7.5 order a 7.  The suede is soft and will stretch the half size.

 .Mox - Berry

.Mox – Berry

Poppy von Frohlich loosely translate into ‘From happy California’, Frohlich also happens to be my maiden name and is ‘happy’ in German.  Poppy is the California state flower and is also what we call our beloved grandfather.  Put it all together and you have PvF.

.Mox Black

.Mox Black

Everything is made in the San Francisco Bay Area.

PrintMake sure you order them now before they are gone, because once they are gone, they are gone: Poppy Von Frohlich .Mox.


The Modern Way Clothing is Made

As I mentioned the Poppy Von Frohlich has a low volume, high quality and low waste method of delivering its apparel. This is such a contrast to the “modern” method of delivering clothing which goes like this: a giant corporation goes overseas and bargains with numerous foreign manufacturing mills to make hundreds of thousands of garments at the cheapest price possible. These manufacturing mills, with such a low profit margin, then hire children and laborers who have been brought into country with a giant debt (the slave laborers) who get overworked in dangerous and hazardous conditions (and obviously without any benefits). These thousands of of tons of garments are brought over from China, India and Bangladesh in giant ships like the CMA GBM Benjamin Franklin, shipped halfway across the world, (without any import taxes placed on them, thanks Free Trade Treaties which have caused the elimination of US manufacturing jobs) and then, dumped onto our shores where they eventually fill up our landfills with their formaldehyde impregnated wrinkle-free, cheap and terribly-made clothing. Why do we shop like this? This craziness must stop.

CMA GBM Benjamin Franklin going under the Golden Gate Bridge

CMA GBM Benjamin Franklin going under the Golden Gate Bridge

Another view because it is just so hard to see how big this ship is - bringing your cheap Chinese imports to you.

Another view because it is just so hard to see how big this ship is – bringing your cheap Chinese imports to you.





1 Response to “.Mox – Poppy von Frohlich”

  1. February 29, 2016 at 10:07 pm

    Free trade should require equal tariffs. Not too many folks in Bangladesh can afford US clothing, but if they have a 20% duty on our products, we should have a 20% duty on theirs.
    I think American workers have helped out the rest of the world enough all ready. And our Navy protects their behemoth ships full of cheap junk. Enough.

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