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Kickstarter – The Lifetime Wool Coat

There is a great new Kickstarter (a crowd-funding) project. The project is from a company called The Crafted Wool Company. They would like to make scarfs and coats made of wool. The premium wool will be from the United States, and manufactured and assembled in Los Angeles. The wool garments remind me of Pendleton when they used to make all their garments here – but at about half the price. This is a special introductory offer, the coats will be $99 and the scarfs $29. And, in an homage to the quality garments of yesteryear, they come with a lifetime guarantee. To pledge – click the Kickstarter link at the top to get to the site.

About this project

The Crafted story began several months ago after shopping for a quality, domestic made wool coat. Well, we were shocked to see brand name wool plaid garments selling for up to several hundred dollars. Not only that, these premium coats were often still made overseas with less than premium materials.

Inspired by those old wool plaid hunter coats of early 20th century (many of which are still being worn today after decades of use), we set out to build the The Lifetime Wool Coat with lifelong durability and true sustainability in mind. Not only did we accomplish this, we also ended up creating what we feel is the World’s Best Wool Coat, capable of 4 season multipurpose use and true year round comfort.

Inspired by old-school American build quality, but caught in a world of fast-fashion and disposable clothes, Crafted Wool Co. set out to build The Lifetime Wool Coat coat to be used and loved for many years to come out of proven materials. Three stunning colors to choose from with a fitted modern cut. Launching exclusively on Kickstarter.

When it came time to source the fabric, we decided to go for the timeless Checkered Plaid American made wool blend, with three awesome color choices that will forever be in style. Checkered Plaid is one of the most beloved patterns in clothing history. Whether you’re a Rockstar, Lumberjack, or Technology CEO, you can appreciate the timeless design and awesome color schemes. Plaid feels as comfortable in an LA fashion show as it does in the rugged mountains. The fabric is rugged on the outside, with a cozy light fleece on the inside, thanks to a small amount of nylon woven directly into the wool. This blend also helps the coat to maintain its shape over time and increases its durability. We’ve done away with any synthetic liners to “plump” up the coat to make it appear thicker, like many manufacturers do. The 18 oz wool blend is already the perfect thickness to keep you comfortable.

It all starts with the premium durable materials and a rugged build philosophy:

1) 18 oz USA Made Premium 85% Wool Blend 

2) Leather and Tent Grade Polyester Threading 

3) Double Row Stitching In High Stress Areas

4) Tagua Nut / Vegetable Ivory Buttons (read below) 

5) 100% Cotton Collar Liner

Then finally, each shirt is carefully inspected and Individually Serial Numbered.

We tested several buttons for our shirts, and the ones we finally picked out are very special. Our buttons are made from Vegetable Ivory. Vegetable Ivory is a superior, premium natural material that is sustainably collected from the Tagua Palm in Central America. Each palm produces several pounds of Tagua nuts annually, from which countless buttons can be made. They are hard, very hard. In fact they score a 3 on the mineral scale, meaning they are harder than traditional copper buttons, as well as select other metals. Each Crafted Coat has 16 of these amazing buttons.

So why are they called Vegetable Ivory? When the Tagua Nuts are processed, they can produce beautiful, textured decorative pieces that resemble Elephant Ivory so closely, they were given that name. Its a phenomenal material that we can’t wait to help promote, and we feel will it has the potential to directly help reduce the poaching of these majestic animals.

Although we were inspired by the classic early 20th century wool coats in terms of build quality, the sizing was designed by us to be purely modern. We wanted to go for a fitted look. Think of it somewhere between a long sleeve dress shirt and an outdoor jacket. Our criteria was to look great with just an undershirt on, or layered over a sweatshirt or long sleeved shirt. We had several individuals, both male and female of varying heights wear them and honestly they looked great regardless of the size. If you want a fitted look, we suggest using the size guide below. If you want a looser, more traditional baggy fit, we suggest sizing up one.

Wool is one of the most resilient materials available and also one of most historically significant, with many archaeologically discovered garments dating back to antiquity. In fact, the oldest preserved wool top is 1,700 years old. Humans have relied on and have been perfecting wool for clothing since nearly the beginning of recorded time.

Wool is an incredible, sophisticated fiber which has been loved by humans for centuries. These above properties are even more important today in a world full of waste and environmental strain. One of the features we love about our coats is their ability to be worn for extended periods of time without washing. The individual wool fiber has a natural, antimicrobial coating which provides odor protection and eliminates the need for constant washing. We recommend a wash every six months. This makes these coats perfect for travel and backpacking trips!

These particular coats were inspired by the wool hunting jackets first introduced in the 1800’s and made popular again throughout the 1940’s and 1950’s. A true testament to wool, there are still 60+ year wool plaid jackets still in use and being worn today. Crafted Wool Co. has even further ruggedized and then modernized a classic with an emphasis on sustainability, while keeping that endearing style alive.

We have awesome scarves too! They are made from the same iconic material as our coats and look awesome when mixing and matching colors. They are a generous 10” x 55 1/2” and can be worn in various styles, with a soft fleece finish on one side and the durable finish on the other. We are giving out 300 of these free to our early bird backers. They will retail for $29.

Crafted Wool’s mission statement is to is to promote sustainability through high quality wool clothing. We use domestic manufacturing in Los Angeles and are using USA made wool. Our natural buttons are made in Central America, and our thread is top quality. Our raw materials are…very expensive! We could probably price these coats at twice or three times what we’re selling them for, and if all we cared about was profits, we would do just that. High quality, name-brand wool shirts / coats can easily get into the hundreds of dollars. However, one of our main goals is to keep our products as affordable as possible and keep them that way! At only $99.00 on Kickstarter it really is blowout promotional pricing, we hope you guys feel you’re getting your moneys worth.

We are setting out to become the premier wool brand by offering phenomenal quality at ridiculously cheap prices. We feel our business model is sustainable for achieving this. Although we’re a startup, we will stand by even our earliest products. Your Lifetime Wool Coat will be covered under warranty from normal wear and tear for as long as we’re in business. We’d love to work with you make any repair work necessary to keep your Lifetime Coat around for as long as possible. Even if we have to close our doors earlier than expected, we’re committed to offering a grace period for customers to get their coats repaired. Its the absolute best and realistic warranty any clothing startup can give!


Please share our Twitter page! We are using our Twitter as our official page as our professional website is being built. There, you’ll find all sorts of updates, contact information and additional news exclusive to Twitter!

Don’t forget to copy and paste the Kickstarter link when sharing!

Risks and challenges

These coats are ready for manufacturing. As evident in the campaign, samples have already been made. All the materials, labels and hang tags have also been sampled and are ready for mass production. Our goal is to get the jackets to our backers on-time for the estimated delivery. Being a startup committed to growing into a true brand, we cannot accept returns. We are however, offering a great warranty.

Learn about accountability on Kickstarter


Have a question? If the info above doesn’t help, you can ask the project creator directly.

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  • Pledge $24 or more

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    Retail: $29

  • Pledge $89 or more

    24 backers Limited (126 left of 150)

    Early Bird 1:

    Lifetime Wool Coat + Scarf
    (Your Choice of 3 Colors)

    Retail: $178

  • Pledge $99 or more

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    Early Bird 2:

    Lifetime Wool Coat + Scarf
    (Your Choice of 3 Colors)

    Retail: $178

  • Pledge $99 or more

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    Lifetime Wool Coat
    (Your Choice of 3 Colors)

    Retail: $149

    Estimated delivery: Mar 2016
    Ships to: Anywhere in the world
  • Pledge $109 or more

    0 backers Limited (500 left of 500)

    Lifetime Wool Coat + Scarf
    (Your Choice of 3 Colors)

    Retail: $178

    Estimated delivery: Mar 2016

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