American Made Supply Co. – Apparel Made in the USA

American Made Supply Co.

American Made Supply Co. (AMSCO) is a relatively new company coming together in 2013, with a message of making clothing “Made in USA.” AMSCO actually has a long history of manufacturing. The parent company of AMSCO has been in the apparel business for more than 30 years (mainly in the manufacturing sector). AMSCO is based in Southern California where the apparel is milled, sewn and assembled.

AMSCO makes apparel for both men and women. They sell: T-shirts, long sleeve shirts, tops, pullovers and shorts. The price of their garments are one the most affordable to be found “Made in the USA”. AMSCO, also, has a great marketing department which has been very beneficial for many American Internet-only companies like American Giant.

Below is from the American Made Supply Co. website: Our Story

American Made Supply Co.

American Made Supply Co.

American Made Supply Co. is a company built by dreamers, inventors, artists, builders and pro-active doers. We believe in creating classically timeless pieces that are both long lasting and affordable for everyone.

To us, every style offered is more than a simple garment, but a way of life. By wearing American Made Supply Co. you’re making a confident and conscious statement about who you are and how you want the world to see you.


We believe in keeping our business in-house and locally sourced, giving us the ability to keep our overhead lower than most retailers, and allowing us to pass through a savings with great prices to our customers. All products offered by American Made Supply Co. has been milled, cut, sewn, and laundered locally in Los Angeles, Ca. Each style is individually inspected during the quality control process. This occurs at the beginning, middle and ending stages of production. Every garment we make has been hand-pressed and outfitted with an American Flag sewn into the exterior side seam of each piece.

am made supply

Emitting a prominent sense of pride and patriotic unity, the American Flag is a subtle reminder to everyone to always emit strength, pride, resilience. Mimicking its carefully crafted nature and strategic garment location, the American Flag brings together a shared bond, a common interest, and a sense of loyalty to one another. The culmination of these ideals have come together to form American Made Supply Co.


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2 Responses to “American Made Supply Co. – Apparel Made in the USA”

  1. February 3, 2016 at 4:05 pm

    If I may complain: all these companies with the right attitude has the “wrong” apparel. It’s always plain tees, one-colored hoodies, loose fitting shirts and shorts. I want to see knits, jackets, patterns, blouses, slacks.. Unique styles and components that makes a real wardrobe. Selling “simple basics made here” isn’t a strong enough strategy to one day close the Gap. Do you ever feel that way with all these California companies committed to Made in USA?

    • February 5, 2016 at 4:44 am

      There are special niches for certain companies. If you are looking for a younger crowd, this is the garments that so many wear. It is hard to find “finer” clothes either American or foreign made. America has become so “casual.”

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