Small Business Saturday 2015


Today is Saturday, November 28, 2015 and you know what that means? It is Small Business Saturday. It is  time to support one of the small shops or restaurants in your area. The owners of these small businesses are often your neighbors – they are the managers and major decision makers for the businesses. Small businesses are the major backbone of the United States economy. And small businesses have been a vital and most influential force in the United States until recently (they are still quite vital but they are not the political force they once were).

When Did the United States Become a Large Corporate State?

The United States has always been a predominantly small business environment until the 1980’s. Thanks to a policy of radical capitalism made popular by Alan Greenspan and implemented by  President Ronald Reagen, the United States has since created tons of laws that have favored big business practices: merging and consolidating (examples: Pfizer amd Allergan; Marriott and Starwood; Time-Warner, Inc; and ATT – the dismantling of the monopoly just to have it come back together even bigger), allowing dumping (overproducing of volumes of products to sink competing businesses – think of Wal-Mart and the small Midwestern small business, and now China to US small businesses); tax evasion (inversion, tax shelters); and Free Trade policies (eliminating import tax on foreign goods and favoring offshoring – sending US jobs to cheaper countries to take advantage of no import tax).

The United States has become one big box company competing against another big box company. Volume and profits are the only thing that matter it seems. Interesting facts: the number one employer in the United States – WalMart; the number one restaurant in the United States – Subway; and the largest six banks have assets of 63% of our GDP – definitely too big too fail. These big business rule Congress. As the US has slowly gravitated to Big Box USA, Inc.,  people who used to run their own businesses are now disposable cogs in the giant corporate machine.

Are Other Countries Small Businesses Friendly?

Yes, other countries vigorously defend their small businesses. If you visit any other country- whether in Europe or Asia,  you will see that there is rarely a bunch of big box stores, because they actually value the small businesses, not just pay them lip service. The United States has run with “the bigger box, the better”, the rest of the world says that is crazy.

Support your small business today and everyday.



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