Kiwi Sandals – Quality Hand Crafted Leather Sandals

I love small businesses. This one I saw this weekend at the Mountain View Art & Wine Festival 2015. There are lots of little crafts msot American made and some small clothing merchants, some American made. But this one: Kiwi Sandals, I had not seen previously. Kiwi Sandals are a second generation leather sandal makers.

Sandal Model #111

Sandal Model #111

Source: Quality Hand Crafted Leather Sandals By Lee Risler Since 1963

Sandal model #41

Sandal model #41

All sandals are hand-crafted by Lee Risler using the finest materials available. He started making sandals back in 1963. The sandals are now made by his son Rhett Risler and his wife Jessica Risler since 2004. The leather are all American made, mainly from Chicago, while the Vibram bottoms are from Argentina. They are all made in Lucerne Valley, California. The sandals are very durable and long-lasting at an affordable price. These sandals are resoleable and are guaranteed not to come apart. I think some of these sandals would be great for Renaissance Fairs.

Sandal Model #1a

Sandal Model #1a

To order your sandals, go to their website: kiwisandals.com and then go to “How to Order”.

Kiwi sandals also has a Facebook Page.

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