About | Buck Mason

About | Buck Mason.

About Buck Mason

“Where we’re from, the best dressed man is the one whose character is apparent in the way he wears his jeans. We’re from a place where a demand for endurance, fit and quality is the only definition of style. We’re not excited by fashion. Buck Mason was born out of an obsession with standing out by being subtle, buying smart and affirming the true, classic heartland cool that we grew up on. Cool is effortless, stable and poised. It’s the never-loud, always honest, unfailing preamble to timelessness. Cool is what happens when a picture of you today resurfaces in thirty years and people say, “He’s still got it.” With this in mind, we’re committed to crafting clothing that outlives trends, weathers use and wears true-to-character. The garments we design aren’t meant to be different, they’re simply meant to be perfect.” Founders: Erik Schnakenberg and Sasha Koehn.

Buck Mason Light Grey Oxford

Buck Mason Light Grey Oxford

Buck Mason

Buck Mason is a company that is proud to be making clothing that carries the label “Made in America”. The cotton is grown in North Carolina and sewn in Los Angeles (according to 2 paragraphs). Now that is 100% American. The company started with high quality T-shirts and now has expanded to include Henleys, denim pants/shirts, chinos, oxford shirts and even hats (through Stetson). Eric Schnakenberg was previously the retail director for Civilianaire – a high end, Made in America clothing maker. Buck Mason is definitely worth looking into at their website: buckmason.com. Great quality clothing at a very reasonable price.

White short sleeve Henley

White short sleeve Henley

Is There a Real Buck Mason?

No, there is no actual person named Buck Mason. Buck Mason is a fictional name made up in honor of their fathers of the founders. Mr. Schnakenberg’s father was a mason and Mr. Koehn’s father was a sculptor. The first name was picked because they wanted a tough sounding manly name, thus it became “Buck.”

Black Chino pants

Black Chino pants

Articles From Other Magazines

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Buck Mason does have a Facebook page see: facebook.com/buckmasonusa.

Buck Mason Rambler Hat

Buck Mason Rambler Hat

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