Gallery Of Wearable Art – Welcome To GOWA !

 Gallery Of Wearable Art – Welcome To GOWA !.

I had come across the Gallery of Wearable Art (GOWA) at the first street festival of the year – A La Carte & Art Show in Mountain View, California. The Gallery of Wearable Art has a store in Cambria, CA and does wholesaling to other shops. However, they do participate in a few street festivals during the year, mainly in Colorado, so it was just luck that we ran into them this weekend. The company is owned by Christopher and Dinah Lee. Each year the couple goes to Paris to pick out their favorite designs in silk, they purchase them and, then, Dinah fashions them into wearable art. The motto: For the Goddess in Every Woman.

Seamless Duster in Fantasia

Seamless Duster in Fantasia

The Petal Jacket

The Petal Jacket

Fashion Tunic

Fashion Tunic

If you visit Cambria, it you will find it is a very cute little covey of shops and stores. It is a seaside town with a very artistic flare. It is definitely worth the trouble if you are anywhere near the vicinity. The address of GOWA Creative Arts is 4009 West Street, Cambria, CA 93428.

Cambria, CA

Cambria, CA

What you don’t see on their website, sometimes you can see on their Facebook page.


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