Adho Mukha Athletica | Apparel for Yoga and Fitness

Adho Mukha Athletica | Apparel for Yoga and Fitness. Looking for Yoga  and Fitness Apparel Made in the USA? There is a brand new business that just opened this Spring of 2015 that makes Yoga and Fitness clothes made in the USA. Its name is Adho Mukha Athletic. (Adho Mukha is the yoga position meaning Downward Dog).

Adho Muksa The DownwarDog position

Adho Mukha
The Downward Dog position

Adho Mukha Athletica is a cross-functional activewear company promoting what we like to refer to as  “fusion athletics.”


ABOUT MUKHA ATHLETICA – Apparel that’s “Cool For the Soul”

Bringing active lifestyle communities together to strengthen your performance Adho Mukha Athletica’s commitment is providing apparel that is comfortable, fashionable and cross functional!  We are a lifestyle brand that incorporates the principals and foundation from one of the beginning yoga poses that strengthens the body and mind, Adho Mukha Svanasana.

We are Yoga, We are Watermen, We are Athletics. Our mission is to outfit humans with the most comfortable and stylish cross-functional active-wear to help encourage a lifetime commitment to live a healthy and adventurous lifestyle, the Adho Mukha Athletica lifestyle.

Adho Mukha Athletica Made in USA

Adho Mukha Athletica
Made in USA

We decided to borrow the Sanskrit words Adho Mukha.   Adho which means down or downward and Mukha which means Face.  Many know this name as one of the first poses you learn in yoga.  We know this for the healing power it has provided us in our lives.  Sometimes referred to as the cure all “Adho Mukha” helps rejuvenate the mind and body.  It promotes strength throughout the entire body and immune system. Adho Mukha Athletica, a great way to begin and end any practice.


We are blessed to have spent our lives being adventurous and learning many “life lessons” along the way.    We have developed many lifelong friendships with athletes from around the world, some professional and some weekend warriors.  Our friends come from all walks of life, which include yogis, professional football  players, surf pros, triathletes, runners, skydivers and more.  For them to participate and provide feedback has been instrumental in the development of our line.

From Adho Mukha Athletica FB page

From Adho Mukha
Athletica FB page

Imagine your favorite things to wear either for working out or to and from. Maybe it’s your crop pants, your workout short, that favorite top.  What makes it your favorite?  How it fits? How it feels? The color? Now imagine a line that combines all of these into a cross functional product that you want to wear for any activity and will give you the functionality and comfort to accomplish your goals in style.

We feel it’s important to support our country and promote growth within the USA, so our products are made locally, and we do this with a smile.

Yoga Pants - crop style

Yoga Pants – crop style

Offerings From Adho Mukha Athletica

Adho Mukha Athletica makes yoga clothing for both men and women. For the women, Adho offers four different types of tanks, two types of pullovers, and two types of sports bras. The types of women’s bottoms are shorts, yoga pants: reversible, crop – type and relaxed fit. For the men, Adho offers two types of shorts, a long sleeved T-shirt, and several short sleeve T-shirts.

Adho Mukha Athletica Tank

Adho Mukha Athletica

Don’t forget to check out their Facebook page for Adho Mukha Athletica.

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  1. June 16, 2015 at 9:30 pm

    great write up and we included this in our blog under AMA Lifestyle thank you

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