Nativearth Hand Made Footwear and Accessories

Home Page: Nativearth Hand Made Footwear and Accessories.

I saw this advertisement in the San Jose Mercury News which caught my eye. (It was called Unique Bootique). I usually don’t highlight an extremely small business like Nativearth, because their businesses are usually very local and do not appeal to the rest of the country. That may be the case here as well, but I think it does have an interesting niche: creating footwear from other historical times.

Gypsy Slide Sandal

Gypsy Slide Sandal

Information from the Nativearth Website:

Nativearth is currently making well-fitting and high quality footwear, offering Court Slippers, eight styles of Period Boots, original Ghillies, and three styles of sandals for men, women and children. These are made in standard, ready-made sizes and can be purchased off the rack. If there is a style you like, we will make it in any color and send it in a few weeks. That’s the beauty of our little business, we are versatile and we are directly responsible for every stitch in each shoe. If you like a shoe style but it doesn’t feel quite right we can trace your foot and hand cut the shoe for you. We have a library of Period styles and can work with our customers to create a shoe, boot, bag, a belt and other accouterments designed to your specifications. Our products are guaranteed to your satisfaction.

Cavalier boots

Cavalier boot

We also make custom, Landskenecht, Gypsy and Tudor shoes, William Wallace boots, Buccaneer/Cavalier-style and several styles of button and lace boots from the ankle, up to the knee. We work with you to create what you want. You choose the style, color, buttons, closure and soling — then you get traced, measured and for full custom, and wrapped in the case of full custom. This is an exact method of creating a perfectly fitted pattern. We select fine grain buffalo, bullhide, deer and elk leathers and will make and hand cut your footwear from scratch with your design. Our turn-around time for semi-custom and custom footwear is an average of five to eight weeks depending on the season.

We have had a wonderful response to our footwear. We like to say it is “no tech.” “In our footwear you will be comfortably supported and protected from the hazards of modern walking– moving on the earth like going barefoot with comfort.”

All of the footwear is made in (Gold Country) Mariposa, California. They have been making footwear for over 24 years.


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