Where to Buy American | Modern Fellows

Where to Buy American | Modern Fellows.

Modern Fellows is a blog, which has a similar theme to mine. It is looking for clothing made in the USA. Where Modern Fellow’s priority is sartorial  men’s clothing, Clothingmadeinusablog is for both, men and women (but more men’s, because I am a man), but also all levels of dress. But I do tend to focus on more higher end clothing because of the 2% of clothing made in the USA for the USA, a higher percentage is actually higher end (that is if you discount T shirts). And, like myself, and other bloggers, like Made in USA Challenge, The American-Made Guide to Life, “Obviousamerica“,  or “Simply America dot net” who write about things made in the USA, we (made in USA bloggers) tend to make lists, because made in USA is sometimes hard to find. This list from Modern Fellows is from last year but I never did get around to re-posting it until now.. But it is a good list of American Made Products. Make sure you visit his blog, the link is up top.


An evolving list of favorite places to find American-made* professional clothing, accessories and other essentials. To suggest an addition or for more information on being featured, e-mail us. (that is to Modern Fellows and not my blog).

— featured —

Argoz / socks / Where to Buy the Best Socks Online

American Trench / outerwear & accessories / Interview with Jacob Hurwitz

Ball & Buck / retailer / Interview with Mark Bollman

Collared Greens / neckwear, t-shirts, dry goods & accessories / Behind Collared Greens’ Refreshing American-Made Menswear Line, a Focus on Sustainability

Dapper Classics / socks / Where to Buy the Best Socks Online

Lumina / shirts & ties / Inside Lumina Clothing

Mind the Chap / retailer / Interview with Sapna Shah (CLOSED)

Peter Field / custom tailored ties / Interview with Nicholas Monterotti

Ratio Clothing / custom tailored shirts / Interview with Eric Powell

Todd Shelton  / shirts & pants / Can Todd Shelton Conquer American Manufacturing?

Zkano / socks / Interview with Gina Locklear

— a  b c —

Adrian Jules via Geoffrey Lewis & others / tailored clothing

Alden / shoes

Allen Edmonds / shoes

Almanac Industries / journals & letterpress

Alton Lane / ties

American Trench / outerwear & accessories / Interview with Jacob Hurwitz

Argoz / socks / Where to Buy the Best Socks Online

Ball & Buck / retailer / Interview with Mark Bollman

Band of Outsiders / tailored clothing, ties & accessories via Barneys, Saks, The Corner & others

Beltcraft / custom-made belts

Billykirk / leather bags & accessories

Billy Reid / outerwear, tailored clothing & accessories

Bison / wallets & leather goods

Bonobos / tailored clothing,  shirts & accessories

Brooks Brothers / tailored clothing

Cadet Clothing / coats, shirts & pants / Highlights from Northern Grade Richmond

Collared Greens / neckwear, t-shirts, dry goods & accessories / Behind Collared Greens’ Refreshing American-Made Menswear Line, a Focus on Sustainability

Club Monaco Made in the U.S.A.   / tailored clothing

— d e f —

Dapper Classics / socks / Where to Buy the Best Socks Online

Everlane / belts & accessories

Fifth and Brannan / shirts, ties & accessories

Frank Clegg Leatherworks / leather bags & accessories

Freemans Sporting Club / dress shirts, ties & accessories

— g h i —

General Knot / ties

Gitman Bros. / shirts & ties

Hamilton Shirt Company  / Hamilton Custom Dress Shirts / OTR and custom shirts

Hart Schaffner Marx / tailored clothing

Hellbrand Leather Works / wallets & leather goods

Hickey Freeman / tailored clothing

Individualized Shirts via Geoffrey Lewis, Measure Up, & others / custom shirts

Inland Clothing / retailer

— j k l —

J. Crew / ties

J. Press / tailored clothing

Jack Donnelly / pants / Highlights from Northern Grade Richmond

Jack Robie / shirts

JoJo and Sofia / pocketsquares & accessories

Joseph Abboud / tailored clothing

Louis Walton / ties & accessories

Left Field NYC / shirts, jeans, outerwear, accessories, etc.

Lumina / shirts & ties / Inside Lumina Clothing

— m n o —

The Made Collection / flash sale

Makr Carry Goods / accessories

Martin Greenfield / tailored clothing

Mind the Chap / retailer / Interview with Sapna Shah (CLOSED)

Moore and Giles / bags & accessories / Highlights from Northern Grade Richmond

Mountain & Sackett / ties

Mutiny DC / retailer

Osmium / shirts, pants & accessories

Oxxford Clothes via their NY flagship, select Neiman Marcus & others / tailored clothing

— p q r —

Penelopes / retailer

Peter Field / custom tailored ties / Interview with Nicholas Monterotti

Pierrepont Hicks / ties

Rag & Bone / tailored clothing, ties, accessories

Randolph Engineering / sunglasses

Ratio Clothing / custom tailored shirts / Interview with Eric Powell

Read Wall / ready-to-wear & custom tailored shirts and suits / Inside Read Wall DC Pop-up Store

— s t u v —

Shockoe Denim / denim / Highlights from Northern Grade Richmond

Stag Austin / retail

Sterlingwear / outerwear

Stock Manufacturing Co. / shirts, pants & accessories / Highlights from Northern Grade Richmond

Stroke Socks / socks

Taylor Stitch / shirts & retail

Todd Shelton  / shirts & pants / Can Todd Shelton Conquer American Manufacturing?

Ursa Major / skincare

— w x y z —

Warby Parker / eyeglasses (prescription lenses cut in America)

Weiss Watch Company / watches

William Rogue & Co. / retail

Zkano / socks / Interview with Gina Locklear

Zoraab / socks

* We live in an increasingly global marketplace. Many of the companies on this list sell items manufactured in, or using materials sourced from, a range of countries.  Check sourcing details if you want to make sure a particular item is made in America.


Don’t forget to check out my lists, but more importantly check out the list of the other bloggers who write about Made in USA products, see my link of Best Made in USA Websites.

My lists that have been heavily visited are: “Listing of Brands of Clothing Made in the USA via Internet” and “Listing of American Clothing Brands – Retail.


2 Responses to “Where to Buy American | Modern Fellows”

  1. December 4, 2014 at 3:47 pm

    We would love to get our line of knitwear listed on your site.
    Please let me know how to apply. We have 2 stores on Nantucket Island as
    well as a wholesale business. All of our luxury knitwear is produced in
    New York and Maine. We are also proud to use many organic and sustainably
    grown yarns.

    Here is more about us:
    Established in 1974, Peter England Nantucket offers fine luxury knits for
    men and women which are all hand loomed in the USA. A collection of
    sweaters, shirts, dresses, throws, bags, pillows and accessories in
    luminous colors of Irish linen,organic cotton and some rare, hard to find

    Thank you for your help.
    Amy England

    • December 6, 2014 at 3:32 am

      Dear Amy,
      I looked at your website. Your website looks great and so does your clothing. I would be happy to write about you – there is no cost. I would like to know more about Peter England Nantucket – like the history of the store; how you got into the business; and your philosophy. Thanks. You can always write to me at office1234a@sbcglobal.net.
      -Jack A.

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