MORTAL TREND. Mortal Trend is a new clothing company that makes clothing for men. It is designed by Lachlan MacKenzie, born in Scotland, and his mission is to bring clothing with super high quality with a modern edge. He wants his clothing to be the first thing you bring out of the closet and to wear time and time again – unlike the disposable clothing of today which breaks down after two washings.

Weekender jacket

Weekender jacket by Mortal Trend

Mortal Trend has recently been funded through Kickstarter, a crowdsourcing funding mechanism, and the company is now on its way. Mortal Trend is currently offering five different pieces: 1) a light-weight jacket called the Weekender ; 2) a Shoulder-zipper Pullover; 3) a T-shirt; 4) a Hoodie; and 5) a Clyde Pullover (with a zipper down the front 1/3.)

Shoulder-zip Pullover

Shoulder-zip Pullover

All of the pieces will be made in the USA – assembled in Los Angeles, CA. The style of Mortal Trend is casual, yet timeless. Each of the five pieces come in two different possible colors usually lichen, and, then, either charcoal or coffee. The colors are understated but not bland. They easily fit with just about any other wear – whether blue jeans, shorts or black casual pants. Because they are so versatile, you can see why Mortal Trend could end up becoming some of your favorite apparel.

Mortal Trend Trademark

Mortal Trend Trademark

Don’t forget to find their trademark X on the lining of the clothing.


Sunset Beach Hoodie

Sunset Beach Hoodie

At this point in time, Mortal Trend can only be purchased on-line at their website which is listed above. Another clothing designer and maker in the USA is always a great idea. Please support Mortal Trend. Buy American.

The Clyde Pullover

The Clyde Pullover



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