WTO Rejects US Country-of-Origin Labels for Meat – ABC News

WTO Rejects US Country-of-Origin Labels for Meat – ABC News. The World Trade Organization has just eliminated a popular labeling requirements for meat. This is actually important news that nobody has paid any attention to.Since this story can be dull with its full details and too important just to rant about, I will try to make the story more interesting.

The Scene

It is 1967, on the set of  the TV show “Batman”, in the Bat Cave, Robin (played by Burt Ward) is sitting in a chair reading the newspaper, Batman (played by Adam West) is looking at the blinking lights of his Bat computer.

Robin: “Gadzooks, Batman! Did you see this story?! The World Trade Organization is repealing labeling requirements on meat!!”

Batman: “I am sorry, Robin, I failed to notice that, like 99% of God-fearing Americans.”

Robin: “It says here that they won’t even let you know where the meat originated, where it was raised or where it was processed.”

Batman (with a puzzled look): “Let me see that newspaper.” He takes the paper from Robin and starts to peruse it,”Hmmm… uh-huh, I see. It says they won’t permit the labeling because it would hurt Canadian and Mexican ranchers.”

Robin: “But, Batman, if the meat says it is from Canada – How does that hurt Canadian ranchers??! They have great meat, better land for grazing, less artificial supplements, good processing, in fact, I think it would be a benefit to sales if it said it was from Canada!”

Batman: “You’re right, Robin! It’s like saying  they are losing money because they have to label their shoes “Made in Italy”.  This is very puzzling.” Batman walks over to the Bat computer and starts pushing some buttons :  “Let us input everything we know about the World Trade Organization and find out who is behind it and what they are doing.”

The Bat computer whirrs into action and a few seconds later a punched-out computer card is ejected from the computer. It simply says: WTO.

Batman and Robin study the computer card closely. Then, Batman takes out a magnifying glass and examines the card: “Robin, look at this “W”, it looks like it is made out of question marks, WTO looks like Who? But it could just as easily mean What? or Where?”

Robin: “Obviously this is the work of the Riddler!”

Batman: Precisely, Robin. Now, the “T”. The T is supposed to stand for “Trade”.

Robin: “Like in Free Trade. But there is no Free Trade, somebody is always paying. Free Trade is a joke! That’s it. The Joker!!”

Batman: “Exactly. And look at this “O”. That is not an ordinary O. It is shaped more like an egg. And didn’t this group just approve processing of chickens in China…and suppress any labeling about it?”

Robin: “Holy Chicken flavored poison. China is processing our chickens?!! With their poor food safety record?!! And  weren’t they the ones that poisoned American dogs with their chicken jerky!”

Batman: “The egg shaped ‘O”, the Chinese chicken processing – this is the work of only one man…”

Robin: “Egghead! So, all of the master villians are running the World Trade Organization”.

Batman: “That’s right Robin. We need to get to Gotham City and warn the commissioner.”
They both jump into the Batmobile, tires screeching and bulleting out of the Batcave.


Scene II

At the office of Commissioner Gordon, Batman and Robin enter the room. Batman starts: “Commissioner Gordon, we have reason to believe that there is a plot by the World Trade Organization to repeal food safety standards.”

Robin: “And it’s all run by villians!”

Gordon: “Regarding the World Trade Organization, I know they are controlled by some of the biggest corporations in the world and their purpose is to eliminate anything that interferes with trading between countries, whether it is higher safety standards, doing business with highly oppressive governments or encouraging children to work in factories, as long as they get their maximum profits, but I won’t call them villans”.

Robin: “I had to disagree, Commissioner, but I would.”

Batman: “So, what the World Trade Organization is doing is, instead of raising the bar and making things safer and making working environments better, they are, in fact, lowering the ceiling, making everybody conform to the lowest standards possible.”

Robin: “Holy slave labor camps! You’re right, Batman! They must be stopped now!”

Gordon: “Now, now, Boy Wonder. Before you do anything rash, you must realize that many people here in Gotham City are profiting greatly from the World Trade Organization. And stopping them may cause many people in Gotham City may lose a lot of money. People like the Mayor, and the Governor, and prominent citizens, like Bruce Wayne.”

Batman: “The Commissioner is right, Robin.”


Batman: “We mus’nt be hasty. First, I will need to change my portfolio.” Batman starts to leave the room. He signals the Commissioner to walk with him. They exit the room together. Batman says in a low voice: “What do you mean many people may lose a lot of money?” They exit.

Robin is left alone in the room. He moves to the commissioner’s desk, finds the large, black rotary telephone. He picks up the receiver and dials zero: “Operator, could you get me the number of Sherlock Holmes?”


End of Scene II End Part I


The Following Video From Whole Foods is exactly what the World Trade Organization is against.




This is a great link about the WTO story: World Trade Organization Rules Against Popular U.S. Country-of-Origian Meat Labels on Which Consumers Rely by Public Citizen.

Another story mentioned above: Chinese Chicken Processors Are Cleared To Ship to US by NY Times.

Stayed tuned for Part II, Coming very soon.



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