OAK73 – Premium Ladies Clothing

OAK73. OAK73 is a new women’s clothing line, all assembled in the USA. I find the patterns of OAK73 simply fantastic. They are refreshing, bright and whimsical, yet with a look of true quality – a quality missing in so many women’s designs. This is all the result of following the vision of the founder of OAK 73,  Mr. Matthew Dunne. Mr. Dunne is a fashion designer who has worked with many of the higher end fashion brands like J. Mendel, Isaac Mizrahi, The Row, Carolina Herrera, Michael Kors and Ralph Lauren. Mr. Dunne has, most lately worked with (and extensively with) Tory Burch and its new off-shoot, C. Wonder.

Matthew Dunne, Founder of OAK73

Matthew Dunne, Founder
of OAK73

The Goal of OAK73

The goal of OAK73 is to provide premium quality clothing at a very competitive price while making everything here in the USA. The lines of clothing from OAK73 will be made in smaller batches compared to the foreign competition which sends cargo ship after cargo ship of soon-to-be-in-the-landfill-type clothing. That is because OAK73 finds high quality, unique remnant fabrics and materials from designer level brands. That is correct, the leftovers of some great material are magically transformed into some great looking clothing.

The other difference of OAK73 is that it will be on-line only. More and more companies are doing this, because it eliminates the giant mark-up of the middle man (the middle man is the retail department stores which will cost you a 200% mark-up), which makes it a great bargain for the shoppers.

The Clothing

So, enough about the story, let us see the clothing.

Abstract Slim Fit Silk Shirt

Abstract Slim Fit Silk Shirt

Painted Floral Dress

Painted Floral Dress

Red Leopard V Neck Tee

Red Leopard V Neck Tee and Chandelier Jacquard Mid Rise Skinny Jean

Berry Bunch Slim Fit Cotton Shirt

Berry Bunch Slim Fit Cotton Shirt and Pink Sparkle Mini Pencil Skirt


2 Responses to “OAK73 – Premium Ladies Clothing”

  1. April 19, 2014 at 3:30 am

    Super cute stuff! I have been keeping track of this launch and will be buying a piece soon – just not sure which one 🙂

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